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I'm glad to introduce my research on music.

And the story has began a long time ago.

So, the point of this kickstarter is to support me and increase the spread of information to notify the public.

Honestly, what I have won't stow into a book. The incredible amount of events and accumulated knowledge have led me here.

I am not in possession of a professor's credentials or any papers proving an academic degree. A few years ago I applied for the Nobel Peace Prize, explaining that music had the potential to create a new level of consciousness and awareness in the society. I explained things in even more sophisticated terms to give evidence of a matrix system arrangement.

And here and now, I am sharing the most important thing:

in my worldview - that will encourage the life of the human soul to evolve more intensely.

Music is the most amazing and simple key to knowledge of the world.

I have no pretensions to be wise, and rant is unnecessary - although I can. It is as simple as pouring water from a glass into a glass, what is exactly I am doing now taking you away from the essence of all these words, which are almost irrelevant although they have part of the meaning too. Maybe someone is smiling at this chatter with words written, and if they aren't yet, now it is the time. That's right, now it is the time. Now.

I'm interested in writing a whole Book and revealing what I've found and how I lived in as many details as possible . Only, for now, the moment has not come for this Balancing. I have other tasks for which now it is the best possible time. After this message-announcement perhaps things to do will be added to my great delight. And I will continue to follow my dream.

Music is the world art that exits in the culture of different languages, peoples, lifestyles, musical instruments, tonality.

Each language has its own way of transmitting information, and a musical instrument can uniquely contribute with that language, that will allow you to delve into the life of other people, or to adopt their culture.

Music, contains a lot of information, and nowadays it is very easy to enjoy sounds of melodies - Just press a button. That's all, if to be short, very short, so as not to get away from the point of the narration. And maybe now you'll smile.

The moment of truth is going on- most greatest discoveries a simplest!

To expand one's brain activity and to activate the different centers of the brain, to increase awareness and consciousness - it is enough to listen to music. What kind of music there is no difference here, it is all individual. The main thing to emphasize according to this axiom is: listen at least quarter of hour to a new audio series a day; change the style of music; language - even if you do not know this language; listen to new sounds and instruments.

Further, the essence is - when we start touching something new - the Mind creates a protection field and by that a listener can reject the information received - for example, because of the pipe which may seem too squeaky or quite unusual at first perception of something quite new. And the Mind will manifest itself quite ordinary - through aggression or block against a new language, tonality, new sounds!

New sounds create sparks in the brain, thereby expanding the properties of the brain, like new convolutions, which allow the worldview to broaden, also increasing imagination and cognition of information many times.

Let's look at such a precedent.

You are sitting in your own castle - ten generations ago! And you have ten musicians for the entire Kingdom, they play you music from 15 to 40 minutes a day, maybe a couple of hours, and entertain you. Your consciousness expands thanks to new musical twists and turns which the musicians delight you with, and you also manage to get away from the flow of thoughts. Exhale. Gain a burst of energy that the musicians gave you - through a sad motif or joyful chants about "Mysteries" of Life. And one day in your kingdom another king arrives with a different entourage of musicians, completely unfamiliar instruments, and everything looks different, unaccustomed and even ... the judgment of the art that you are given is not to your liking. You can resist at that moment because everything is unfamiliar, you start judging through the prism of the Mind completely absorbed by aversion and not processing information - and when the process of judgment makes your mind be engaged in non-acceptance and rejection the feeling of present is lost and only scraps of information which are familiar to you reach your Brain, all the rest the Mind does not have time to work over.

When you listen to the song about a broken glass you remember that you have broken your favourite mug which you have been drinking from for some years. The wave of thoughts covers you. You feel upset because the mug was a gift from someone close and the time being disappears for you. And you are so caught by memories that you even stop breathing. At this moment you can't already understand that the main point is not the mug itself at all but a flow of thoughts guided by different associations.

Music is an indispensable part of transmitting information for expansion of consciousness. That is All About One Thing - "'Riddles' of Life".

With what is transmitted through my consciousness now, at the same time I prove and share - through music we are able to develop our consciousness and awareness of every soul. We do it through amplification of the brain with help of musical waves.

The First steps can be almost invisible, as dropping droplet in empty bottle - is already something and still nothing. I prefer to left explaintion behind the words - their borders or thier limits,- what door will be opened. Every one can to recognize and make new discover for them self only - words or explaining losing any power.

Especially effective it can be for younger generation, if they are given the direction to develop on their own. Direct listening to music at schools is the most important thing. It should be done every day. Every day! At least .... Besides I am already working with several private schools - and I am in the process of creating a music class program.

I wish to go international with my project, and money is part of that goal.

And to make all the information clear, for everybody...

I Believe this appeal is for an older audience. Although the idea itself and what I'm up to apply is to the growing generation and beyond as well.

When I am heard through these words, the necessary work for today will already have been done - giving great Wisdom through music.

A few words about my person:

It doesn't fit in to define myself here in any way and to individuate myself.

When I am heard I will continue to do, what I'm doing for now. And I will share more information - what can be good to do for our Life to be blissful and happy.

There will be much more information about music and music instruments.

The most basic things I have shared, in all the rest it remains for me to be myself with your support.

All I Wish is that while living our Life we could be happy in heart. I am a happy person, and it is much more pleasant to live life among happy souls.

Individual happiness is important - from the individual to the common, from the common to the individual.

I have gifts, they are musical - records of different musicians' improvisations. They need a bit of revision and it will be done very soon. Besides I'll impart incredible real stories, my adventures in Life. It will be a bonus to the bonus.

I believe that musicians and originative souls all over the world will support me, both in word and deed, and coin, and ...

In my vision and beliefs that is only one of the ways that creates worldwide being in non political discussion what peace means.

I would like to lead the movement of musicians all over the world- to show the beauty.

My idea and its continuation are fully formed and ready for realization. I have already provided ready material for having attention. There's much wise information about frequency and vibration transmitted, channeling by the music. I will offer it in following stages.

Last century we made many great discoveries with new progress and technologies - with all "UP's & DOWN's".

And music was truly helpful - to empty mind for receiving new information and allaying all Doubts and thoughts.

And that is one of the reasons to make life Better and better - what I'm doing Now.

On my page of Facebook there is different information about my person and my worldview -

Some of secrets I kept and will not open them at all - that will be interesting to discover them by self - Enjoy! Enjoy your discoveries!

The biggest secret that lurks in our Life is not a secret at all! To feel it by the Heart is something under and beyond the words.

This is the continuation of the beginning or the beginning with the continuation - change the music.

Thank you for your attention!



Record's from live expression by different artists

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