Update posted by Milan Haplus On Jul 14, 2020

After repair, my printer started working again for some time. I printed a number of pages and cards / leaflets about my polish page (like this). Unfortunately, not long after, the printer started showing strange messages. Later, the printer stopped reading the other cartridge chip and it is not working today.

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Update posted by Milan Haplus On Jun 07, 2020

From about 17.05.2020 I tried to print cards / leaflets with information about my Polish website and a brief description. I have also tried to spread them in the area where I live from the same time. Approx. 20.05.2020 my printer has stopped working. 1 chip of BK cartridge with ink has broken. My printer can't print even without 1 cartridge. I won't be able to print anything for the moment. At the moment I do not have money for a new chip / cartridge.

To this day, from around 20/05/2020, my printer does not work.

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Update posted by Milan Haplus On Apr 30, 2020

Around February 2020, I visited the hospital at ul. Poznańska 79 in Kalisz, which is probably the main hospital in Kalisz. After some time, 1 person in the hospital, she agreed to talk to me and invited me to the office.

I tried to talk about my ailments. I also informed the person / doctor with whom I spoke that I could not consult my family doctor, that's why I came here.

I also asked about the possibility of writing down my ailments by a doctor or other authorized person, such as a post-mortem examination, so that I would have some proof for the future.

In my situation, it is important because in many of my cases to date, almost or completely, my submissions and arguments were challenged.

The doctor / person I talked to looked displeased / disgusted.

The person almost tried to sell me.

The person also mentioned something that I should contact a psychiatrist with.

Ultimately, I have not received any document / information.

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Update posted by Milan Haplus On Apr 29, 2020

In recent months I changed my own family doctor / GP. Later, in recent weeks, I sent an e-mail to the family doctor, which contained a description of my health condition, which is also in the description of this page, and a short description, which is also here on the page. I sent it by email because the doctor called me quite late, and the description I wanted to provide was quite extensive. Currently, due to the situation in the country, you cannot meet with a doctor. The meeting / consultation replaces the teleporada by telephone connection. 22/04/2020, as part of the tele-advice, a family doctor called me back. I've never met this doctor. Apart from the short telephone conversation in which I received only the e-mail from the clinic, it was the first conversation with the doctor / doctor. The family doctor, freely, calmly, at the beginning of the conversation, said that I was mentally ill and I should be under the care of a psychiatric clinic.

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Update posted by Milan Haplus On Apr 18, 2020

My printer has been working again for some time. Unfortunately, only partially, because color printing is bad. Only gray printing is possible.

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Update posted by Milan Haplus On Apr 10, 2020

On March 24, 2020, I received a reply regarding 2 separate letters addressed to the President of the District Court in Kalisz. This is a response from the President of the District Court in Kalisz, i.e. persons from President, Elżbieta Kwaśniewska. This is because on 13.02.2020 I submitted a letter to the President of the Regional Court along with information that my previous letters remained unanswered. My letters regarding the issuing by illegal judges of the District Court in Kalisz of illegal / illegal judgments. Finally, the President of the District Court in Kalisz told me that my complaints regarding two cases and two judges were not examined. The reason given was that judges and assessors are independent.

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Update posted by Milan Haplus On Apr 09, 2020

Court sitting on March 31, 2020 took place. According to SR employees in Kalisz, it was the only thing on that day, but it is possible that even this week. This is due to the general situation in the country and for the safety of people in connection with the state of the epidemic. On this day I submitted 2 applications, 1 for the exclusion of a judge and 2 for the exclusion of a psychiatrist who was selected for the case. For this reason alone, the hearing was adjourned.


1. proposal/application - exclusion of a judge

2. proposal/application - exclusion of a psychiatrist

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Update posted by Milan Haplus On Apr 06, 2020

My printer that I used broke, i.e. it stopped unexpectedly. I can't print. The printer has been out of order for several days.

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Update posted by Milan Haplus On Mar 30, 2020

On 31.03.2020 a court meeting is to be held in case III RNs 708/19. According to a lawyer who has been assigned to the case, a verdict is to be issued at this meeting. In addition, this attorney, adv. Mrs. Magdalena Walczak is another lawyer I meet and behave abnormally.

1. The lawyer refused to meet me.

2. The lawyer sent me a message with false information.

3. The lawyer claims that the meeting has already taken place. There was no meeting. I met lawyer, but she hurriedly packed her things and had to leave the office. At that time, I received a business card and had to make an appointment. To this day, no such meeting has taken place, while Mr. thinks it took place.

4. I have informed / asked to give up the power of attorney in such a situation. The lawyer refused, saying there was no reason to give up.


At a short, chaotic, hasty meeting at which nothing was agreed except that I would make an appointment, adv. appointed ex officio for this case, adv. Mrs. Magdalena Walczak even suggested that my appearance may not be compulsory. The lady informed me that she would go there. This is contrary to what is written on the call.

This is another lawyer who acts on my case, at most indifferently or adversely.

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Update posted by Milan Haplus On Feb 14, 2020

On 13.02.2020 the police unexpectedly came to my place of residence. My mother, who opened the police door, thought it was a neighbor knocking, because before entering my place of residence, one more door must be opened, which is always closed. The police surely entered my apartment peacefully.

Shortly afterwards, I was informed of a forced lead to a psychiatrist. Nobody wanted to hear my explanation. The police were just supposed to lead me. The order was issued by the judge in charge of the present case. A moment later, in handcuffs, I was taken to a psychiatrist. From the moment policemen entered my apartment to reach a psychiatrist, policemen have repeatedly suggested that I could expect such a police visit and / or psychiatric examination. They also asked questions many times, and when I tried to answer them, the police dumped me.

I am an innocent person.

On the same day, before entering the psychiatrist's office, in anticipation, I could see that next to the psychiatrist's office is the office of my then family doctor, Mr Muszyńska, who recently issued me a rather strange, contradictory medical referral.

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