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First I would like to thank you for your time and attention
in reading my post. As you may assume my family and I are in need of some
disparate help. It all began with the death of my nephew; he was in a fatal car
accident and it cost him, his little brother and his mother’s life. Below is a
link to the report.


After my family heard the devastating news we all made the
effort to lend support. We collected all the funds we had at the time, asked
and even borrowed money in order for us to all to get to Kansas. Getting to
Kansas was a success. My brother, the
father of Keith, was able to take a plane and the rest of us all took the
greyhound. We arrived to Kansas only to hear that my nephew Keith had several
broken bones including a fractured skull and in a comatose state. The only
thing that was keeping him alive was life support. Sadly, after a few days of
no sign of recovery my nephew suffered from cardiac arrest and was pronounced

The tragic loss of my 6 year old nephew caused my immediate
family to spiral into debt. By helping with the cost of medical bills and
funeral arrangements, we were only able to make partial payments on our bills
at the time. At this point, my utility and personal bills are outstanding,
including my rent, and we have no money what so ever nor do we have any way to
make any.

I am here asking you to please, if you have it in your heart,
to help my family out with a simple donation. I come to you in need of help and
nowhere to turn. I am currently a college student and my wife takes care of my
4 year old son. Neither my wife nor I have any family or friends to turn to
which is why I am searching for the kindness in you to please help if you can.
My family is not prepared to live on the streets and it petrifies me to know
that it is an unfortunate possibility. Please, even if you can only spare a
single dollar, help a struggling family in need.

I thank you in advance for your help and consideration.

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right now - doing everything i can to save my family.