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If you are coming from reddit no need to read

Good Morning fellow Redditors,

This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, I come to you as a desperate father and husband.

I don't really know how to start or what to say so apologies beforehand if this feels a little to much of a ramble. Let me start with a little bio

For security reasons I cant post pictures of my family or myself as the governmet might accuse us of funding what they call "Terrorism organizations"

I'm 32 years old male engeniring major married to a 28 years old female we have a 5 year old boy, we are born and rise and currently living in Nicaragua, for those of you who may not know, Nicaragua is currently beign ruled by a dictator and his family the Ortega-Murillo regime. I'm not gonna get to political but a big reason as to why my family is in our current situation is due to the socio-political situation the country is in.

I'm currently working for a BPO and have (For the country standards) a good salary, a salry I could live and provide for my family however that is not currently the case. 7 Years ago when I got married my wife and I decided to ove out from our parents and have a place for our own. At the time I was reluctant as I was still paying for my car i owed almost $2,700 if I recall correctly, and after that everything went down hill see when we got married my wife was still studying, and I just was not able to pay for rent, shcool, groceries etc etc etc etc so I started accumulating debt left and right along came my baby boy and debt started accumulating and then my car started to give problems and well just ... life happened I guess you could say. so now let me try and provide as much information as possible to m current situation.

I owe about $20,000 from different loan sharks and loan companies, broken down like this

$9,500 - Gallbladder surgery/car accident broken thumb

By Nicaraguan law all employees must be enrolled in a goberment ruled insurance/hospital unfortunatly when I needed the surgery (It was an emergency) was in a period were I had no job so I had no insurance, had to pay out of pocket, my wife also had the surgery and she is a freelancer so she has no insurance what so ever.

$5,000 - Debt accured from rent, groceries, school, paying other smaller loans.

As I mentioned when I got married I tried muy best but I just coulndt carry the burden all by myself I just was not making enough money back then so I had to use credit cards/loans to support my family.

$1,200 - School tuiton.

My son goes to a private school, in Nicargua even though there is public education and public schools all of them are just goverment brain washing institutions were all that kids learn is how good the goverment is and why we should not have a mind of our own and just trust the Ortega-Murillo family, I was not going to allow my son to be treated that way, unfortunatly with everything that happened back on April 2018 I was not able to ake ends meet and for most of the year I was not able to pay for my sons school.

$3,200 - Car expenses

My car needed a ECU replacement those things are expensive, also very recently a taxi driver hit us pretty hard and even though his insurance paid for most of the damages there was a proble with the car's stearing that they did not covered. I can't sell my car since is the collateral for one of the loans.

$1,000 - Latepayment fees

I ahve not ben able to make the payments on time for a really long time so now I have accured a lot of late fees.

Now that you know what and or how I got into this mess, here is some more info, up until April 2018 I was actually able to make the payments I had most of the debt taken care of as in I was making the payments and mostly not needing to borrow more money we moved back into my inlaws so we dont have to pay for rent, at a point we even were able to help with groceries (Not anymore I feel like a fucking parasite) but then the Ortega regime decided to introduced a new tax reform which would make employeers and employees pay more taxes... so the social revolt started and well you can read a lot about that. And just fyi weather you approve or not the way us Nicarguans are dealing with the situation the fact of the matter is that there iis thousands of families that were affected economically, emotionally and in every possible way because of the Ortega regime there is just no doubt about that. Moving forward, before that in order to have multiple sources of income my wife had the idea of having a sall dairy shop ran from our house and it was doing ok but we had to shut it down when everything started on 2018 it was just not safe for us to go to the farmers market to get the products people were literrally getting shot for beign at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also my wife is a dentist and she went from having 10-15 appointments a week to having 1-5. That's when everything started going having the tax reform plus our dairy business shut down and my wife practicaly not having patients I just couldnt provide for my family I started borrowing again and well I shoed you the numbers. In case you are wondering yes all of my salary goes in full to pay for the debts each and every single penny.

My parents every now and then help us out with groceries clothing and my in laws well they dont charge us anything for living there and also feeding us. I honestly feel that if I didn't owe that much money or if I had lower monthly fees I would be able to make the payments and at least help my inlaws with groceries and the light/water/gas bills and save to eventually move out one day. So I actually want to ask you guys to consider this as a loan from you to me.

Each and every single person who would like to help me and my family beleive me when I tell you I can pay you,

it can take me 7-10 years but I will pay you back I know I can I can give out $150 monthly on payments to pay back the "Reddit Loan" so yeah it's gonna take me a long time but I can do it. I can pay you back provide and deal with what's to come.

I know that there are always unexpected expenses or even ones you are expecting, for example my car needs new tires I can't afford them not because I don't make enough money but because all of my money is for debt payment if I didnt have to pay all of this loans I can save or buy tires one at a time and then get them installed.

So that's what I need I need your help to pay all the financial institutes and loans sharks I owe money to, so that I can live my life as a responsible father and husband.

The burden I feel right now has made me do desperate thing as considering suicide, but then that doesnt solve anything and in fact it would leave my family even in a worst position, I'm so desperaded that it took me about 5 days to write this. And quite honestly this is it I have no more options left I've tried everything I could, I tried getting a second job but as companies are laying people off and no one hiring that has been futile, I had a small business which I had to shut down for security purposes, I have reduced cost as much as possible, I don't buy anithing literrally I can't even remember when was the last time I bought something that

wasn't gas or food.

So here I am I'm just a guy in front of redditors asking them to help us. (I love movies... have not gone to a

theathre in about 2 years tho)

I know some of you may want to help out but might not have the money, a simple share on social media would be

greatly appreciated

*All funds over $20,000 will be reimburst immediatly*

TL:DR I owe $20,000 and can no longer make ends meet, I do have a job but but I don't make enough. Regardless of how long it takes I will pay back those who request I do so.


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