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Blessed day to all!!!

I am JC Cabrera. I am sharing this story in the hopes of gathering financial support to help me and my bestfriend/partner/husband Ryan Crispo with our medical expenses. Ryan who is currently in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), had septic shock where his liver, kidney and cardiovascular system was greatly infected. On top of that he has on going pneumonia, sepsis and brain absces.

Ryan was diagnosed with Multiple Brain Absces and Pneumonia last Nov. 28, 2020. September of 2020, a month after his nephew passed away due to COVID 19, he started to have severe headache. Not realizing it was that life threatening, he was just taking in paracetamol and from time to time it alleviates the pain.

I rushed him to the ER last November 27, 2020 in Asian Hospital & Medical Center because for 2 weeks prior to that date, he was having a on/off fever, his eating was so irregular, his body weight was droping and just lying on bed most of the time.

After several tests, the doctors said that Ryan has Brain infection, Pneumonia and his immune system is deteriorating. High dosage of anti biotics was given to him hoping that the infection did not spread to other parts of his body and increase his immune system. He was able to recover somehow and we were discharge last Jan 14, 2021 and was continuing oral meds at home to completely irradicate the remaining absces in his brain which was already small at that time.

However, last Jan 22, 2021 Ryan was telling me that he still feels weak. From time to time we would visit his doctors and lab test left and right was done to monitor his other organs. During those times as well he had developed ulcer mostly because also of numerous meds that was given. Until last February 1, 2021, I rushed him back to ER because he was so weak and could not even stand on his own.

Again, several test was done to identify what was going on. One of the test showed that his sodium, potassium and chloride was so low. While the doctors was addressing it, his liver enzymes started to shoot up signifying that there is an on going infection. Another test showed as well that he had a CMV collitis viral infection that greatly affects his liver. While it is being taken care of, he suddenly had bleedings and manifested on his stool. He was then transferred to Telemetry for strict monitoring. He was continously bleeding for 6 hours and finally at 7am of Feb. 6, 2021 it stopped.

Doctors decided to bring him down to Cathlab to do a non invasive procedure which they called Messentric Angioplasty with possible embolization. Hoping that thru this procedure doctors will be able to see the source of the bleeding. Unfortunately, they did not see anything on his stomach and intestine area since the bleeding already stopped. During those times that he was bleeding, more than 10 bags of blood and more than 50 units of platelet was transfused since his Hemoglobin and platelet was dropping. After he was brought to Cathlab he was then transferred to ICU. Thank god, after one week he was transout and was transferred back to Telemetry where I was able to be with him again and take care of him.

Last tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021 he suddenly had difficulty breathing and his blood pressure dropped all of a sudden. Code blue alarm was raised for urgent response. Doctors had to insert tube on his lungs to help him breathe and to avoid the lungs from collapsing. Several test was done to find out what happened. And again up to this current date he is still in ICU.

It has been a roller coaster ride for the family because of Ryan’s condition. He has still pneumonia and brain absces, liver, and kidney are not in good condition thats why dialysis is being done too. The reason and joy of my happines which is Ryan is fighting for his life and so is the entire family. At 34 yrs. Old, Ryan is too young to be experiencing all these. He is such a good person.

While he is in the ICU. Medical expenses are piling up.

I humbly ask for your help to be able to support my husband with our hospital expenses. We are believing for God’s miracle in his life. We are fighting this battle together with Ryan and will do anything to give him a chance to live a longer and a healthy life so that he can still explore the world and spend time with his loved ones.

There is no donation too big or too small – any donation would go a long way to help with the expenses.

You may send directly to my bank account or to Ryan's bank account:

John Caster Cabrera

Union Bank (12 digit account) - 109420784710

Gcash - 09165968508

Ryan Crispo

BDO - 001520757849

Thank you for taking the time to read and for your generosity! Please include Ryan in your prayers that he will be a living testimony of God miracles. God bless you all!


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raised of ₱2,000,000.00 goal
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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities