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Update posted by Tracy Dizon On Sep 22, 2018

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While in the middle of finishing my S/S 2019 Collection: Pinoy Pop Life and preproduction planning for the Fashion Week Brooklyn show on October 13, 2018. I wanted to write this update to keep you in the loop with my progress...

I would like to first of all thank everyone who had shared and supported me in this journey, despite the hard times. You all inspire me to work harder and push a little more of my 101%. I must admit that looking at the time table, I have so little time. But all I can do is (what PROJECT RUNWAY has told me from the start...) MAKE-IT-WORK!

BTS photos from my lovely intern, Aly... I am officially sharing one of my designs in this collection. My young and hip millennial #TiaraGirls staff describes this as "Filipiniana goes to Coachella"

My collection had evolved in the middle of the process, considering the time, the availability of indigenous and premium local materials, most especially. It had been tight. I really sincerely want to support our local materials but at the same time it is most challenging than those fancy silks and laces.

Working this collection made me value our own local materials... Because of its rarity. It's a gem.
I want to buy these beauties for my designs. Top Class Pinya Fabrics are gold mines!! These are 15K PHP for 2 panels! HUHU!! Heritage is expensive!

But despite the challenges... we are progressing and almost halfway to our collection. Don't worry (I tell myself) the other half is on it's way!! This collection is evolving by the day adding and removing designs.

Those that didn't make the final collection because it took a while to get proper permission to make designs for Girl Scouts of the Philippines and the old time favorite classic Chocnut!

But it's an interesting journey, enjoying the nostalgia of my genuine Filipino Memories and Nostalgia. That I genuinely hope would be a lovely celebration of our heritage. Me and my team are working very hard rain or shine... Withstanding the typhoons and storms literally and figuratively. One thing I can proudly say is I am a Filipina, a resilient and persevering Filipina who will have a great show again in that awesome Brooklyn Borough Hall on October 13, 2013. This is happening... all thanks to your support!

I had lovely visitors this week... my lovely University of the Philippines Center for International Studies Co-Faculty Ma'am Jina Umali and Ma'am Chim Zayas these amazing women are my family!! Always so supportive every step of the way. By the way, I love teaching despite my hectic schedules... I get to do it few times all thanks to these amazing mentors. Interestingly, I guest lecture for Japan Studies 100 and 101 focusing on the different influences of different cultures in Japan. Ever since, I have always loved and embraced different cultures. Thank you for the visit Ma'am Jina and Ma'am Chim!

We are so happy to share the great progress this week with our developments! Through our Page we have raised: ₱57,501 of our ₱250,000.00 goal. Moreover, offline, we have gathered ₱74,263.00 a promising total of ₱131,764.00! We are so near with our goal! We are hoping that we will get flights soon! So far that is the next major chunk of funding we are working for. To show you some sneakpeak... I am sharing some of the textures and colors and interesting details of this collection!

Full on Pinoy Pop Culture!

Can you guess what this is inspired with? It's one of the traditional "kakanin" = rice cakes from the Philippines called "Sapin-Sapin" it literally means Layer-Layer. This is one of my childhood favorites that my mom used to bring home as "Pasalubong" going home from work. I hope my mom can see this all happening in heaven. Remembering her with small bits of memories like this always bring me those simple lovely memories. I miss you dearly. If only you are here.

Those lovely memories of Bougainvillea Petals falling of the trees of summer afternoons... This is dedicated to one of my Manila Wear - Idol Designer Mr. Ken Samudio.
I always wanted those Ifugao Headpiece whenever I take a trip to Baguio... Well... I made one Tiara by Tracy Dizon version!
The hardcore Manila mode of transportation brings a lot of memories especially in the early years where I had to squeeze in PhP20 to get home!

Special Highlight of my Pinoy Pop Life Collection

The special highlight of this collection are my favorite Filipino Indigenous Group: Yakan. Since I was taking up BS Clothing Technology in UP Diliman, I was assigned to make an intensive research and report on their beautiful fabrics. I fell in love with them ever since. I always thought of their fabrics and traditional clothing to have such potential to be hip and fashionable for streetwear!
This is one of Christian Louboutin's "Manilacaba Bags" do you see the the same fabric I have in my collection?

