We believe in people’s mercy and science!

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Who is Nastya?

Nastya is 24 years old. She was born in 1994 in a very poor region of Southern Ukraine. Difficult childhood in postsoviet reality and ongoing difficulties forced her to study hard and work a lot. She has done all her best to finish her local secondary school with a very good results. Next step was Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman. Nastya was a pride of this university. Noticeable results in studying weren't the only achievement. Together with her friends in 2014 she won Ukrainian CFA Challenge (student tournament, sponsored by CFA - the most honorable financial society in the world). But they didn't stop. They went to Netherlands and won European CFA Challenge in 2015 and stopped their winning journey only in the US CFA Challenge worldwide final. Nastya successfully graduated from National Economic University in 2016, being one of the best students and lovely pride of her alma mater.

Being the 5th year studying student, in 2015, Nastya started her career in PwC - famous international auditing and financial servicing company. She was major in valuation. She joined her successful job with studying and sports. Working more then 12 hours every day, she also passed successfully local valuation exams and got the license of independent valuator and appraiser. This amazing girl also found time to visit gym 3-4 times per week, meet friends and spend time with me - Artem - her boyfriend.

Local exams were the only one of the first steps. Following her dream, Nastya applied to CFA certification. After 1 year hard preparation (combined with work in PwC), in June 2018, she successfully passed CFA Level 1. Her result was among top 7-10% in the world! In a parallel she applied to her dream employeer: McKinsey company. And she has already successfully passed almost all interviews...

This journey was terminated suddenly 1 week ago by terrible diagnosis. Nastya will never work in her dream company :( Her treatment prohibits any significant physical and mental stress. Yes, she will be able to work and even study. But her dream won't be achieved. Until scientists will find efficient treatment for MS.

Who I am

My name's Artem. I'm 30. And let me be honest I'm not so persistent as my Nastya. I graduated from mechanics and mathematics faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University and international economics faculty of Kyiv National Economic University. I worked in Deloitte and PwC. Now I'm financial analyst in Luxoft - international software developing company. Working in PwC one day I met my Nastya there. I won't tell too much about me in order not to waste the space. Please, feel free to ask me if interested.

How this money will be consumed?

Dear friends! We pray and hope we won't spend this deposit. It will serve as a buffer to make us able to pay for regular expensive life therapy. Cost of 1st line therapy (widely used medication Copaxone) is USD 500 per month. It might happen (and we'll do all our best) this treatment will be efficient for years. But nobody knows and can predict future. It might happen much more expensive therapy will be required. Cost of this 2nd line therapy exceeds USD 1,500-2,000 per month (depends on volume of medications required). This is the newest experimental medication Ocrevus, invented a few years ago and launched 1 year ago.

Here is a bit mathematics:

- deposit worth USD 50,000 covers regular treatment by Copaxone

- deposit worth USD 200,000 and above covers regular treatment by Ocrevus

Upon achievement required "safe" amount, any extra donates and income will be spent for charity. Any cent from this fund won't be spent for entertainment. We realize your scepticizm or even hostility of such approach. We respect your point of view. Every opinion counts!

Please, understand and believe, we aren't going to wait "charity for free" and do nothing. Each person is responsible for himself. Both me and Nastya will continue to develop our career, to study, learn new. Significant portion of this "life vest" will be our personal investment to our healthy future. We don't know at the moment how to implement this, but we want this deposit to be "clear" and accountable. We hope one day it will be invested to fight Nastya's MS with newly invented efficient treatment.

Why do we ask you to help?

We believe in future, science and people's mercy.

Science, inter alia microbiology, demonstrated significant progress during last 10-15 years. Today doctors and scientists know much more about MS. No ultimate treatment exists yet. But MS is not a sentence anymore. Modern medicine has wide arsenal of efficient medications to help patients to live long, bright and active life without disability. We believe, the victory over MS comes soon. Too many bright brains and too much money were invested to defeat this awful disease.

Future. Yeah, this is really shock. And it seems this is crash of your life, your dreams and future. Yes, some goals won't be achieved. But it doesn't mean no goals exist anymore. They will be adjusted. This is a chance for Nastya to know and lover herself. To take care about her body and mind. She will continue her studying, her sport activity, her work, but in moderate mode. Guys! Like my best friend, this is the person with the strongest willpower and willing to live I've ever seen. I really proud of Nastya and so do all our friends and relatives.

Mercy. Humanism and mercy are those things that make us People. We are really grateful to everybody who read this. If you don't have a chance to help us today, no problem! Please, help somebody else tomorrow. And after tomorrow. Remember, you're a Human. Let us finish with these beatiful words from "Schindler's List" (borrowed from Talmud): "Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire!"

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