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Can you imagine doing your homework in a 9sqm small, dark room with 3 other people around you? That’s the real life for Arthur (12 years old) and Jospeh (11 years old).

The boys had to live without their father for the last 2 years. He left the family just before the 5th and last child was born and now Mama Lelo has to finance life for the whole family on her own. She is doing her best to provide the children with some food by growing vegetables in her own little garden but isn't able to pay the school fees for her children. Mama Lelo is one of thousands of women in Tanzania who are unemployed and constantly looking for a new job every single day to provide their kids with the bare minimum. There is simply not enough money for a room with electricity nor to cover the educational expenses of her children. Next year her 3rd son Lazylee (5 years old) is supposed to start school but Mama Lelo doesn’t know yet how to finance his education.

Please help him! Let him be a 6 year old boy who goes to school just like everybody else does. His older brothers for instance only started school at the age of 8 and 9 because their mother couldn't cover the school fees. Lazylee isn't even staying with his family due to the lack of space in their room. His grandma takes care of him but cannot afford the education costs neither. In addition to the fees (100,000 Tsh per student) the children also need a uniform (66,000 Tsh), school materials (30,000 Tsh) and a backpack (20,000 Tsh). With your help we can raise 270 US$ to finance the education of these 3 boys.

Eventually they need education to have a chance of a brighter future.



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