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Hi I am Mitralal Parday From Poland. I am planning to raise money 4000 euro which will be used for the PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) production for health care workers in Nepal and as well for relief funds for poor and needy. As you know so many people get starved, if they can't work for single day.

During lock down period, many organizations are working great . If your organisation also would like to join, please let us know. I am always willing to work together with enthusiastic friends.

Nepal government reported just Nine case of Novel Corona Virus but we know it would be affecting very severely in second and third stage. As you know in Nepal there is neither a good health policy nor good health system.

But still we are hopeful, our government of Nepal has started planning to fight this pandemic CoVID-19, we felt our moral responsibility to assist the country as much as we could from our side as well.

In addition to appealing the fund above, I have requested my student Dr. Gir Bahadur Mahara to create doctors' list who can help people through phone call during anxiety and stress or any suspected symptoms. He has created more than 104 doctors' list and he is making more 50 doctors list as Medical Task Force. Majority of the members include renowned physicians and MBBS doctors working in Nepal. The team and my friends in Nepal has already started manufacturing PPEs, Masks, rescuing people in trouble and distributing relief funds. My friend are also launching blood donation programmes and contributing for humanitarian works by cuting their pocket money.

If Any unused funds raised here will go towards any natural/emergency disaster in Nepal. But before taking any decision I would be discussing with available donors. So please donate/share and don't forget to put your number/email I wil be contacting you for further discussion.

Love all ! Let us unite to battle Corona Virus !

हाम्रो अभियानमा काध माथी काथ मिलाउदै सहकार्य गर्नुहुने यी आदरणीय व्यक्तित्वहरु प्रति नमन अरु पनि यहाँ जोड्दै जानेछौ ।

सहयोगी दाता :

१) जेपी केसी -रु १०,०००/-

२) दिपक जि.एम - रु १०,०००/-

३) पहल सिङ वली ५,००/-

४) तुला बि.के - रु ५,०००/

५) गिर रोदन - रु १०,०००/-

६) मनोज श्रेष्ठ - रु १,०००/-

७) यादव श्रेष्ठ - रु १,०००/-

८) यादव शैघाली- रु ५,०००/-

९) नारायण रावत रु १,५००/-

१०) विक्रम घर्ती मगर (सोभियत) रु १०,०००/-

११) सुदन वि.सी रु १०,०००/-

१२) यस कुमार पान्डे रु ३,०००/-

१३) अविशेक शेर्पाइली रु ७,०००/-

१४) टंक पौडेल रु ५००/-

१५) यम डाङ्गी रु ३,०००/-

१६) मित्रलाल पार्दे रु १,०००/-

१७) प्रविण भन्डारी रु ११,०००/

१८) आरोशी के.सी ( डटर अफ गगन के.सी) रु १,०००/-

१९)इन्द्र घर्ती रु ५,००/-

२०) आश कुमार घर्ती रु १,०००/-

२१) बिमल भुसाल रु १,०००/-

२२) भिम्सेन डाङ्गी रु १,०००/-

२३) कविता वली रु २,०००/-

२४) शेर्चन चौधरी रु १,५००/-

२५)डा. राजेश केसी रु १०,०००/-

२६) ई. सन्तोष गिरी रु ९,६००/-

२७) समिर खनाल रु ६,६००/

२८) रुवी श्रेष्ठ 50 euro paid

२९) प्रतीक्षा पौडेल रु २४,००/-

३०) आराधना सिङ्ग ठकुरी रु २,०००/-

३१) अनिल रजौरे रु २,०००/-

३२) बिन्दु के.सी रु १,०००/-

३३) सन्जय विश्वकर्मा रु २२,००/-

३४) सुवास के.सी रु १०,०००/-

३५) मिनेश श्रेष्ठ रु २२,००/-

३६) कल्पना बिष्ट रु २,०००/-

३७) होम बहादुर बि.सी

३८) रमेश खड्का रु १५,०००/-

अरु इच्छुक भएमा ?

कसैको नाम छुटेको छ ? र amount गलत छ ? वा प्रतिबद्धता/सहयोग फिर्ता लिन चाहनु हुन्छ ? सहयोग दिन चाहनु हुन्छ भने भन्नू होला ।

सम्पर्क :

जेपी केसी : +9779822972740

तुला बि के : 9806243603

मनोज श्रेष्ठ :9866242924

इमेल : [email protected]

डा गिर बहादुर महरा

मित्र लाल पार्दे


email : [email protected]



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  • Donated on Apr 09, 2020
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  • Well done team and wish you best .

  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Apr 09, 2020
  • hishila shrestha
  • Donated on Apr 09, 2020
  • the initiative of your organization is very positive , looking forward for the best and bright future.If small steps from us and you can change life of million nepalese people than why not .

  • Samiksha Sharma
  • Donated on Apr 09, 2020
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raised of €4,000.00 goal
2% Funded
9 Donors
Raised offline: €1,500.00
Total: €1,605.00

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