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Help feeding +400 hungry cats 🐈💜
Hi everyone, As many of you know, the number of stray and abandoned cats in need for help surpasses the. . . . .
42 Donors
£1,143 raised
43% funded
Help blind Ray and his sister Reba to get to their home
Blind Ray and his sister Reba need your help They were both dumped by their irresponsible owners who was threatening. . . . .
10 Donors
£790 raised
98% funded
Help little Amber to fly to her forever home
Amber was found in a very bad condition, she was skin and bones and dragging her leg which was hit. . . . .
12 Donors
£450 raised
100% funded
Help rescued Reena to catch her flight in 3 weeks! She's waited +2years
About 2 years ago, I found Reena who was dumped with her mother and 3 siblings in a public park,. . . . .
8 Donors
£450 raised
100% funded
Rescued Mickey needs your help to get in the road to his new life!
Mickeye was less than 2 months old when I found him dumped in the road inside a box, for almost. . . . .
7 Donors
£420 raised
100% funded
Keira needs your help to fly after waiting for 3 years
I found Keira when she was 2 months old only, poor thing was hiding under the rocks for days alone... . . . .
7 Donors
£370 raised
88% funded
Help with blind cat surgery
this poor blind cat (RAY) was brought to me with his sister, the owner threatened to dump them and I. . . . .
9 Donors
£356 raised
104% funded
Please help Rocky to fly to his forever home
I found rocky chased by dogs, and he was clearly newly dumped in the street.. poor thing was terrified.. Rocky. . . . .
6 Donors
£340 raised
97% funded
I found Olivia about 6 years ago when she was few days old only, since then, Olivia had been waiting. . . . .
6 Donors
£320 raised
91% funded
Help rescued Figaro to fly and start a better life
Figaro is a house cat who was dumped by irresponsible owner in a parking area, the cat was absolutely terrified. . . . .
2 Donors
£305 raised
67% funded
Help petra who was dumped to die, to finally fly to have a better life🙏
petra was dumped pregnant when she was just a kitten, poor thing was shocked and terrified which caused an abortion,. . . . .
2 Donors
£300 raised
85% funded
Dexter need your help to get home 💜
Dexter is a house cat who was abandoned in the streets💔 He lost weight and became very sick, was attacked. . . . .
10 Donors
£268 raised
76% funded
Please help Ash to fly to his forever home instead of going back to the streets
Dear friends I found Ash dumped in a very bad condition.. matter hair and dehydrated, unfortunately many cats get dumped. . . . .
9 Donors
£260 raised
57% funded
Help Loki to leave the cage and travel to his forever home
Loki was dumped with his mama and 3 other siblings in the street by irresponsible owner, the mama ran away. . . . .
5 Donors
£230 raised
65% funded
Help 2 dumped siblings in a petshop
these 2 poor siblings were dumped by a cruel owner who stopped his car and put them out just like. . . . .
4 Donors
£220 raised
33% funded
LULU needs your help to leave the cage and fly to her foster home
Lulu was abandonred with her 4 kittens, owner was leaving the country and wanted to dump them, I had no. . . . .
11 Donors
£211 raised
43% funded
Please help tripod tiny to catch her flight
I found tiny dumped in one of my feeding areas with a broken leg.. few months later she had amputation. . . . .
2 Donors
£200 raised
74% funded
I found oreo 3 years ago crying in a car engine and he was only 1 month old, he was. . . . .
6 Donors
£200 raised
44% funded
Please Help Milo
Milo was an abandoned cat who was found dying.. temperature down 32 and literally skin and bones.. all with a. . . . .
8 Donors
£190 raised
42% funded
Help abandoned house cat with fractures surgery
this poor abandoned house cat was found by some kids in my feeding area.. they told be about her and. . . . .
12 Donors
£187 raised
31% funded
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