Starting a Gaming center exclussively for MOBA Games LOL,Dota2,Hots, etc.

Update posted by Julio Cesar Castillo Huston On Jul 23, 2015

So here is an update to answer some questions and the star of the rules of the club!.

To clear some doubts.

-The idea is for starting, I?m not trying to make competition to the E3 or Apex?

-I want to make a local club, I will charge for the use of the installations and computers only and for being members of the club.

-Anyone can take their own pcs, still they will be charged for the use of the internet and the installations.

-The idea is to organize official and non-official tournaments, I have contacted Riot and told them about it and they have no problem I?m still waiting a response from Blizzard.

-I am a father and I have a job to do currently so I will maybe have a delay to answer some questions but I guarantee that I will do it, just please I ask you to read all the information I provide first to avoid answering similar questions over and over.

-I am not trying to charge for games that are already free, my idea is making this like some kind of training center, maybe someday be officially part of a world tournament, many talents are wasted because they don?t have a great pc or stable internet so this place would be like a club with monthly memberships, also there would be services like commenting your match or make promotional videos from you in youtube, editing videos in a funny or awesome manner.

-Many complain about AFK?s, trolls, toxic players, etc, some have a pre made team but they never find the way to get together without problems with the internet, or having lag due to low fps, etc, this would be a place to gather and play with your team, get to know other players, have a match against any rival side by side, this is something you only see in tournaments, I want to offer that and at the same time keep in touch with Riot, Blizzard, Dota2 devs, Smite devs and inform them about what are we doing, talk them about our top players, ask them for prices for the winners of tournaments and if we are good enough maybe even take on an official tournament in our country or even the world, maybe sounds crazy but I will never know if I don?t try it, I would be the manager in all of this and only in special circumstances I think I could play as part of the team.

-I am an IT specialist so I will also provide computers setup and repairs, programming, web page design, etc.

-Some example about how could work:

We open doors at 10 am, we can have 2 tournaments, 4 teams max until 4 pm or any other activities, at 4 pm we receive the ones that have memberships, by groups of 10, each group will have 2 sessions per week, we discuss any important topic like new mechanics, new characters, advices, etc, for 1 hour an then a quick practice match, two groups only, at 8 pm we closed doors.

On weekends I can organize a local tournament with 4,6,8 max teams, they all pay a certain amount and one percentage goes to the club and the other for the winners.

Let?s say we have a really good player that wants some promotion, to be known in the local and worldwide community, then in our youtube channel we make some videos about him, funny vids, awesome vids, I send mails to LOL, HOTS, DOTA, SMITE so they get to know him etc, and we charge for this service too.

-What would the prices be?, well I don?t know yet, they don?t need to be too high, but not to low so there is a profit and I can pay the services, I guess I would have to define it if this begins to take shape and one of the ideal goals of this is to get to be some kind of academy for MOBA?s, get a great team together and some contract would be nice, this is an idea to be legit not just playing around.

Set of rules.

1.- We reserve the right to deny the entrance to anyone without previous notice to this installations.

2.- The installations are for your service, please keep everything in shape and report anything you consider wrong to the manager.

3.- Please respect other club members, if you have a problem with someone talk to the manager so together can work the things out.

4.- If you have a tournament be in your designated place 5 min early, if you are bringing your own computer make it 15 min, you will only have 5 min tolerance before the match begins or else your spot will be filled with someone of our pool of gamers.

5.- To cancel a match it needs to be a very good and powerful reason, please don?t make excuses and be serious and respectful to the other members, any gamers missing will be replaced with someone of our pool of gamers, any problems with the computer you brought?, use ours better paying a small fee, we can?t wait too long for anyone, no exceptions.

6.- If you don?t make it on time, have a problem that doesn?t have anything to do with the installations or you for some reason decide not to finish your match, we will not refund any money, the only way we can do that is if the problem is a direct result of the installations or the manager.

7.- We will give you tickets for every event you pay for, ticket may be replaceable or you can give it to someone else prior talking about it with the manager but there is no refund once you bought it, all sales are final.


-Why I think anyone will ever listen to me and give me money FCS?, well after seeing how some managers of LOL teams are douches and the story of that APEX guy that was predating young girls I realized that maybe they got the job as an opportunity (pretty damn nice jobs) not because they were good at it because come on one it?s a real bully and the other a pervert, you don?t get true leadership from people like that, I don?t have a lot of money and where I live having a career about video games it?s just KEFKA (name that means NON-EXISTENT lol) so I said WTH let?s try it, and that?s it, I am trying to pop my opportunity from the ground..

To the ones who are asking me questions politely, thank you very much for your interest!.

You want to play with me in LOL or HOTS?, send me a pm, maybe I can?t accomplished this dream but I can win some friends.

See you tomorrow with some update and the translation to Spanish, BTW Spanish is my default language but I am writing everything on English first to practice a little.

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