Mandible Ameloblastoma Surgery for Teacher Marynel

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Greetings of Love & Abundance to all of you for visiting this post amd taking time to read this lengthy medical details and most of all thank you in advance for sharing your blessings to this fundraising campaign for the much needed funds for the Ameloblastoma surgery of my sister Marynel Colongon- Mendoza.

I am Mary Jane Colongon, the elder sister of Marynel. I am the one facilitating all her urgent medical needs and consolidating all the financial supports that I can garner, family included.

My sister is staying in Ayungon Negros Oriental, and teaching in one of the remote area called Sitio Mabato. It is about 2 hours drive from our town.

The Town Ayungon itself is about 2 hours drive from Dumaguete City Negros Oriental.. ( Region 7 )

In our Province, facilities and specialist for her condition is not available that is why her condition was not closely monitored.

Allow me to give a little historical background of her condition and how it had deteriorated to current date.

It was in year 2014 that a small growth of cyst was detected in her left side gums. She was experiencing some discomfort then - excruciating pain with on and off poking sensation. So, she visited a dentist but was subsequently, advised to go to Cebu City to undergo Dental Xray or CT Scan & Biopsy.

She did her Dental Xray and Biopsy, and aspirate the water that is present in that cyst.

Results or findings was

" Acinic Carcinoma" she was briefed of this condition and required to undergo surgery and then a possible chemotheraphy. And this would involved a big sum of Money.

With these sort of Doctor's findings plus the big sum of Money needed, she had second thought and decided not to go for any surgery.

I, being her elder (and only sister), a confidant, spiritual adviser, financial provider, a mother ( hence, the 2 of us are orphans since age of 6 & 7) i told my sister to hold on and we just do the holistic approach.

For the span of 5 years, she has been consuming organic supplements.To me, I dont care even if we become poorer and poorer each day spending to boast her health and most of all add years to her life.

These are what she consumed on a regular routine:

TURMERIC for anti inflammation, WHEATGRASS for the cancer cells not to be active, guyabano tea, USANA supplements, Malunggay Life Oil, C24/7, and to ease the pain i provided her the CLOVE Oil drops, TEA Tree Oil , and Cumin.

Her Detoxification process includes baking soda, or anything i can provide to cleanse her colon.

She has to maintain a good oral hygiene such as dental flossing, and gargles with bactidol,alternate with seasalt, baking soda and apple cider vinegar. She does Oil pulling too for toxin clearing.

So far, with all the aforesaid costly regimen it helps her daily routine normal and it suppressed the growth of the tumor.

Infact, if you look at her, she looks healthy, it is only her Lower Jaw that is in very bad condition already.

It was in August 2019 this year during their School District activities that the severe bleeding started.

She can smell herself with a foul odor from the blood and puss that is continously flowing from the hole of her tumor. She was worried and alarmed that she may have swallowed of certain fatal toxic blood/puss.

So, i decided to have her fly to Manila and to undergo immediate screening of her condition.

Here in Manila, i rely to internet searching for the right Clinic.Thank Goodness, I found this Xaviertooth in facebook, so I booked immediately for a check up.

We are fotunate that we came to this Xaviertooth Clinic, as one of the owner is also affeliated to the Lung Center Dental Dept. We were referred to the group of dental surgeons at the Lung Center, Manila Philippines.

My sister undergo series of medical test,CT scan ( @ I-SCAN clinic) & biopsy done @ the Lung Center Philippines as cheaper there. She undergo a minor incision in her tumor, aspirate the blood and puss as well.

After gather all the medical laboratory result- final diagnosis came.

At first, by just looking at her CT Scan it was suspected as fibrous Dysplasia but after the contrast screening it is concluded as " Ameloblastoma" - Benign type but aggresive one, It metastasize almost 68% of her jaw.. We, were ask to prepare a sum of Php 795,000.-800,000.** Conservatively anticipating her denture implants after 2 years. Hence, her speech will be affected,sadly,it is needed in her career.But then again, we would like to believe that God gace this trials for us for his own purpose.We seek his blessings to protect my sister's successful surgery and the recovery process.

She is required go for immediate surgery once the needed funds are available. The surgery will take 14-16 hours removing the entire lower jaw, then all the reconstructive implant works. The doctors will use her own leg fibula bones, harvest also maxilla viens to reconstruct her jaw bones & face skin for her whole facial reconstructures.

All the 12 good teeth will be removed and can only do the denture implants after 2 years by then her reconstructive gums will be fully healed with God's Blessings.

Attached herewith are a the relevant references for your reading & pleasure.

For those of you who have extra blessings, please spare us some help, your little amount means alot, we humbly seek your kind financial assistance as our family are financial capacity is not enough as we face this challenging phase with the member of our family to sustain the expenses for the surgery plus we all have our own family responsibility take care.

This will be my very first time seeking help from elsewhere.But me & my family will forever be grateful & cherish all of you who took time & exerts effort by extending to us your kind financial assistance.

May the Good Lord Bless you More in abundance 3x3. More Power.



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