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Update posted by DIMITRIS ROMPOTIS On Nov 05, 2018

in the message below, I explain only a few things that is going on right now in my life. don t know if I live a life or a nightmare. my mom and my pets who I worry too much what s going to happen to them when soon I ll be homeless or really sick, keep me going on and nothing else.

there are so many people and souls out there worth saving and help, and believe me it s hard to know everything and everyone. after a lot of thought and believe me it was not easy I decide it to try something like this. there s no other option no alternative.

in case you decide you can help, you could at least spread the word to more and more people. and if someone can donate even 1 dol or 1 euro, in my account GR4701101230000012379868743, just say it through here so that everyone knows that has done it nad what s the progress, and if possible let me know via my mail that I post below too [email protected]

I can only rely on you telling just the truth. you can easily find me through my mail or the bank account I give, you can see easily that only part of the nightmare I live is described below.


i m dimitris, i live in greece, i m greek. living a time for desperation, made me search for possible ways asking for help.

after trying so many things, i decided this one, too.

i m 44 yo, unemployed for a long time. without the typical certificates, and qualifications it s difficult to prove that you are useful enough, an employer would not imagine. especially in my age.

living in the small house, -if only someone could call it that- that we rent i and my old enough mom.

she s got a sort of alzheimer. another problem that i have to face and don t know how is what to do if i have to be outside of home.

i have 2 sisters, living in other cities, with their families. they re doing fine. my relationship with them is something like if you can remind how it was the relationship betwwen hilary swank and her family in the 'million dollar baby'.


i m a living dead person. can t get out of home since there is no money. i m like imprisoned.

i can t ask anyone or a woman to accompany me if i can t buy my own coffee at least. even more to have a relationship or so.

with problems and only that.

it s a point i can t hold on much more.

i need a small surgery, and to take care of small health problems i can t. for the surgery i have to perform 2 mri s. since i have no insurance i can t. 1 of them is possible to be made at the public hospital and only after months. the other 1 can t be performed there. they just don t. the doctor is not talking to me anymore. he can t understand and he thinks i m crazy that i haven t done the surgery yet.

in addition dental issues appeared. its an indication of my health of course. i suffer and i can t deal with it. and it needs treatment or i ll lose all my teeth. that sounds funny but in the mean time I suffer. some may know that problem.

with the small pention salary of my mom and 200 euros i take from the state we have to pass every month.

the electricity bills are growning and growning. we have no heat at home so we use devices that use too much electricity power. it s a hell that home. too hot at summer too cold in winter.

i have a settlement made with them and we pay every month but new bills come always.

so anyway,

when we get our monthly money, we pay our bills, rent electricity phone water etc etc. other obligations, we buy a few things from super market and what reamins some meat to pass our month.

oh i forgot to say i have 3 cats. i have a 9 yo old cat, and 2 more that i found the last 2 years at the streets. newborns that were crying. it was impossible to let them die there. and no one adopts, at least here anymore.

i need to make the 2 annual vaccines for them. and the little one needs a sterilisation next month.

money i can t afford.

and for this month we had no money spared for some meat and groceries.

right now as almost every month, i don t have a ticket for the local bus.

i m in pain, desperate and don t know what to do.

anyway, i d like to ask money for help.

i believe with about 500 euros we could manage some problems and take a breathe.

not the health issues but ok.

the needs are much much more but that s ok. we can t move from this house it costs a lot for example.

i could explain every possible action i ve made so far to find a job or help the situation but not publicly. i tried hard to leave this country it s a nightmare to live here. you have to be insensitive, so beautiful and so hard to live here.

my life would made a perfect best seller book, fully emotional and i mean it.

i aslo have an idea for a web site that i believe if it succeeds could bring a lot of money I wish I could write a book.

I have an idea for years of making I web site that I believe could go really well. if someone is interested please let me know. it s not another idea. whatever I say I mean it. but i don t have the knowledge to design it, the legal help to ensure it, and the ideas for the design and use, but i know that it has to run worldwide.

i write my account in case someone could and want to help.

please if you do, don t write for charity reasons. but do write your name and the amount, in case that i trully doubt in the future could find the money change my life and be able to pay everyone back. and so that everyone else here would know that money have gathered and how much so far.

it s the national bank of greece

the iban is



it s easy to find everything about me through my mail and the bank account I suppose.

YES have a facebook account

it won t be hard to find /just a letter in my last name is different. in here it s the name as it appears in my passport in facebook just a letter changes, b instead of p. but it s the same thing anyway.

my mail is [email protected]

who knows maybe someone will see this, maybe some people could help

god bless everyone, help the people and souls in need

thank you all for you understanding

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