Recover the Lost Personal Savings of My Sister from Online Scam

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I decided to set up this crowd funder and create awareness on behalf of my sister who is a victim of a terrible online scam through cryptocurrency. She is still in shock at the moment after depleting her entire life savings and owe from her credit card bank after someone lured her to invest in fake Forex Exchange company. She did not ask me to do this funding for her but since she has been awesome to my kids and my family, I would like to help her as much as I can to recover financially through this way since me myself is also barely coping up financially as I was made redundant in my job due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The money that my sister lost is her hard-earned money which she started to save since she was working overseas in Thailand and planning to use this money to buy her own house. But since this has happened, her plan has been affected.

Few days back, she became very interested in cryptocurrency and very excited with the offer of a company introduced by her friend overseas. She opened an account there and tried it for 2 days investing USD500 on the first day and USD2000 the following day and she earned good amount of money from her investments. After that, she decided to put up all of her bank savings worth USD8000 believing that the entire thing was true. She traded those amount and when she reached a better profit, she decided to withdraw partly her investment back to her crypto wallet. But this time, the transaction has failed many times and she contacted the Customer Service of the fake company and she was told that she has reached the profit that required her to pay a profit tax in USD which is 20% of her earnings that is about USD 6500 for her to withdraw her money.

Since she already lost all her savings and even used the maximum limit of her credit card, she asked help from me if she could borrow and use my credit card to buy crypto currency so she can send it to FOREX trading site to process the release of her payment. She told me that she has to pay taxes to get her money which is a red flag for me so I checked the website and found that the company is a total scam. The website is just over a month old and the name is a copy of a legit Trading site.

Aside from her lost USD 8000, she also sent USD 2000 which is part of the tax to be paid as she was told that her initial investment of USD 8000 will be released if she will pay a small part of the profit tax. With her desire to get back her life savings, she made this another transaction which cost her an arm and leg.

After we found out that she got scammed, we contacted her crypto wallet provider if they can assist but sadly it is already our of their hands. The investment forex company is also not answering our calls and just telling us to send more money to complete the tax requirement which we will never do since we know that it is already a scam. We also called her banks but they said that it is also beyond their control and cannot do anything about it.

I am humbly asking for your help to support my sister in this difficult time of her life to recover some of her lost saving and start slowly as she is really devastated by this incident.

Thank you in advance.


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raised of $5,000.00 goal
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