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We had a very successful Baby Loss Awareness Week this year!

Thanks for all who have supported us and had a moment to think for Yusei.




Our lovely baby boy, Yusei, has arrived on a full moon night of April 20th, 2019, and gone back to the sky on April 27th, 2019, due to numerous complications caused by Trisomy 18, or Edward's Syndrome.

A full of life of 7 days and 22 hours. He quietly took his last breath in his mama’s arms as his dada sang for him. Yusei has fiercely fought like a samurai-warrior and quickly run through but fully lived his life.

This is a request to donate for Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center in Yokohama, Japan, where Yusei was born, lived and returned to the sky. Our aim is for them to maintain their outstanding grief-care program for the babies and families, educate their staff members with programs as such as well as other outside entities in order to raise more awareness in society about miscarriage, stillbirth, and newborn-loss and the endeavors the babies and families have to go through.

It is a long page, but we truly appreciate if you can read it through to the end and help donate afterwords. (You can also skip the whole story to the end if you’d like.😉)

Yusei was born all natural but with Trisomy 18, or Edward’s Syndrome, which is an extremely severe chromosomal disease with an extra chromosome on a regular pair of number 18 chromosomes in each cell he had in his body, which inevitably caused various kinds of dysfunctions and malformations throughout his tiny body. He was such a fierce samurai and quickly run through but fully lived his life. He was amazingly strong and smart with adorable 6 fingers and numerous complications inside and outside. He was and still is our proud son who was brave enough to fight throughout his life with his tiny body but big spirit. We embrace his fate that he was here with us very short but to tell us how much he loves us and how precious life is.

At my 37-wks regular pregnancy checkup on Tuesday, April 16th, the doctors kept reviewing the weeks, the amniotic fluid, the heart, intestines of my baby’s via ultrasound and repeatedly checking how his heart was functioning that left us incredibly worrisome. As they finished, they brought us some serious doubts about our baby and suggested we had to go to another hospital specialized in prenatal care and infants’ disease. We first didn’t understand what was going on. On the next day, Wednesday April 17th, the children’s hospital we visited confirmed our baby has trisomy 18 with numerous complications and told us his life-expectancy would be extremely short, such as a day or even minutes and it could happen at any moment of my 3-weeks-left pregnancy. I first lost my mind. We broke down and were devastated.

Being announced of your child’s death while embracing him/her in yourself.

We could only cry and pray.

On the night of April 19th, Friday, despite my initial due on May 10th, my contraction started with a full moon. I got into the delivery room around 23:30 and my beautiful baby came out at 0:29 on April 20th. He and I worked out together so well with this infinite bonding love. We named him Yusei, 有正(ゆうせい), named after the first kanjis of both my husband’s (正浩/Masahiro) and mine (有紀子/Yukiko), so we all can know forever that he is our son.

So beautiful and so calm that I could not believe he was trisomy 18. But he certainly was.

Ever since he was born, nevertheless, we felt the countdown has started. The amazing and hopeful days of breastfeeding and nursing one’s own child were our precious last moments we could spend with him before he’d be gone. His breath was getting weaker and weaker every day due to his atrial septal defect. He could not even swallow his own saliva due to congenital esophageal atresia. Nor could he drink my milk, although my body kept producing enormous amount of milk every day. Life is harsh. I could not stop crying up to the sky.

We fought with him. We repeatedly and numerously debated and argued with our medical team if surgery allows him to live longer, what kinds of surgeries he may be able to have, how effective the surgeries would be for him, etc, without knowing how long he could live at all. We asked them so many questions about his conditions and possible treatments he could get and we simultaneously looked for second opinions from other prospective hospitals with advanced medical treatments for trisomy 18. We didn’t want to give up on him. However, as his breath started getting weaker and weaker due to the constant severe apnea attacks and recurring fatal cyanosis, we have gotten to this realization that it is also our role as parents to accept and embrace his and our destiny and send him off with our warm cuddling, rather than letting him challenge all the difficult surgeries with little possibilities. We took his saturation and pulse monitors off of him on his 5th day, April 25th.

We stayed together with him and held him in our arms, embraced him, kissed him, sang for him, talked to him, all day long, all night long since then, until he took his last breath. We enjoyed and appreciated each moment we spent with him. Each breath, each blink, yawning, cry, and each move he made was a gift and we tenderly touched his body as if to make sure he was still with us alive.

He took his last breath at night of April 27th. We bathed him and changed his clothes and still sang the songs his big sister used to sing for him when he was inside me. We slept together with him in between us. My sweet boy laid right there with us so peacefully.

