[Image: Christmas Presents for Kate, Laurie and Imo's Students]

About This Campaign

I've spent the past three months working with 34 of the cutest kids I've ever met at a primary school in Peru. The kids don't have much - I've seen them playing with broken pieces of wood, an old CD they found on the ground and a bucketful of wet socks. Admittedly, I've also watched them spend hours working their way through all the games on my iPod, but the point is that even the simplest toys make them very happy, and I'd love to be able to help the school buy them Christmas gifts. Please, if you can spare a pound or two to help, I'll be really grateful. To say thank you I will provide you with photos of the kids holding their new toys and looking insanely happy, and the knowledge that YOU MADE THAT HAPPEN. Money goes a lot further out here, and clichéd as it sounds, anything you can give really will make a difference. 

Here are a few photos of the kids. They're all cheerful and bouncy and funny and they hug you so hard you almost stop breathing and the more money we raise, the happier we can make them. Any and all donations are much appreciated - thank you!

Kate xxx


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