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Update posted by Timmy Ong On May 15, 2019

I'm not asking for a free stay in NYC!

[TL;DR at the bottom!]

Firstly, while I intend to live in NYC for the next three to four years of my life, it is not one of "let's move there and see what happens." I plan to move there with the set purpose of pursuing further education and pushing my career to the next level.

Secondly, I don't intend to "run away" and stay there forever. My goal is to spend the three to fours years to open up my network in that big cosmopolitan city to eventually be able to work globally! Based on the experience of my audition trips there, I would only stay there if there is work to do! Broadway is nice, NYC is fun, but why would I limit my career prospects to a 15-block radius in Manhattan?

If anything, I would build a bridge to allow more crossovers to happen between that 15-block radius and Kuala Lumpur! I say that because, even in today's globalised world, during my short stays in NYC, I feel like I was still seen as somewhat "exotic." And my take on this matter is that 1) not enough Malaysian stories are out there for people to see who we really are, and 2) a lot of Americans' world view is limited to life within the US.

It would be awesome if I had a base in both the US and Malaysia (and other parts of the world too, who knows?) to facilitate talent exchanges, and tell stories from/for both parts of the world!

TL;DR: I am going to NYC to study, and not for a vacation. When I am done with school, my goal is to work globally and not limit myself to just Broadway/NYC. And I also want to exchange Malaysian and American talents because there are many stories to tell!

Thank you!

This is me exploring Times Square and thinking that Malaysian stories deserve bigger stages! Don't cap ourselves in just KL!

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Update posted by Timmy Ong On May 07, 2019

My pursuit of an MFA is not from zero to hero in an instant!

[TL;DR at the bottom.]

My decision to further my studies may be sudden or surprising, but it is definitely not on a whim! And I certainly do not think I got into the schools because I'm "talented". I will proudly say: I worked for it.

Yes, there must be luck involved, and other elements like diversity quota etc., but those are not in my control. The elements that are in my control, such as my skills and industry experience, I worked for it.

Initially, when I first received immediate acceptance from the East 15 Acting School in 2018, yes, that was sudden and surprising. But since then, I have thought long and hard about why it happened and if I should be pursuing this; and my gut keeps telling me: yes I should pursue it, because what happened has been a long time coming! And what will happen is in line with what I have been doing! An MFA is basically the next level of these two things I do:

1) Continually train
2) Apply the training into actual work

I first received training in university (despite not being a performing arts major) for 4 years. - 1) Training - check!

Since my graduation, I have been performing professionally in KL for about 6 years. - 2) Application - check!

Over the 6 years, I have been challenging myself through working in many shows, and many *types* of shows, ranging from concerts and commercial gigs, to musical and dance theatre, to straight theatre and even some screen work. So, 2) Application is definitely constantly being checked.

But so is 1) Training! For 6 years, amidst my day job and shows, I dedicated a good portion of my life to the classroom. Tallying the scores now, I must pat myself on the back for my little achievements, which include:

1) completing the Trinity London College Grade 8 in Singing
2) completing the ISTD Intermediate in Ballet (from zero knowledge on the dance style!)
3) completing short acting courses like Dramatic Confidence and The Actor's Gym

Without those separate training, I do not think I would be able to get past the audition rounds and be accepted into the MFA programs. I say this because, based on my audition experience, schools look for in their graduate candidates a balance of experience, maturity (which comes from experience), technique, and further potential.

While experience is a lifelong journey, and I have a long way to go in terms of technique, I am absolutely grateful that what I have been doing gave me enough of both to move further!

Having gone through the abovementioned courses and exams and shows, an MFA would be the perfect avenue to tie together all the different skills to make me a well-rounded performer! And the connections that I make from grad school would certainly open me up to apply my technique to bigger, better work.

TL;DR: I do not think I got into schools because of "talent". I have been continually training and performing for 6 years, and I think my hard work showed itself in the audition rounds!

Therefore, please help me majorly move up to the next level by donating to my campaign!

Thank you!

This is me at The National Opera Center, after meeting a voice teacher in Manhattan for a trial class. Always learning!

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Update posted by Timmy Ong On Apr 30, 2019

Guess What? It's Gonna Be May!

Well, it IS already May, and May is my birth month!

Since I lived away from home at 18 years old, I have not wanted anything for my birthday, not even a celebration. In fact, I keep my birthday hush, and even disabled it on Facebook. While I appreciate that my amazing friends and colleagues always end up finding out the date and celebrating the big day with me one way or another, I have mostly only wanted my birthday to pass like any other ordinary day.

But this year, for my birthday, I want nothing more than enough funds to qualify for a US student visa, so that I pursue an MFA in Acting!!!

So, if you kind souls out there are thinking about buying me something, or throwing me a birthday bash for my final year in my 20's, instead, please consider putting that money into making my big 30 next year an awesome, awesome one! Donate me the gift/party money! That would be the best gift ever!

Oh, also, my mom's birthday is a day away from mine! Neat, I know! So if I could tell her on her big 60th birthday dim sum breakfast this year that I have the money to attend grad school, that would absolutely make her day and be her best gift ever too!!!

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Update posted by Timmy Ong On Apr 30, 2019

I have paid the deposit to book my spot at The New School of Drama! Please help make my dream come true!

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How exciting!! All the best!!!

Ui Li

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Good luck!


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