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اسم من آرزوئه، یک جوون از طبقه متوسط جامعه که مثل بقیه مردم ایران هر روز دارم با مشکلات اقتصادی و اجتماعی دست و پنجه نرم می‌کنم. این کمپین رو راه انداختم تا بتونم بخشی از هزینه‌های مورد نیاز برای مهاجرت تحصیلی تو مقطع دکتری رو با کمک شما جمع کنم. زمینه کاری و پژوهشی من تاریخ هنر ایرانه و بزرگترین
آرزوی من هم اینکه بعد از تحصیل تو مقطع دکتری بتونم به تحقیق و پژوهش تو تاریخ ایران ادامه بدم، قبلا هم یک مقاله در همین زمینه نوشتم که بعد از بررسی چاپ میشه. از شما می‌خوام اگر میخواید منِ آرزو هر روز از آرزوهام دورتر نشم به من کمک کنید تا بتونم مسیرم رو ادامه بدم. کمک
هرکدوم از شما هرچقدر هم اندک باشه اما می‌تونه آینده شخصی و کاری من رو تغییر بده. شما همچنین می‌تونید با انتشار لینک صفحه جمع‌سپاری من به جمع شدن این مبلغ کمک کنید

This campaign is running on for Arezoo:

I am Arezoo Tavakoli Ariyan. I am a researcher in the history of art and architecture; I want to apply for Ph.D. in history. I am interested in history because my hometown, which I have been living in since I was child, is one of the most historical places in Iran. I wish to explore these historical heritages that vanished from the surface of the earth. In Iran, we cannot easily research our favorite subjects because the government prohibits them. Many of my friends were deprived of university because of their research thesis subject. What's more, due to political and religious censorship difficulties, I could not complete my research work. On the other hand, many financial problems have been caused by the economic collapse in Iran, so I'm unable to achieve my dreams. I am trying my best to find a way to pay the application and tuition fees of the Ph.D. program and manage its financial matters. All of my savings are only enough to pay for the IELTS exam. As much as I push myself to keep dreaming it was going, it doesn't look promising. I am trying to get funds for my study program, but I have difficulty applying process costing. I am turning to this as a last resort because it is the only way to make my dreams come true. I would appreciate it if you consider donating to help me turn my long-time dream of studying art history into reality. I am confident that I can go through a fantastic research journey, and I believe that abroad can provide me with the best education I can ask for in this path. I have had unique experiences throughout my life that have made me cherish the value of higher education more than most people. Thank you for anything you can do to help; I will not be able to study in the field of my dreams without it.

Details of my life:

I had a tough life; my father had a car crash a few years ago, and he lost his job as a result.This all happened while he was in the hospital; he could not cover some of his surgeries expenses. This had a significant impact on me to help get on his fit again and help him go through all his financial problems by my limited salary.

My parents are illiterate, and I went through all my education by myself.

I worked as a designer in several companies, but I had to leave my job because of most of the harassment by men in these places and the danger of being raped. One of the people who wanted to rape me was my best friend's husband, whom I worked with because of the trust I had in him. I was beaten many times by the police, and I was arrested just for hijab. You cannot imagine the hell I went through and looking for a cheap therapist to help me out of this past drama.

Nowadays, I'm facing many difficulties; as a researcher, I need access to unlimited Internet, but our access to the Internet is decreasing every day because unhumanized Politics.

About my project proposal:

I primarily studied historical painting and found out by checking people's lifestyles in the past that much censorship was conducted in this painting by the government because of religion which considers then as big since committed by human sense. I believe we can understand social thoughts and traditions (untold stories in these paintings). I am eager to extend my research on this content. In my last article, I have noticed that I redesign a historical building and interior space by studying historical paintings.

The Costs:

IELTS exam: 250$

Release of educational documents: 1000$

Translation of documents: 300 to 500$

The passport fee is: 100$

Application fees 50-150$ for each university

Costs of visa and ticket from 1500 to 2000$

If I go to the Canadian and American embassies, I need the other 1000-1500$ for going to the embassy to other countries.

The cost of student living for the first two months is 2,000 to 3,000$

Total= 8.150 to 9350$

Goal= 8750$

How You Can Help:

You will help me get closer to my dream by donating to my campaign, and of course,

anything helps. There are also other ways to take part. To help get the word out, you can share the link to your Facebook Timeline or on any other social media that you use! If you know me in person, please accompany the connection with a little bit of explanation about me and how my story has touched you.

I would also appreciate it if you could suggest or introduce me to people or organizations that may support me financially.


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