Despite of what I've read online with different opinion about such collaboration with an international Fashion Brand like Christian Louboutin, for me personally, I am happy to see that our Filipino Culture and heritage is getting attention and only shows how amazing our culture is. I am so happy that I got this opportunity again to present my designs in Fashion Week Brooklyn...In a city as diverse as New York, it's so amazing to represent! I would like to think that I design with much cultural ethics and respect... More than the production of this collection, I took more months into researching about this every bit of my designs. I was so careful because I would like to make designs which also brings extra knowledge and appreciation. Cultural Appropriation is a very tricky issue. I hope we have more room to celebrate different cultures and no one has a monopoly who gets to own cultures. Because we all came from somewhere with different memories, experiences and traditions. It is sad that something as beautiful as culture and heritage cannot be used as inspiration to make something new for the new generation to appreciate. My Pinoy Pop Life Collection is my semi- autobiographical collation of my experience as a Filipino which I am translating in clothing, I am excited more than anything else... to share this to the world (I love to babble my thoughts and ideas)

Oh by the way... this is my bragging rights once again!! WOOT!! Second time winning in a Fashion Designer Competition!! Third place this time!! I have this hanged on my wall to always motivate me to work hard!! Yay!! Thank you Solis Magazin and Fashion Week Brooklyn for being super supportive and encouraging!

More updates soon! Very excited and thankful I get to do this again the second time!. Here is my last show last year in Fashion Week Brooklyn... I'm super proud of this!!

Tracy Dizon for Fashion Week Brooklyn Spring Summer 2018

BTS [Short]: Tracy Dizon for Fashion Week Brooklyn Spring Summer 2018

BTS [Full]: Tracy Dizon for Fashion Week Brooklyn Spring Summer 2018

See you in Brooklyn Borough Hall October 13, 2018!!

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Update posted by Tracy Dizon On Sep 14, 2018

Me and my team are so happy to keep you updated with every step of our journey to New York. New development comes rain or shine! Today, I finally received my Certificate of my 3rd Place Win in the Solis Magazine x Fashion Week Brooklyn Fashion Designer Competition! I hope I made you all proud and know that your support is greatly appreciated and of great help!

We also have updated and synchronized our online and offline raised funds. We have gathered PhP 106,500 (USD amount already converted) online and offline in total!

I want to share this good news to you all that we are almost halfway!! Isn't that amazing!! Thank you may this act of kindness create an endless ripple for everyone to share!

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Update posted by Tracy Dizon On Sep 13, 2018

We are floored with gratitude seeing your kind generous support both financial support and kind efforts to share our fundraising.

Shout out to our home-gurl TiaraGirl Maxene Magalona for generously sharing to her 2.1 Million Audience our Fundraising Efforts!! We are praying that our campaign would reach more angels out there who can help make this happen!!

In 2 days and we have reached 19% funded online! We will be adding our offline funding to keep you all updated! We have reached 47,500PhP!! Thank you so very much for this! We are utilizing all our your contribution in finishing the collection... Still waiting for possible airfare deals. Keeping our fingers crossed and hoping this will be a very succesful beautiful show FILIPINOS ARE GOING TO BE PROUD OF!! Thank you in joining us this amazing journey!!

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Update posted by Tracy Dizon On Sep 12, 2018

Great News! With the generous support I also gathered offline, I have officially listed and registered for a slot in Fashion Week Brooklyn! Tracy Dizon will be showing in on October 13, 2018. I will be updating more details as soon as I get a word from Fashion Week Brooklyn and Solis Magazine!

Next in line is securing a flight ticket to MNL-NYC NYC-MNL! Crossing fingers to find discounted rates or even partial sponsorship for airfare!

... and completing the collection is also in progress!

Thank you for the generous support you have given me in this. It is so amazing that in 2 days of our campaign we already gathered promising amount! Thank you so much for believing!

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