Sharie’s Hospitalization and Medical Follow-up Support

Update posted by Dhidhak Bandalan On Jan 02, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy 2017!

I am very glad to be back home for the holidays and to see Sharie in person and see how successful the operation was. Our dream of having her join us on the festive table during Noche Buena and Media Noche without the problem of eating and enjoying everything laid on the table finally came true.

Watch the second part video of her journey after the operation

The Alagang Kapatid Foundation through my good friend Jay went back to visit Sharie in the hospital after all the procedures had been successful. They were instrumental in facilitating to get PCSO and PCMC take her case and finally give her the quality of life she deserves.

Personally, I am very happy that the congenital anomaly Sharie had is now part of her past and she can thoroughly look forward to a better future. The same for her parents, especially her mother Ysabel whose been her rock in all of this and her siblings and dad can now move on with their life and ensure that the future of their only daughter/sister will be bright.

Apart from Alagang Kapatid and PCSO, I would like to thank all my friends and family who extended help in any form - in kind, prayers and cash and all the other government institutions, and offices that provided financial assistance to Ysabel to get medicines for Sharie. To my family - Tatay, Sr. Paz, Jessa, Tita Brenda and Arlene, Lala and Andrae for believing in what I believe can happen if we put our faith and trust in God.

It will take time before Sharie’s operation, and eating habits are fully recovered. Right now she’s eating in small portions and still has her peg in the stomach which I hope will soon be removed. Her teachers met her and are ready to welcome her back to school and let her catch up so she can complete her grade 2 with her classmates. In no time, her young mind will not remember all her problems before and look forward to all the play, food, and fun she will have without the problem of being teased or getting hurt. People will not see her different from the rest of the kids in school and in her neighborhood. She will enjoy being a child.

May Sharie's story be an inspiration to all of us that we can all be part of the good in humanity.

P.S. You can continue to support Sharie through this page or contact them directly.

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Update posted by Dhidhak Bandalan On Dec 10, 2016

While I was away on holiday, Sharie was released from the hospital and now back home (thus the delay with this update)

She made a full recovery and now is slowly enjoying eating food through her mouth. She cannot eat big meals yet, additional nutritional support is still fed through her stomach via the peg. The doctors want to make sure that the surgical attachments completely healed before Sharie can completely eat like other kids. Eventually, the peg will be taken out after a couple of months or determined after several outpatients follow up with her doctors.

They completely closed off the tracheal hole made to help with breathing and release some food items, so food and other liquids can pass through without interruptions to the esophagus directly to the stomach. Which is already good news and development for Sharie who for seven years never knew how it feels to eat without food getting out of her neck. She never knew she can swallow and get full in the process.

Now a new life ahead of our little Sharie. We hope that you will continue to help pray for her and her family. Having said that, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that helped me through this campaign - both in cash and in kind. Without your support, I don't know how we could have helped Sharie go through this ordeal. The little we helped, it made a significant impact in her life.

sharing you some of Sharie's photo after the surgery and during her release.

The hole on her neck is now close

Sharie with her mom Isabel (seated) at the nurse station

Sharie with her new toy at the nurse's station

Thank you!

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Update posted by Dhidhak Bandalan On Nov 21, 2016

I woke up at 4 am this morning receiving good news that Sharie is already out of the ICU and the doctors are slowly starting her with solid foods through the mouth Yipee!!! That's what we want right?

They are still monitoring her lungs anytime bacterial infection may flare up and put her again at risk so the doctors are keeping her for a while in the hospital and myself I would like that. It means she can be monitored and given the attention when she needs it.

Although I have to say the financial needs doesn't stop once, she's out of the hospital. She will still need to follow up with the doctors, continue her medications and hopefully by Christmas and eventually summer she will be better like any children should.

To those who extended their support in kind, prayers and in cash, I would like to thank you from the heart. I hope you will continue to join Sharie's family and me in this journey until it's time to close this chapter in her life.

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Update posted by Dhidhak Bandalan On Nov 16, 2016

Just want to extend mine and Sharie's family's gratitude to those who sent financial support to her hospitalization.

