My Dream of Traveling to Europe

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My Dream of Traveling to Europe!

About me!

Hi there! My name is Raj, I’m 21 years old from Agra, India. I’m a college graduate. I’m also a freelance screenwriter on Fiverr. I have started this fundraiser just to fulfill my dream of traveling to Europe.

Why do I want to travel to Europe?

Europe is my dream destination. I have watched so many vlogs of Europe on YouTube since then Europe has become my dream trip. I really want to go there and want to feel what it feels like when someone visits their dream destination. I don’t have enough funds to pay for all the expenses for this trip.

I’m a person who loves World History and Geopolitics a lot. I have read a lot about European history and about its many prominent philosophers, like Socrates, Aristotle, Machiavelli, John Locke and a lot more. Maybe this interest of mine could be because, we were a colony of European nations and culturally we would be seeing it as the epitome of great human development, but maybe it is just that. Europe had really been the center of expansion for art, culture and lifestyle in the postmodern era. It is really the place to see the great works of the artists, writers and scientists we have heard about. So it’s not just a travel of new experience, I have come to realize when I make my dream travel to Europe, it’s going to be a realization of cultural roots I have been growing up with. Apart from this perspective, I really want to see some of the beautiful places in Europe like Santorini Island, Eiffel tower, Davos in Switzerland, Munich, London, Madrid and a lot more!

What I can give you?

I will buy some beautiful products during my trip to Europe and I will send them as a gift to some of my backers and donors. Also I will keep updating you all about my trip through my social media handles.

Make a dedicated Vlog!

I will make a dedicated vlog to thank all my backers and donors and upload it on my YouTube Channel.

Vlogger Life!

I really want to be a vlogger, so this could be a good beginning of my Vlogging career. So please please support me!

Please Donate!

These are the reasons why I want to travel to Europe. So please help me by donating or sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family.

Connect Personally!

You can get connected to me personally to know more about me and my dream just by sending me a message through this fundraiser. I will reply to your message through an E-mail as soon as possible.

Thank you so much!


An European Gift

I will buy some special products during my trip to Europe and gift them to my beloved donors and backers. Thank you so much!



Screenwriter! #livebeforeidie

Screenwriter! #livebeforeidie


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