Our entire medical team came to visit him in tears in order to praise his bravery and strength and give him their last hugs and kisses. All of us went up to the rooftop to take a stroll with Yusei. They are the best of all and we now embrace them as our family after the long, long fights, conversations, and understandings shared with sincerity, honesty and love. They did everything they could think of do for him, out of everything they had in the very given situation. We left the hospital on Sunday afternoon, April 28th.

We finally came back home. It was 12 days after I left home, 8 days after Yusei was born.

Bedtime comes, and all four of us lined up on our futon at night. I totally felt Yusei’s presence there with his body. I was so content. The whole atmosphere, the air there was so warm. So lighted. It warmly embraced us all. We were cuddling with both of our children, our 1st daughter and Yusei. It fulfilled us so much that we cried.

We took him to the crematory on Tuesday morning, April 30th. We wrote lots of messages with our drawings (His older sister, of course simply drew a lot 😉) on his coffin the night before. It was a simple coffin with no cover, nothing, but filled with our loving messages, drawings, and songs he loved. We then gave him our final kisses and goodbyes before his body vanished from this world. My whole body was torn apart then, but I’m still here. Life must go on.

Still struggling with the pain and sense of loss in our hearts six months after his return to the sky, we finally made up our minds to launch this fundraising project for this children’s hospital where he was treated with full of love and caring hearts as he has spent his entire life of 7 days.

Now it’s our turn to give back what we have been given.

Together with their parents and families, a lot of babies and children are fighting to live, even at this very moment, at our hospital, Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center in Yokohama, Japan. Whilst we were there with our son, we had such a magnificent treatment for him and us. Without their loving, caring, and proper treatment both mentally and physically, including the way they approached to our son’s birth and death, we would not be able to function then or have a peaceful life as we are having now. We all want “congratulations!” and smile and clapping when our child is born, no matter what sort of condition they are in. We all want our newborn babies to have tomorrow and we want them to be treated as babies who will have the future, no matter how much time, how many days are left for them. We want to do everything we can do for them. We want to give them everything we can give them. We all want to know everything about them, especially when we learn that they do not have much left. We want to spend all the time our child has in life when we learn their life expectancy. We all, then, want our children to be sent off not only in sorrow, but with smile and gratitude, given from all the people around them. We all want to be treated as humans and we expect that to our children, too. When our medical team showered our son Yusei with congratulations and all the happy comments when he was born, our hearts cried for joy. They also gave us a number of activities we can do with him after he was born, such as taking a stroll at the rooftop garden, walking outside, throwing a birthdate party, or taking his hands and foot prints. Now all these remain as precious memories we have with him. Many nurses and midwives stopped by during their break time everyday, just to see him and pad his head. They always stayed longer to talk to him. Such little things always made feel loved and cared. When he has returned to the sky, his doctors and my doctor, the nurses and midwives, all of them came to see his beautiful sleeping face, say goodbye, and salute him with praise for his effort and strength to live. It was the week where we had most suffering and grieving days in our entire life, but there was also small happiness here and there. I mean, everywhere. It was not only a grief, but full of joy and happiness with his presence. He gave us lots of wonderful moments. However, without our medical team’s appropriate actions and behavior, we would not have had stable and healthy mental state during those days. During our darkest days in our life, their smile and words shined us all with halo. Without their continuous support with tenderness, we would not be what we are now.

All the encouragement and beautiful prayers we were given from our family, friends and the entire medical team whilst we were in the hospital transformed to his energy to live to this long. The power of words and prayers certainly lift people’s spirits up.

As parents who gave birth to our loveliest son with a grieving disease and lost him at this hospital, we are now humbly asking you to help them to donate a bit of what you have to ease their financial situations so this hospital can maintain their extensive quality in medical treatments and family support system, and services including offering the families and educating their medical members with appropriate mental/physical support and grief cares.

All the fund raised will be used for the following two main purposes:

