Support for Papa’s Angioplasty and Dialysis

Update posted by Joy Ashley Flores On Sep 15, 2017

Hi everyone. πŸ™‚ We've come down to the last 11 hours of the campaign. Up to now, I'm still greatly overwhelmed.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your prayers and donations. You all know who you are. πŸ’“ I keep on praying to God to bless you and your families even more.

Papa is waiting for his AV Fistula to completely heal, which takes about 6 weeks, before they can use it for dialysis. If this happens, his jugular (neck) access will eventually be removed. After a month of twice-weekly dialysis, his doctor will check his creatinine levels again, and hopefully, he wouldn't need to continue dialysis sessions anymore. His feet feels better to walk, although he sometimes still needs assistance. But generally, he feels better. πŸ™

Mama, on the other hand, will have her 7th ortho therapy session on Monday. She said it improved a lot in terms of day-to-day activities. She also said the pain isn't that bad anymore. πŸ™

So again, thank you so much for all your support. πŸ™

To God be the glory! ☝

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Update posted by Joy Ashley Flores On Sep 06, 2017

Hi everyone. πŸ™‚ It's been more than a week since I last posted an update. I kind of observed first how things went after he was discharged from the hospital.

So here goes. I've been calling them everyday asking how they are, and to be honest, they've been really better. I can tell by the way they talk to me on the phone. Anyway, so the doctor observed Papa's creatinine levels under twice-weekly dialysis sessions. It went down to a little more than 400 but the doctor's target is around 350 before he can stop having dialysis. In line with this, they decided to transfer Papa's dialysis access from jugular (neck) to an Arteriovenous Fistula in the arm. I'm quite happy with it because this is more convenient (although he needed to undergo a minor surgery for this) and lower risk of infection than how it was in the neck. It needs 6 weeks of healing, though. So they will still use the neck access until the arm access can be used. My father used to be so stubborn and resistant with treatments, therapies and medications, but I'm glad that he's compliant now to what needs to be done. I really prayed prayed for this. πŸ™

Three days after my father was discharged from the hospital, my mother was sent to the ER as well at 1:00 AM because she was having a hard time to breathe due to her cough and she couldn't sleep then. But by God's grace, she wasn't admitted. She was just observed, been prescribed medications and was nebulized. She continued nebulization at home and after a few days she has been relieved. She's still required to put the back brace and she's been attending thrice-weekly ortho therapy. I believe everything will get better in God's time. πŸ™

It's been almost a month since I opened this campaign, and I am still deeply overwhelmed.

For the people who helped and is still helping, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! God bless your good hearts. πŸ’“

The campaign is still open until 15th of September. We are still accepting donations online and offline. Thank you and God bless you!

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Update posted by Joy Ashley Flores On Aug 23, 2017

Hello everyone. Great news! My father has been discharged from the hospital. πŸ™ This wouldn`t have been possible without all your help. THANK YOU very much for all the prayers and financial support.

To my World-Sidra friends, Saida and Yolanda, Lubna, the whole OB team, doctors, co-nurses, schoolmates, previous co-workers, mentors, Pugoys in Doha, Charry and Tita Reg, and CNLs: I would be forever grateful. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

To the team who cared for my Dad and Mom, kudos to you guys! I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude. πŸ’“

To the people who were left in the Philippines constantly looking after my Mom and Dad, THANK YOU. πŸ™ You are a living proof of angels. πŸ˜‡

Papa is still needing dialysis sessions, though; they will do it in an outpatient setting. His arthritis also became a burden after discharge; he could barely walk, but big thanks to the people who are helping him transfer from one place to another. Mama, on the other hand, already has a back brace (turns out it is her back which is badly injured rather than her hips). I am still, still asking for continuous prayers. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

To God be the glory. πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

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Update posted by Joy Ashley Flores On Aug 21, 2017

Hi, everyone. Papa is still in the hospital. His creatinine levels shot up to more than 700, so his doctor told him he needs another dialysis session, and probably twice-weekly sessions afterwards. His heart is doing fine as of the moment. Hematoma on the puncture site is slowly subsiding as well.

Mama is for fitting of hip brace tomorrow. She's feeling better now.

For everyone who came to the hospital to visit my Mom and Dad, THANK YOU. They equally need support for I am not there. God bless your good hearts.

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Update posted by Joy Ashley Flores On Aug 19, 2017

Hello everyone. I would just like to tell you the good news: that my father has already been transferred to a private room and is feeling much better than before.

My Mom is feeling better as well taking meds, but she needs hip brace according to her ortho doctor. She is currently the only one looking after my father in the hospital.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who supported our family along the way. I am still asking for your continuous prayers. God bless you all.

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Update posted by Joy Ashley Flores On Aug 18, 2017

Hi everyone. My father is stable now and he said he feels better. He already has an order for trans-out to a regular private room after another dialysis session today.

On the other hand, my Mom, who has been staying and sleeping in the ICU`s waiting room for a few days now, has been sick with fever and cough after she developed a hip fracture on the same day my father was admitted.

Once again, I am asking for continuous prayers. πŸ™

The campaign is open for a month. We are still accepting donations online and offline. THANK YOU! God bless you all.

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Update posted by Joy Ashley Flores On Aug 16, 2017

The Angioplasty was a success. Thank you ALL for your prayers. I couldn`t express my happiness. Words are not enough.

Today, my father is still in the ICU. Still undergoing dialysis on a daily basis. Several hours after the procedure, he complained of pain and tenderness on the puncture site; he had ultrasound and they found out it was a hematoma. I understand that hematomas can occur and is not so rare for patients who have undergone angioplasty, but it can still be dangerous. I am asking for your continuous prayers for him. CT scan was then done to find out where the bleeding comes from. We are yet to know the results tomorrow. I will post another update.

I am very blessed to have helping hands all over the place. I am overwhelmed. God is good! I want to thank all the people who donated online and offline. You are God`s instruments in this earth. I am continuously praying for God to bless you more, as well as your families.

The campaign is open for a month. We are still accepting donations online and offline. Please spread the word. THANK YOU!

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