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Last December 2020, my sister-in-law Mary Rose (Rose whom she is fondly known by many) got sick with fever, cough, and night chills. We thought at first that it was something viral or worst, she contacted COVID19. After several tests are done here in Meycauayan likewise, swab tests, all came out negative. Doctors couldn’t actually pinpoint her illness. She was given some medications to alleviate the pain and symptoms, but it only did little. After some time, she began to develop lumps starting from her arms and spreading in her legs and all parts of her body.

Come January, we decided to seek other doctor’s opinions. Several tests were made including those for the heart, lungs, and other vital organs yet none still verified the cause of her illness. Her health deteriorated rapidly to the point that she had difficulty in standing and breathing. This then urged me to bring her for confinement. Yet due to the pandemic, THREE hospitals refused us for admission. Good thing we sought help from my boss and we were transferred to Metropolitan Medical Center last March 21, 2021.

Doctors did some biopsy and the first result came out to be: SUBACUTE PANNICULITIS T CELL LYMPHOMA: A RARE FORM OF LYMPHOMA.

They advised us to prepare for series of chemotherapy.

Adding to this, fluids also have to be drained from her lungs immediately that caused her difficulty in breathing.

Tests also came out that she is also suspected to have Hepatitis B and treatment was urgently needed for her liver.

I am seeking your generous acts and hoping if you can help me raise funds for my brother's wife’s medical expenses. We are now around 100,000 in billing and still amounting each day.

I’m just an employed goldsmith and just making ends meet. My brother and her wife just got married last October 2019 and we are just starting our lives together when this happens.

You may send your help through this following channels:


ACCOUNT NAME: Arnaldo Duque

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6406-2308-62



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 09618069828



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 09174709979


EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE NUMBER: +63 9152338737

Thank you very much!



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May 03

Mary Rose Expired

Update posted by sarah duque at 12:34 pm

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Apr 15

the Battle

Update posted by sarah duque at 05:46 pm

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Apr 11

Maryrose is in her chemo treatment right now

Update posted by sarah duque at 07:24 am

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Mar 30

Maryrose condition getting worse

Update posted by sarah duque at 06:16 pm

Maryrose is in critical right now, from time to time she is experiencing seizures and sometimes doesn't recognize people around her like his husband (my brother), and even her younger sister. We are asking for your prayers and any amount you could share will be a great help.

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Donated So Far
Raised offline: $2,000.00
Total: $2,020.00

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