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Charles (J.R.) was brutally attacked by an individual while taking him home, after a night of drinking, in his cab.

J.R. is a super nice guy! Laid back and easy going, a gamer, a huge World of Warcraft nerd, obsessed with knights, castles, medieval armor and swords!

Thankfully, the entire incident was captured on tape and the local law enforcement is currently looking for the responsible party. The video, though only showing part of the attack has been posed on a local news website, and hopefully will be aired so the scumbag responsible can be put behind bars where he belongs. The video can be seen here; http://www.wect.com/story/19495990/surf-city-cab-driver-attacked

J.R.'s employer has released part of the video and cut it off "before all of the blood". What the video does show, before he starting beating on J.R. he told him was going to smash his glasses in and rip his eyes out. What the video doesn't show, is that after beating him, he made J.R. search the cab for his hat, while saying that he would kill him if he didn't find it. He even left the cab, came back, punched him in the face again and left saying, "I hope you die a slow death."

This man is apparently in the Marine Corp. I hold any Military personnel to a higher standard than this indvidual obviously acted and I believe he should be dually punished for his actions! Also, for making every hard working, self sacrificing individual serving in the military look stunningly bad!

J.R. has 5 broken bones in his face, multiple face fractures including a broken eye socket and the swelling is so bad he can't open his eyes. The doctors are waiting for the swelling to go down to see if he will need a metal plate or not. And if matters weren't bad enough, they do not have insurance. Hence the fundraiser!

Unbeknownst to them, I have started this fundraiser to help with the medical bills and I know Brittany is going to give me an earful for starting this, but they already have a big enough burden without having to worry about the medical bills!

I'm not sure how much the medical bills will be so I'm setting it a bit high I'm sure. So please forgive me!

- Just a Guy with a Moustache 


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Charles Hawkesworth Jr.

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  1. Updated posted by helpcharles On Sep 16, 2012

    Thank You

    This goes out to everyone who has been giving; we appreciate you so very much.  You've raised 4000 dollars in a week.  That's insane and amazing.


    This part is specific to those of you who were able to attend today's fundraiser in Surf City:


    I wanted to do this at the Brass at the end of the fundraiser but I'm not a strong public speaker but I am a strong public facebooker so here goes: I want to thank everyone who came out, everyone who organized the event, everyone who donated, and the entire community that is Topsail Island. In less than a week you pulled off a miracle and pretty much bitch-slapped the tragedy that happened. I want you all to know that Charles (JR), Brittany, and myself are eternally grateful for you.



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  2. Updated posted by helpcharles On Sep 13, 2012

    Surgery Update

    Charles made it out of surgery like a champ. He will not require any more surgery and the rest of his face should be healed in about 6 weeks. He is in a lot of pain but we're hoping that becomes less as time goes on.

    Thanks again everyone for your support.



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  3. Updated posted by helpcharles On Sep 12, 2012

    Surgery Scheduled and Suspect Update

    Charles' surgery is scheduled for 10:30 tomorrow (9/13) morning. He will require two titanium plates to reconnect his eye socket and cheekbone. His other fractures should be able to heal without more plates or surgery. 

    Also the assault charge for the suspect has been increased to a felony.  The hope of true justice in this case seems more  and more likely.

    Thank you all for reading and I will update again following his surgery tomorrow.




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