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Shagger Private Messenger

We are about to build and launch Private Messenger we need your support though.

First let me describe application itself a bit:

Shagger is an app that you can connect with others. Nothing new, wouldn't you say? True, but then why are we so exicted to even think that it may draw fans around it to cover initial price for this application?

Well this is all about whole new approach that separates our project from others, even great and big ones.

History behind is rather simple. My good buddy called me in the morning (cause he knew that I am into things of application and stuff like that) and asked me if I can help him out. Sure - I replied, but how can I help? He then told me that he is after few good hours of crawling thru dating apps and there isn't even one that can connect him with somebody at once. He meant that! At once. No registration, no filling out forms, adding photos, bio's. I undestood that. He was looking for old scholl chat room or IRC, but dedicated for what he or anybody need at the moment. Ok lets be honest. He was looking for a girl but didnt want to do all that stuff that dating app needs from us. He was also worried that there is no privacy at all in those apps, how could be I thought.... .

So next day I started lookin thru, we met couple of times and we started from scratch. You know? Writting thoughts on napkins, talking to people, meeting wise guys with beards. We started to think that there is no app that you can use like that. Press the button, see who is around you and click on sombody and open chatbox. What comes next is just your decision.

So that some story behind it. After weeks or monhts we were decided which way it must go. Fast, Private, Safe for users. We managed to merge those three important issues and it's just developed into something we all knew and used but in modern form, with bunch of tools that keep users safe, and areas of privacy that no application today is even close.

What separates Shagger from apps you knew until now ?

PRIVACY - your privacy is our main focus

#1 - Your identity will be hidden until you decide to uncover

#2 - Only your age,sex and appx localization is shown to others

#3 - Anonymous registration - no email, social media or phone number ever needed.

SAFETY - your safety is our greatest challange

#1 - No data collection - no data to be collected

#2 - unrecoverable PIN to access app

#3 - shake device to delete history or even uninstall app

#4 - notify specified buddies about danger or unpleasant situations

MORE - we are still in process of developing more for you

#1 - no advertisments in any form forever

#2 - SnoozeMe - you can put your app to sleep as long as you wish

#3 - ad-hoc FREE ACCESS to application from IOS, Android or PC

#4 - download FOR FREE

#5 - no payments for additonal options, every new option added is for everyone

#6 - 1USD - via credit card per access for maxium 1 month for verification purposes. (warning: if you lose your PIN oraz uninstall application then you will have to be verified again also 1USD).

What we achived until now:

#1 - Application Mockups

#2 - UI and UX

#3 - Detailed Pitch Deck

#4 - Business plan

#5 - establish company

#6 - brand identity

#7 - cashflow

As mentioned before, we are looking to community to help us fundraise and we will be glad to give this project back to community.

In updates we will inform about stages of the project. When fundraising starts we will post updates about development.

As far as this is commercial project we feel obligated to write about costs of using app.

Cost itself is 1USD. The 1USD is the amount needed to cover costs of support and developement of application, marketing, disk space.

But most important - the 1USD paid is only way we can achive level of safety for users. This payment is for verification purposes. Each users in our app know that every other user paid in same way and has beed verified in that way. Therefore you can assume that there is no bots, minors, or simple troll persons. Even if they show up, we can close them down as each user will have unique number that in some cases we can connect when offense or misdemeanor occurs.

Kind regards




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Basketball player, Entrepreneur, nightshift manager

Basketball player, Entrepreneur, nightshift manager

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raised of $50,000.00 goal
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Raised offline: $5,000.00
Total: $5,000.00

No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities