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Update posted by Vera Yagmur On Oct 14, 2020

These poor kittens were sent to shelter. And our organization took them out of the shelter which is run in terrible conditions. There is no equipment and not enough personnel to treat them let alone the lack of the budget for the medication.

When we took them, they were unaware of the light. No light was in their lives. But we could help them see with the treatment at the clinic. Now they are able to see the light at least.

They managed to get over the virus. Now it's time to help them survive.

Please you give us financial help so that we can help them try to live in better conditions.


Please donate our campaign or at least share with your animal lover friends.

Vera Yagmur

Update posted by Oct 14

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Update posted by Vera Yagmur On Sep 28, 2020


Robin is our association's paralyzed cat. He was taken out of shelter, which was in terrible and deadly situation. He could have died in there suffering. So we took him out. And he obviously needs speacial care. So although our member Irina doesnt have much time, she is taking care of him spending most of her time which means making him pee, poo and go out to play around on the grass of the garden.

He has urinal problems in his body. And a couple of days agohe peed with blood at the same time, which scared us. He is a sensitive child of ours. As you can see him in the picture, he is very desperate and needs a lot of medication. Please help us heal him. We need your support.

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Update posted by Vera Yagmur On Sep 23, 2020


In this video you can see our 27 cages (3 cages downstairs, totally 30 cages) The strays in these cages now are mostly being treated or needs to be taken care of. Some of them suffer from liver problems so feeding on speacial light cat food. Some of them are wounded, being healed. There is many kittens which cannot feed on their own. And of course there are a lot of cats which have had operations and now are resting and there is more... The number of the strays which are settled in the cages is 82!!!

We have come to such a point that when they are needed to visit the veterinarian, there is nothing to do 😢 No there is not; because we are beyond the limit. The debt (16 month debt) we have to pay the clinic is too much that we cannot add even 1 Turkish Lira more over it.

We have been trying to survive since the association was established. We have been helpful to any animal which needs help. We didnt say NO to anyone who brought us animals which looked terrible. We accepted every and each animal which was hit by a car and so all in blood!!! We took them all to our shelter and tried to treat most of them counseling the veterinarian. We healed them on our own. We didnt share most of them even on our page!!

Yet now, we cant afford to buy speacial light food, antibiotics, medication nor an injector.

It is very sad that we have around 8000 followers on Instagram and Facebook . But we have only 120 followers who pay through cellphone for our association which is only 10turkish lira per month. We have maximum 5-8 donators who donte regularly to our organization.

Do you think these strays are this unimportant??? And this alone? We take them out from the DEADLY SHELTERS and so are they only ours?? Only 3 people care about them??

We have never been desperate never been this exhausted. Too bad that 120 strays are sorrowful...

Sorrowful animals taken out from the DEADLY SHELTERS

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Update posted by Vera Yagmur On Sep 18, 2020

Click here to see the video of the youngest and the smallest disabled kitten in our association.

She is in such a poor condition. Please help us donating or even sharing the video. So that we can take care of more and more strays.

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Update posted by Vera Yagmur On Sep 18, 2020

We have a new member. She has been taken out from the shelter because she is in a very bad condition. There is a problem on her leg, about which we dont know anything. Please help us heal her. We cant pay the clinic as we cant afford. She needs to be cured as soon as possible. You can also find us on INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK for any inquiries.

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