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Update posted by Denis Kan On Jan 14, 2020

Dear all supporters,

I will be flying back to Msia soon! (like end of the month)

I have completed all my coursework requirement and will be finishing my thesis in the next few months. Hopefully it will be approved by April 2020 and I can successfully graduate by May.

Praise to God and thanks you all for your donations, supports, and prayers, without which I cannot complete this journey.

(This will be the last update i'm posting here, if you wish to keep in touch with me, add me on facebook!)

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Update posted by Denis Kan On Aug 23, 2018

Dear all,

With profound gratefulness, I have landed in New York two nights ago.

Although jet lag starts to kick in, but all is well. A pastor family host me for these few days, very kind and welcoming, lovely people. Attached picture was taken this morning, when the pastor hosting me showing me area around my school. He showed me how to move around from subways, reading maps, dos and don'ts in NY.May God continue to use them to bless even more people who come across their lives.

Meanwhile, tomorrow will start orientation. Then will continue to hunt for room. Already in contact to view the room this Friday, hopefully all is well and I can move there by Saturday. Class most likely beginning next Monday.

Again, thanks you all for your kind support! And THIS IS NOT FINAL UPDATE!

I shall work hard (very hard) and update my student life here.

Also, you may add me on facebook.

Wish you all a great day ahead!

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Update posted by Denis Kan On Jul 19, 2018

Dear all, I am excited to tell you that my VISA application is approved, and I already got it nicely in my passport yesterday! It was a thrill moment on Monday morning, as I step before the embassy officer's service counter. That few minutes was like forever. But, thank God, when the officer returned all the documents and told me, "congratulation, your VISA is approved, you may collect it in 1-2 days."

Also, flight booked! I will be flying on August 19th, 22:50pm, eta JFK at 23:10 August 20th. It will be a long flight, also my first flight beyond Asia. I will have orientation on 22nd August, and first class on 27th August. Next up: accommodation.

Thanks for all your support and prayer, especially my MCKL colleagues in giving advice for VISA application and flight booking.

Please continue to check here every now and then for more update!

(Also, my new facebook: Denis Kan)

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Update posted by Denis Kan On Jul 03, 2018


My heartfelt thanks to all who support this campaign through chipping in or sharing on your social media! The first week of this campaign received about 160 USD through gogetfunding and another 750 MYR offline (about 180 USD) = approximately 340 USD. I should not mention any names here as many of you choose to do it anonymously, but do know I really really really very very very grateful of your kindness.

Please continue to support this campaign, if possible leave a little message sharing who I am to you or explaining why you choose to support this campaign, whether through on this campaign or sharing on your social media. That will increase authenticity of this project.

Also, I just received my I-20 from university, basically it is a statement from university verifying that I'm accepted to study the program in their university. It is an important document I need to kick start VISA application. Hopefully the application will go through successfully and I will receive the VISA soon.

Again, thanks for all your support through prayer, donation and sharing through your fb.
I will update every now and then the progress of this journey.

Till then, take care and good day! ^^

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Update posted by Denis Kan On Jun 22, 2018

Dear all, this is the same campaign as the old one.

What happened was that a campaign only allowed to use paypal as payment method for first 120 days of the campaign. I was alerted by my student about this only just now. Therefore I have to set up a new page (here).

The amount raised offline included amount carried forward from previous campaign, minus all expenses used for application process and deposit for MA Mathematics at Katz School.

Below is previous update carried from previous campaign, you may skip the following if you already read it.

Dear all, just to clarify as well as follow up on previous update.

Toward the end of 2017, I have update here that ANU plan was a no go, as the fund raised was insufficient to carry on next journey. As the offer was already deferred once, it cannot be further deferred and I have to let go the offer.

Earlier this year, I have applied for several universities in the states, all with potential assistantship to cover tuition and living cost. Early in May 2018 (last month!), I got offer from Yeshiva University (YU) for Master of Arts in Mathematics.

As of this point, I have secure about 12k USD to cover tuition fee through friendly loan.
So financially I still need about 17k USD for tuition and university fees, plus 12k USD living cost.
The living cost is what I hope to raise here through this campaign, as US student VISA doesn't allow student to work outside campus.

Apart from finance, I am waiting for I-20 from Yu so that I can apply for student VISA. Hopefully I will receive it soon and proceed with VISA application.

If all works well, I will be flying in mid-August.
Hopefully... I'll be student again soon.

That's all for now, feel free to contact me for more detail!
Thanks for reading, praying, donating, sharing, etc...

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Cheering you on, Mr Denis!:)

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