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We want to start with the WHY...

  1. Filipinos are world-class. With the right training and exposure, we nurture God-given talents and showcase them among the most advanced nations.
  2. We would like to set an example for aspiring and financially-challenged athletes to keep chasing their dreams, no matter how difficult the situation is. Keep training, keep pushing, and keep praying.
  3. By representing the country, our nation's spirit will be at work. We can show that Filipinos can thrive, even if the odds are not in our favor.

At one point, we were about to give up and switch to different career paths. Then, we thought of our families and friends who made this humbling, meaningful, and heartwarming journey possible.

If you have 5 to 7 minutes, I encourage you to read our story.

With a little support, you help us overcome the biggest hurdles as we spend our time and energy elevating the local sport.


I am Willord. I left my desk job last year to fully support Joyce, a world-class powerlifting athlete. With Kiks Retardo’s programming intellect, we try to make the most out of every opportunity we can get.

With years of consistent high-quality training, Joyce climbed the ladder to become the #1 ranked powerlifter in the country and the region. She won multiple Best Lifter Awards after dominating the 2021 Asian Classic & Equipped Powerlifting Championships.


Equipped Powerlifting is one of the most physically demanding sports around. This sport arguably entails higher risks by putting the athlete's body under heavy barbell loads during training and competition.

Powerlifting is not as recognized compared to mainstream and Olympic sports in the Philippines. Unlike others, athletes of Joyce’s typically do not have any discount privileges, retirement benefits, monetary allowance, or guaranteed financial incentives in performing the duties of any athlete who fights for the flag. We also do not have connections to private companies to sponsor our campaigns.

In other words, we operate with genuine passion. At times, we feel that the risks we take and the loss of opportunity cost from regular training outweigh all the benefits.


The World Games (TWG) happens only every four years. It is the pinnacle competition of Equipped Powerlifting. This year, TWG is taking place in July in Birmingham, United States. The participating nations are:

  • Austria (1)
  • Brazil (7)
  • Canada (1)
  • Chinese Taipei (5)
  • Costa Rica (1)
  • Denmark (2)
  • Ecuador (6)
  • Egypt (1)
  • Finland (1)
  • France (3)
  • Germany (2)
  • Great Britain (2)
  • Iceland (1)
  • Italy (3)
  • Japan (3)
  • Kazakhstan (1)
  • Netherlands (2)
  • Norway (8)
  • Philippines (1) - YES!
  • Poland (6)
  • Puerto Rico (1)
  • Russia (13)
  • Slovakia (1)
  • South Africa (1)
  • Sweden (1)
  • Ukraine (11)
  • United States (4)
  • Virgin Islands (7)


After Joyce's 3rd place win at the World Classic Powerlifting Championships in October 2021, we went home and trained for the only qualifying international competition for the World Games: Open Powerlifting Championships. Unfortunately, we missed the November 2021 competition due to 'lack' of funds.

We waited for the next opportunity.

After a few weeks, we found that an Asian Equipped Powerlifting Championship will happen in December 2021. This year-end competition awarded a wildcard spot per gender for the lifters who win by highest GL Points (a calculation for the best pound-for-pound lifter).

We faced many obstacles joining this competition. In addition to the physical challenges of the preparation, we were extremely stretched by the financial requirements. We sold hair products, coffee, and other stuff in an effort to make ends meet.

We also requested financial assistance from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC). Since the said competition recently got announced, our request got denied due to problems with the lead time. :(

It was indeed a discouraging time. We carried on with training, we did not give up and we prayed hard.

Eventually, our prayers got answered. A small circle of friends helped make the trip possible. With our life savings gone, and bank loans, we can now leave the country to compete.

On December 25, 2021, in Turkey, History was made. Even though we missed Christmas and New Year's eve with our families, the sacrifice was worth it.

An all-time best performance earned Joyce the best lifter and the lucrative World Games spot! She is the only Filipino powerlifter to earn the slot in Alabama. It’s like qualifying for World Cup!

We ended the Asian Championships campaign with ten medals: mission accomplished.

Joyce's performance marked all-time records for the Squat (240kg/528lbs) and Total (567.5kg/1248.5lbs), which no Filipina in history has ever lifted.

Would you believe that 100% of her powerlifting equipment was donated? It took years for us to source them by talking to these individuals:

- Eddie Torres for the suit slip-on, THP wraps, and deadlift suit

- Clark, Eddie’s son for the Bench shirt

- Coach Aaron Dela Cruz for the squat suit

- Jandy Castillo for the training wraps

- Coach Allan Paje for the wrapping technique

- SBD Apparel for the singlet, belt, and wrist wraps

- for the straps and Deadlift Jack

Now, we can finally focus on the next battle.

But not so fast...

When we got back to the Philippines, it was unfortunate that the Senate did not approve the PSC-proposed budget allocated for the World Games. Furthermore, TWG-qualified athletes were advised to find private sponsors instead.

I cannot describe how disheartening it was when we heard this on TV. For us, we cannot let our supporters down, and we cannot simply give up at this point because of financial obstacles.

With time not on our side, we are committed to doing whatever we can, and we have to secure a US visa on time and book the necessary flights.


We believe that we can do it. We will train for this rare experience because our hearts are in the right place, and God will lead us the way.

We hope that someday, a kind-hearted individual or group can change the story for powerlifters in the country. For now, we aim for Powerlifting’s higher recognition by participating at the highest level of the sport.

We do not ask for special treatment from the people above us. We want to make this a sustainable career for athletes in a similar situation.

This is our quest for success, and together with your helping hands, we will empower and lift each other. For now, inspiration is Joyce’s biggest contribution to Filipino Powerlifting.

May our story help you keep pursuing whatever dreams that you have - to never lose hope and never give up.

We will always be grateful for your support. Thank you!

Please click DONATE NOW to support via PayPal. To those who want to know more, I prepared Joyce's athlete profile and citations:

Full athlete profile:


If supporting via GoGetFunding is not possible, you may send your support through the following:


Joyce Gail Reboton 09399154511

Willord Capulong 09175900692


BPI Savings Account (Angeles-Balibago Branch)

Account Name: Willord Talicol Capulong

The fees that we need to cover:

Accommodation Fees to be paid for to the host University of Alabama, Admin Fee for the organizer, and anti-doping fee to WADA: 67,000 PHP

Two (2) Economy Airfare tickets to the airlines for the Lifter and Coach plus two (2) Travel Insurance: 170,000 PHP

Two (2) Visa Fees to the U.S. Embassy for the Lifter and Coach: 16,640 PHP

TOTAL: 253,640 PHP

Whatever happens, we dedicate all these endeavors to our countrymen who stay strong during tough times. We will not earn anything from this endeavor, only experience and the honor of competing for the Filipino. If we fail to make it to Alabama, we will find the next opportunity, maybe after 4 more years (if she qualifies). Again, thank you for your time.

Stay caffeinated & motivated,

Will & Joyce


Never STOP learning.

Never STOP learning.


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