1) Donation to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Maternity section in Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center in Yokohama, Japan, in honor and memory of our bravest son, Yusei. It is to help support the babies and children with severe medical condition who are however fiercely fighting to live together with their families. This IS the best children’s hospital you can have, ever. They are the best of all: the most prestigious children's hospital in Japan with magnificent, distinctive grief-care education to their medical members. (In Japan, grief-care is not socially recognized yet unfortunately, although it is slowly getting acknowledged year by year, although the fact is a lot of families experienced baby loss are in urgent need of special psychological treatment to cope with such unexpected tragedy.) The hospital's ethical approach to the patients are especially outstanding, seen as they are always walking close together with them (not only physically, but mentally) during their darkest days in life. We are just, so so so fortunate to be in this hospital when undergoing this unexpected pregnancy and birth. I must say we are extremely fortunate to have ourselves treated there. All this in mind, as donation to NICU and Maternity sections, part of the fund raised will be donated so they maintain the quality of their medical teams' ethics and motivation high, by properly educating their teams with grief cares and other mental approaches for the remaining families devastatingly suffered from miscarriage, stillbirth and/or newborn-death or even those who are pronounced of their child's severe disease. Also, we will ask them to use it for offering study/educational events for grief cares and such to outside organizations/facilities//hospitals/clinics, including the affected families and individuals who are interested in, in order to raise more awareness of grief-care among the society as a whole. Furthermore, we would like you to know that we will let them use the money for some kind of mental/physical care for the medical workers themselves as they are also in strong influence of such tragic circumstances which often occur at their work place. They, too, need to get themselves treated and relieved from those stresses to protect themselves.

2) Purchasing Christmas presents to those who will be hospitalized around Christmas/New Year’s time. Not only the children born with heavy impairment, but there are a lot of children with cancer in this hospital, too. In order to lift up their spirits and support their families, especially for this time of a year, a volunteer group comes to visit them every year and we will join them this year. Part of fund raised will be used to purchase their Christmas gifts upon our visit.

Last Monday just marked 5th monthly-anniversary after his cremation. This hole in my heart is never filled and sense of loss never heals, but it will get better a little by little and we will live with it. Our loveliest son was certainly here on this earth with us and he still is. If you have a moment to think of him time to time, it would be more than anything.

Even a penny will help.

Please consider supporting more babies and children born with fatal condition and their families. I will appreciate you all. As a mother, wife, daughter, and Japanese language instructor who works with United States military personnel stationed in Japan, I salute to all of you, the global peace lover in the international community, for supporting this prestigious children’s hospital. I truly look forward to thanking you all and seeing more babies and families have their happy life on their earthwalks, even if their walks ain’t that long. Life is great, despite the length.

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu.

We never forget you, Yusei. I cannot thank you enough to have chosen us to be your family. We love you forever, eternally and infinitely.

More about Kanagawa Children's Medical Center (KCMC)...

Kanagawa Children's Medical Center (Only in Japanese)

Kanagawa Children's Medical Center - English Pamphlet (PDF)

Video: Navy Personnel Volunteers as a Santa at KCMC (You can see how the hospital looks like. This Christmas service is NOT the same as the one I will do this year, but this can help you to see what my volunteering would be.))

National news channel introducing KCMC's new NICU (Only in Japanese)

KCMC opens a new NICU (English page)

「赤ちゃんの死」に直面した母親たちの悲しみ―心の痛みに寄り添うケアの現場 (Only in Japanese) -the latest article on how Japanese mothers are treated by the medical providers and society when loosing their baby.









































「赤ちゃんの死」に直面した母親たちの悲しみ―心の痛みに寄り添うケアの現場(日本語のみ)- 私達の過ごした大切なうち、神奈川県立こども医療センターが記事に出ています。この方たちがいなかったら私達は今も暗闇の中でもがき苦しんでいたと思う。是非ともご一読を。






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  • 素晴らしい活動ありがとうございます。

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  • 少額ですがお役立てください。Liam & Tomoko & Alex

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Sep 03

【Summer Donation/ 夏の寄付をしてきました!!】

Update posted by Yukiko Suzuki at 03:44 pm

親愛なる支援者の皆様毎日暑いかと思いきや9月に入り30度ぐらいと突然と涼しく(?)なりましたが、いかがお過ごしでしょうか。去る8月14日、私たち家族は大好きな子ども医療センターへと赴き、新たな寄付をしてまいりました。4月に有正の誕生日がありましたため、そこに合わせて色々と購入はしていたのですが、何せコロナの真っ最中、公共の交通機関を使うのもはばかられ、車をレンタルしていこうかとも思っていたのですが、誰が使ったのかもわからなく消毒もどれだけされているのかわからない状態では借りられないなと、なかなか病院へは足を運べない日々が続き、それでも毎日の生活は続いていくなかで、来院する機会を失っておりました。ようやく我が家のような(有正の生まれ育ってお空に帰って行った)子どもセンターへ来れてハッピーな我が家。今回の寄付内容は以下の物品になります:キレイキレイ手洗い石鹸 4L x 2おしりナップ 80枚x 6パック赤ちゃんお風呂スポンジ 1個沐浴材 1個哺乳瓶洗剤800ml x 1ベビー泡ソープx 1赤ちゃん用洗濯洗剤 720ml x 2泡ソープディスペンサー 400ml x 5有正の誕生前、まだ18トリソミーの告知を受ける前に用意していた有正用の石鹸類は、ようやく手放す勇気というか手放す心になれました。これからはこの病院で生まれる・生まれた赤ちゃん子供たちのために頑張ってくれることと思います。(笑)また、少しでも医療従事者の方々のお力になれるようにと業務用サイズにて手洗い石鹸を購入なども購入いたしました。皆様からの寄付のおかげです。簡単にはなりますが、上記をもちまして令和2年上半期の寄付報告とさせていただきます。また近々近況をアップいたしますね。おやすみなさい。ユキコおまけ:有正の写真を持ってポーズを決めるお姉ちゃんです💛

