[Image: Ben's Trekinetic Wheel Chair]

About This Campaign

Hi my name is Ben and I am doing some sponsored physical challenges to raise some money towards a wheel chair which will let me go off road like in the park, snow, the woods or take part in wheel chair sports activities. I need to raise 10% of the £4,000 cost. Cerebra are kindly funding the balance. I will give 10% of what I raise to the school at the Evelina hospital for children where I recently had an operation. I will give any money left over to Cerebra.

My challenges:

1. Cycling

On 22nd July 2012 I cycled from lemon’s bridge to the main car park which is just under half way round. My goal is to cycle all the way round before the summer 2013; the other side has a few hills which might be a
bit tricky!

2. Swimming

I have got up to 10 lengths at the moment; I aim to swim 20 lengths of the competition pool at Crown pools which is 25 Meters long before the summer 2013.

3. Self Propel

Finally I also plan to wheel myself all the way from one end of Felixstowe promenade to the other,
(2 miles) and back again as quickly as possible before the summer 2013.

If you are able to sponsor me that would be very much appreciated; I will put together a video with my Dad of me doing the events and can send you an e-mail with a link to the footage when I have completed my

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