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Update posted by Jewel Kamille Claravall On Oct 31, 2016

Last week, Daryl had another sale. I'm so happy that we'll be able to add more funds to our dream wedding and to our future home.

We've already planned to allot his first commission cheque for the catering on our wedding, and the second one to for the first thing we need at home (bed, stove and pan, and a refrigerator since we'll be having vegetables delivered to our home weekly as a support to our local farmers).

Things are getting done one by one. We've also planned to book the caterer this week. I loved this caterer's proposal because they got the exact menu and design that we'd like to have on our wedding, plus, they're offering an insanely low price for a complete service.

I was the one who picked up Daryl's cheque in his office since he's doing an out of town sales call. I was so excited since finally, we'll be able to book the caterer. However, when I got the cheque, it wasn't what we've expected.

The commission amount we're expecting was exactly the same amount that the caterer is requiring for the down payment. However, when I saw the cheque, it was less than half of what we've expected. We don't know how it's computed, what's the policy, and how did the amount ended like that.

It was like a bucket of iced water was poured on me. I had to go out of his office right away since I had to cry.

The caterer gave us a very low price but we have to book them early to take advantage of the low price. I had to cancel my meeting with them since I don't have enough fund for the down payment.

It was the first time that I felt the stress of wedding preparations since this is one of the important aspects of the wedding.

I had to call my friends to vent out. But what's amazing was, we can really feel how our friends are willing to move mountains for us. I have 1 week more to get the caterer and they are helping us find ways to raise the fund that we need.

Since the start of our preparation, everything is on our favor. But now, a challenge came in. We acknowledge that believing that God is working doesn't mean He'll work the way we want Him to. He has His own ways. He may be sending people to bless us, but He's also sending challenges to mold us.

Yes, I haven's slept properly these past few nights since I'm thinking of how we'll be able to pull this through. But I'm also spending those sleepless nights praying for everything to fall into place as God wants them to. We're still in faith, we're still holding on to God's promises.

Anyway, we had another box on our checklist checked. One of our friends sponsored 10 giant balloons that we'll place on our aisle since we're not using fresh flowers :)

Our friend who is a well-known video and photographer offered us an almost giveaway price for our wedding. The pastor we'd want to officiate our wedding already confirmed for our wedding date too :)

We are, above all, super thankful about everything that's happening, even the challenges. We know this challenge is also a part of a bigger story, a testimony of how God will work amazingly.

Please continue to pray with us as our wedding date comes closer. Here's our prayer points for the week:

  • to complete the fund to book our caterer
  • for Daryl to close more deals and reach his sales quota
  • more strength as we go though our preparation which can be stressful

Thank you everyone for following our story :)

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Update posted by Jewel Kamille Claravall On Oct 16, 2016

Hello everyine! I'm so excited to share with you the last week's updates for our preparations :)

Our challenge this past week is thinking of the people we can tap to help us. Our wedding date is after Christmas and most of the people are on holiday vacation.

We talked to the pastor that we want to officiate our wedding. He said most probably he's not on vacation and will be available. We're just waiting for a confirmation this week.

Also, since we're really low on budget, we're really thankful for those who pledged to help us even in works :)

We had a meeting with our student friends in the school I used to work in and amazingly, they are as excited as us for the preparation. Some offered to be in charge of the program, tech, and some are doing the photography.

The preparation is getting more and more exciting as more of our closest friends get involved :)

God is really amazing. We don't have any cash on hand for the past month but more than half of our checklist are already with a check mark.

Please keep on praying with us as we go through this amazing challenge :)

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Update posted by Jewel Kamille Claravall On Oct 05, 2016

2 weeks ago, we're just praying for the first 100 worth of donations to get featured.

Last week was super amazing. There are people who donated more than what we're praying for which made our project move to 1% :)

Everyday, one person will make a pledge. Someone pledged to do the giveaways on Friday, after a few days, someone pledged to give us an overnight stay at a hotel for our honeymoon, and just today, someone will play the ukulele at our reception... 10 songs, and without any charge :)

God is really faithful. He keeps his promises. We never expected this journey to be this amazing.

Please continue to support us. Your encouragement and prayers are really what we need.

More updates are coming :)

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Update posted by Jewel Kamille Claravall On Sep 26, 2016

We're about 5 days from the day we started the campaign.

We want to take things step by step but I just want to share the experience with you guys.

Today I just saw that our campaign already has 1 follower, and I feel that I owe our follower and future followers an update from time to time. I'm just believing that this will be an amazing journey :)

Last week, when I created the project, I was just praying for the 1st 100 worth of donations so our campaign will be considered active and will be featured. Friends pledged to help but we don't have a timeframe yet.

Why is being featured really important for us?

Everyday, the clock is ticking, we have lesser and lesser days before our target date.

Waiting isn't easy. When you want something with all your heart and you've been waiting for years for it to happen, every day that pass is a day lost.

To this day, we still don't have the 1st 100. Everytime I look at our page, it's counting down.

I'm starting to feel the roller coaster of emotions. Jitters, fear, stress, happiness, being overwhelmed... they all mix up.

It's easier to give up than to wait. But why would we give up? We claimed the date in faith that it will happen.

Why are we still waiting? Because we know God is working. Because what God has promised, He will give.

Everyday, when I wake up, while commuting, while walking, out of nowhere... There are times that I find myself in tears. It's not because I'm losing hope, but it's because I'm so overwhelmed.

Just imagine, after creating the campaign, Daryl had his first sale. The support an encouragement from our friends are just so overwhelming. God has placed people in our lives to back us up and we're really thankful for that. We don't have the 1st 100 yet but the support they are giving is really helpful.

Just like today, I saw 1 follower of our project. It's very encouraging for us to know that someone likes to share this journey with us.

To our 1st follower, thank you for being part of this. Please pray with us as we're believing that our wedding will happen :)

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Update posted by Jewel Kamille Claravall On Sep 23, 2016

Daryl had his first sale last night, 2 weeks after he started in his new job. It's even paid in full! We're looking forward for his commission to come soon. Maybe we can use it for the food to be served on our wedding :)

A very good friend also pledged to help us while we're praying to get the 1st 100 worth of donation so our campaign would be featured on the site.

Every step, may it be little, gives us goosebumps. Every goosebump is a tear my heart wants to cry out for so much thankfulness.

God, you are real, and really working :)

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