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Mar 08

【寄付いたしました!!!/ Donation Accomplished!!!】

Update posted by Yukiko Suzuki at 04:26 pm

English version is coming now!!!ご報告が大変遅れてしまい、ご協力くださっている皆様には大変失礼いたしました。三寒四温の毎日とはいえ、暖冬のせいかすっかり春めいている兆しの中、皆さまいかがお過ごしでしょうか。昨年のご報告となってしまいますが、12月13日に無事皆さまからの寄付を病院側へ預けることができました。150,000円ずつ(合計300,000円)を新生児科と母性内科へ寄付させていただきました。この日の午前中からお昼過ぎにかけては、毎年12月に神奈川こども医療センターにて行われているチャリティーイベントへ参加してきました。私の長年の日本語クライアントが、偶然にもこのチャリティーイベントへ毎年参加していることを聞き、主人と二人で是が非でも参加させていただきたい、と二つ返事で参加することとなりました。このチャリティーイベントを主催する方は私の勤務するアメリカ海軍基地の方で、息子さんが稀少難病でここの病院の無菌病棟へ10か月もの間入院し、余命僅かと宣告されつつも回復し、もう6年経った今も元気に過ごしている、というエピソードのある方で、彼の明るく前向きな生き方に私達も大きな勇気とエネルギーをいただきました。そしてそこで出会った、5年前に息子さんを亡くしたというママ。話を聞いて、抱き合って、もう涙が止まらなかった。それでも3人目をもうすぐご出産だと、頑張ってね、これからも命の限り生きた子供を胸に頑張って生きて行こうね!とかたい握手とハグを交わしてお別れしました。チャリティーイベントでは、重篤な病気と闘う子供達に愛と生きる元気を届けたい、とそれはそれは多くの日本人やアメリカ人の方々がいらっしゃり、自分の身の上を話す大切さ、お互いがお互いを思っているということを言動に表す大切さ、それを行動に移す大切さを確信し、今後ともこの活動の源になれるような方々のエネルギーをいただいてきました。そしてここでも、日産グローバル本社で購入したミニカー、おてだまぬいぐるみを新生児科へ、そして産褥パッドと母乳パッドを母性内科へ直接寄付してまいりました。令和二年となった今年は、昨年末から続く家族のことや年明けから始まった新しい仕事などに追われ、このページの更新がままならなくなり、ご支援者の皆さまには大変なご心配をおかけいたしました。今後の活動予定はまた後日アップさせていただきます。引き続きの応援、どうぞよろしくお願い致します。ユキコ

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Dec 12

【Stripe Unavailable/カードご寄付ができなくなります】

Update posted by Yukiko Suzuki at 06:54 am

To all, Sorry we have not updated our activities recently as we are just experiencing another passing in our family - and we are still in mourning. Thank you again for all your support through here and there. We feel your strong and warm prayers, making us stand strong.Now the. . . . .

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Nov 17

【Bug on this Campaign Site/ サイト上のバグについて】

Update posted by Yukiko Suzuki at 02:09 pm

As of November 17th, the front page photo is not shown as is there is no image but PLEASE DO KNOW that our campaign is STILL ONGOING. We will get to GoGetFunding asap to seek the way to fix it. Thank you and continue to spread the word, guys! Much

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Nov 10

【!!!GOAL MET!!!/目標額達成しました!】

Update posted by Yukiko Suzuki at 02:54 pm

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!皆さまどうもどうもありがとうございます!日本語以下ご参照ください。Now we have reached our goal of $3,000 and it is still going up! It's nothing but real beauty of friendship and support... We are so grateful for your sincerity to believe in us and what we are going to do - help. . . . .

