[Image: Everest Summit Attempt - Raising for Dialysis Unit]

About This Campaign

100% of all money raised will go directly to the Jack Quirk Renal Fund

For patients that have to go through Dialysis each week, they have to spend large numbers of hours, connected to machines, simply to be able to survive. This life saving proceedure is an amazing process run by staff who aim to give the patients the best service available. However sitting in an uncomfortable chair with nothing to do for hours on end, make the whole process each week a trial that people shouldnt have to endure. Quality of life and not just life is what we should all aim for.

I want to raise money to provide comfortable surroundings and entertainment to make dialysis a process patients will want to continue and feel is bearable.

I am very passionate about this cause and would appreciate anyone who has a few spare quid to support me as I attempt to summit Everest (8848m)

Please dig deep and if you know any businesses who would want their logo photographed on top i will do so if they are happy to support a great course.

Follow the expedition http://www.markwoodexplorer.com/

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    You get a smile from me! This has been added as a reward as some people were having issues, clicking no reward, but if you can spare more please do :)

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    I can take a small logo to the top of Everest and take photos you can use for whatever purposes you wish

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