As soon as I have news I will update it here.

Thank you once again. May God bless you always!

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Update posted by Dhidhak Bandalan On Nov 12, 2016

I am asking for prayers for Sharie and her family to overcome this ordeal.

Sharie developed complications post-surgery that the doctor tried their best to control. Right now they are saying she's still not out of the woods. If the fluids in her lungs and bacterial infections are not controlled and removed her healing is compromised which could even lead to death.

They badly need money to pay for medicines to continue her treatment. The last set was administered, and now the family doesn't know where to get the next round of drugs for Sharie, and the hospital is demanding as if money grows on a tree for them.

I am asking for your help - any monetary amount will do, but we need to raise close to $900 per sets of drugs and we don't know how many more Sharie will need.

If only I have that amount or more but I don't that is why I am asking for your help to raise money so this little girl will have a chance for a normal life like all children deserves.

Thank you.

Sharie in the ICU of the Philippine Children's Hospital.

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Update posted by Dhidhak Bandalan On Nov 11, 2016

AT this time more than anything Sharie needs your prayers.

Every surgery carries risk especially for operation this big which should have been done a long time ago. Yesterday, there was complications - fluid in her lungs, and the doctors are doing their best to care for her. While they do, please offer prayers of healing for Sharie that she overcomes this and recover fully.

She's not yet out of the woods, might stay longer in the ICU is this complication persist but with your prayers and help I know God will heal her and return to us better than before.

Thank you all in advance.

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Update posted by Dhidhak Bandalan On Nov 05, 2016

Yesterday I was told that Sharie has been brought to the hospital to be confined and prepared for the operation on Wednesday.

The surgery will completely change her life.

But they need some financial support to get them ready, the small amount I collected are almost finished and they will have to coordinate again with the charity that will cover the whole operation but knowing the burecracy it may take a while before funds are released. So things like dextrose are being shouldered by the family first and maybe more.

So friends, help me rally for Sharie and let's raise funds for her.

I will give you update and photos soon as I have them.

God bless!

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Update posted by Dhidhak Bandalan On Oct 29, 2016

Recently, Sharie had her ultrasound taken and finally she got the schedule to have her condition operated. According to the doctors, she will be admitted on November 4 after the long holiday and undergo the operation on the 9th.

According to the doctor who is looking after Sharie, the operation should have been done when she was younger. Good window for 100 percent success is between the age of 1 to 5 y/o, but now she’s 7 y/o thanks to the doctors at the “other government hospital.” They had kept ignoring them, not even giving them valid reasons for the delays and let them spend monies they don’t have.

There is hope on the horizon.

After the operation on November 9, Sharie will be confined in the ICU for two weeks to observe her recovery and expected to stay additional two weeks. If no complications and recovery are good, Sharie will have her first Christmas eating and swallowing her food from the mouth.

Thank you to those that had given financial help via here and in person. We will need more financial support for Sharie’s hospitalization - for medicines and other sundries not part of the support of PCSO and transport during expected follow-up.

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Update posted by Dhidhak Bandalan On Sep 28, 2016

Dear Friends,

Sharie will have her appointment with the doctor on October 5 and hopefully she gets all the exams done and be scheduled for operations.

I am still appealing for help to faciliate their families support to her while being hospitalized and recovering, in particular for medications and of course transport for the family during follow up.

Thank you to those that sent help already, may God bless you a hundred fold with your generosity.

Please click the link if you want to donate to the funds I am raising for Sharie ... what is forgoing one starbucks coffee for a day or even for a week to help? :)

Maraming Salamat.


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Update posted by Dhidhak Bandalan On Aug 25, 2016

For those who don't want to use paypal payment system but wants to donate please send me message so I can give you alternate account.

Looking for your donations

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Sharie's mother Isabel ,was with our family before we left for the US way back in 1990's taking care of my eldest daughter Ivannah. Let us help Isabel's family with their daughters medical expenses, please donate for the Sharie.

Dodo/Miles Bandalan

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Praying for the success of your operation Sharie. God bless

Jinky Comon

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