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Nov 02

【Project Update・近況報告】

Update posted by Yukiko Suzuki at 05:45 am

【WE STILL NEED YOU!!!】日本語以下に続きます。Now we have reached to $3,040! ($2,840 on Stripe and $200 on other means)Thanks all for contributing to our project! We are still accepting your donation to meet our goal on GoGetFunding site. Please continue to spread the word and support us! Let's keep supporting more children

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Oct 24


Update posted by Yukiko Suzuki at 06:33 am

皆さま真摯なご協力によりただ今2730ドルのご寄付を頂いております。(English comment follows)お子さんを亡くし苦しみの中にいるご両親への一助となるべく立ち上げたこのキャンペーンを、どうか引き続きご支援くださいませ。また、私達がなぜこのキャンペーンを立ち上げるに至ったかまだいまいちよくわからないという方は、是非私達のStoryをお読みください。(ページ冒頭は英語ですが、そのままスクロールダウンしていただければ日本語へ続きます。)私達に何が起きたのか、何が私達を突き動かすのか、きっとお分かりになってくださるかと思います。ご質問など受け付けております!どうかご遠慮なくこちらのコメントフォームやメッセージフォーム、または個別のFacebook やライン、メールなどにてお送りください!引き続きよろしくお願い申し上げます。 ゆきこWe have raised $2,730 at this moment supported by your sincerity! Please continue to support our campaign so that we can help more parents suffering from child-loss. If you are not still sure why we have launched this fundraising campaign, please go read our story and find

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Oct 17

【Campaign Going On with YOUR Support!!!】

Update posted by Yukiko Suzuki at 02:59 am

This campaign is reaching towards our goal now!!!Now the total of $2,510 is raised with your generosity!Please continue to spread the word, share this page with Facebook or your community and support our project.Also, please be informed that we will be accepting any donation even after our shown goal is. . . . .

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Oct 14


Update posted by Yukiko Suzuki at 05:50 am

以下の写真で寄付プロセス参照ください。質問などあればいつでもメール、Facebook,LINEなどでご連絡ください。また、ペイパル、銀行振込、現金書留などでもご寄付へ対応致しておりますので、その際には個別にご連絡いただければと思います。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。まずはこのページの「Donate Now」を見つけてクリック。すると以下のページにかわります。そして画面一番下の「Continue」を押して・・・するとクレジットカード情報入力ページになります。ここで入金ボタンを押しますと、最後は以下の画面へとなり、終了です。その後、登録された連絡先に、入金しましたねとの確認メールやメッセージがくるかもしれませんが、それには特に返答せずによさそうです。何かありましたらいつでもご連絡ください。引き続きサポートよろしくおねがいいたします。ゆきこ

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Oct 13


Update posted by Yukiko Suzuki at 12:34 pm

ご寄付をなさる際に、英語による指示のためにうまくできないというお話を数件伺いました。対策しておりますので、少々お待ちください。今すぐご寄付をなさりたいという方は、このサイトで「Yukiko Suzuki」と名が出ているところをクリックしていただければ私に直接メールできますのでご連絡ください。また、旧知の方々は、主人と私のFacebook、LINEなどのSNSでもご連絡受け付けております。ご迷惑おかけいたしますがよろしくお願いいたします。

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  • 素晴らしい活動ありがとうございます。

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  • 少額ですがお役立てください。Liam & Tomoko & Alex

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  • THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! 皆さまどうもどうもありがとうございます!日本語以下ご参照ください。 Now we have reached our goal of $3,000 and it is still going up! Amazing! We are so grateful for your sincere support to believe in us and what we are going to do - help support the families with child-loss and children with fatal diseases. Please continue to back us up so we can have more financial source to pursue what we are really willing to do: please stay tuned! Again, thanks a million for those who always support us. この度は皆さまのあたたかいご支援により、目標額の$3000ドルを上回る金額を頂いております。本当に感謝しかありません。このサイト上にも書き入れておりますように、これらのご支援により子を亡くしたご家族の方々、重病と闘う子供達、などを助けていくためへ使っていきます。また、今後私達が向かっている目標への道しるべとなるべく、これからも引き続きご支援のほどどうぞよろしくお願い申し上げます。皆さまのご協力により長男を亡くした私達の気持ちが少しずつ形になっていくのを感じ、心が温まると同時にしっかりせねばと奮い立ってもいます。これからもどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。ゆきこ

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  • With much love.

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  • Thank you all for continuing to support our project! Your buck means the universe to us. We are certainly making sure to give you our updates on how the money will be received and used. For now, please continue to spread the word, share the site, talk to people about us, and all that, to help this project running! Thank you and talk soon!

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  • Sending big big love to Yukiko, your family and all the people needs help.. thank you for let us re-think about what true love is. Hugs

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  • I do hope the success of this movements.

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  • 今頑張ってる病院の方、入院されている方、ご家族のためになりますように。 穏やかな時間が訪れますようお祈り申し上げます。

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