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Updated (August 26, 2019)

Today, I was officially declared as a person with psychosocial disability.

Classification: Partial Permanent

Updated (August 03, 2019)

Good news cos I just got discharged yesterday! The road to full recovery is next.

Due to projected 45 days post medication, we have launched a replicate of the old campaign based from the amount we failed to raise for the fourth procedure to hopefully cover the upcoming expenses. All these four successive procedures have gone so financially draining on our end so we are knocking to your generous hearts to help me achieve that complete recovery status.

Please share the renewed link for the last stretch of this journey. Thank you for joining me in this battle.

You can still directly send your donations aside from this link thru:

Optian A:

PayPal account:

(Less charges)

Option B (Bank transfer or deposits)


Account Name: Ernest M.Gamilla

Account Number: 0546307735

East West Bank

Account Name: Susana M. Gamilla

Account Number: 200037332746

Option C (Cash Apps/Crypto Wallets)

and for convenient cash transfers in 711, you may choose from Coins.PH, G-Cash and PayMaya that are all aligned to my personal number: 09562075647.

Option D (Remittances

LBC, Western Union, MoneyGram and any remittance are welcome too. Details you might need are: Ernest Mamaril Gamilla/ Barandal, Calamba City, Laguna/ 09562075647.


Updated (July 29, 2019)

Tomorrow marks the 120th day of this campaign and as advised by PayPal that direct payment option will be lifted for this site, we replicated a fundraiser campaign to accumulate the needed amount for the cost of the fourth procedure and the projected 45 days post medication.


Updated (July 19, 2019)

It is with much delight to announce to the public that from today, I am free from having colon complications after all four necessary procedures I went through such as Colonoscopy, Computed tomographies (a.k.a virtual Colonoscopy), ExLap, Barium enema and the recent sigmoidoscopy.

Apart from the polyps being declared as benign and negative findings of bleeding that just needed complete bed rest, it was declared that the fourth procedure was already terminal (Thank God!).

I am hopeful that I get discharged soon after the in patient meds and hopefully can continue with my post medications at home and go back to work. Lastly, the needed maintenance will now only be virtual scanning which will now be bi-annual. Rest assured I will diligently submit to those until it is declared case closed. For now, I share my joy from being on a high risk situation down to a low risk status.


Updated (June 22, 2019)

It is a sad news that on the 120th day since confinement, I was once again scheduled for colorectal screening. Despite of my diligence to almost just stay in bed 24/7 without an active life style and being able to submit to a non-meat vegan diet, some bleeding still occur since June 8, 2019. I humbly ask for your prayers that there is nothing serious going on internally. The colorectal scanning will happen this 12th of July. An advised exploratory laperotomy might also be done if there are profuse bleeding found and if there are evident polyps that were found left causing them. However, I seriously hope that there will be none. I will also be undergoing barium enema, virtual colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy.

For more than four months hopping in RITM, UP PGH and Pasay General Hospital, it has gone financially draining on our end. With much hope to surpass this, I am once again exhausting all the possible voluntary help that I can get.


Updated (May 25, 2019)

I was discharged exactly this day and glad to inform everyone that all polyps that were extracted were found benign. The follow up exlap procedures also identified that there were no polyps found left. I am nothing but grateful with all the donations that came that covered most of the procedures done. However, if there are generous folks still out there who wishes to help me on my post medications that will still run for 60 days as projected.

- - - -

Updated (May 9, 2019)

I worked triple all year round to save up to undergo my anorectal surgery but I fell short. The amount stated in this campaign is exactly what I lacked when this campaign started. It was with no shame but will all bravery that I knocked to the public’s hearts that helped me almost complete the amount with the donations from friends and colleagues.

I was confined last February 14, 2019 and was found to have polyps in my colon. I needed to free myself from having colon complications if colonoscopy wasn’t done immediately last April 10, 2019. With much delight, the surgery went successful. However, the cost of the post medications and treatment after the surgery were beyond what I expected.

With my fear that if I failed to undergo the needed procedures, a lot of complications will soon bloom alongr with it. So I am once again knocking to the generous and kind hearts out there to please join me with my battle on May 19-22 2019. I will be undergoing an exploratory laperotomy.

I’ve been a registered patient of Research Institute of Tropical Medicine for 7 long years all by myself but as it blows up to this huge procedure this time, I am in need of help. Your peso will mean a lot to me. I still want to do more in this life and I will work quadruple in the next school year ahead to repay all your pledges if I need to because I know that’s a hard earned money too.



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  • Get well soon, Kuya Ness :)

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  • Stay strong! God bless

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  • God bless you

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  • mumsh, magpagaling ka ah. alagaan mo self mo. :) lovelots!

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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities