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Update posted by Joanna Portillo On Feb 18, 2020

Good morning, all! We got the green light for Mama to be discharged today. #GodIsGood. Whether you liked, shared or commented on our posts... Whether you donated or sent messages or visited... We are infinitely grateful for your love and support.

For the next two weeks or so, Mama will be staying with Shaun and I. We will be caring for her while she is doing her outpatient physical therapy. She has even more medicines to maintain. We are still using the wheelchair to maneuver Mama around, but she is improving slowly.

In two weeks we will be getting with her doctor. Until this whole ordeal is over, we will keep you updated. We will be pausing the Go Get Funding page as we have received sufficient support from everyone around us. There is still money left over for her medicine that is good for a whole month and physical therapy. The 3 of us kids will just be responsible moving forward. Should there be any unforeseen issues regarding Mama, I will be sure to keep you posted or restart this campaign. As of now...we pray that you all get the same love that you've shown right back.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. 💜💜💜

- Joanna, Shaun, Mareyne and Papa Toto

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Update posted by Joanna Portillo On Feb 17, 2020

Today is day #2 of Mama being off one of her meds to manage her sugar level, but it looks like her body was becoming dependant on it. last night her sugar rose to 165.6, then 192.6 this morning. Just now, right before lunch, her sugar reached 203.4 -- this is all mg/dl, but the aim is to have 140 or below. 140-199 is a warning. Anything 200 or above is very concerning. Her blood pressure is in the normal range still (yay!). But she isn't really doing a lot of movement, so I guess it is expected.

We're waiting for the official feedback from Mama's doctor about the next step to help keep her sugar level down. She's not really eating much and the 3 of us try to get her to eat more veggies than anything else. She's currently on a soft diet of lugaw (rice porridge?) and very lightly salted food with minimal fat. The hospital keeps giving her fruits, which we know has natural sugars but we are trying to prevent her from eating far, she's been listening.

Mama is practicing to move just a little more on her own. With the use of the rails on the hospital bed (and us keeping an eye on her movements), she's been trying to pull herself to sit up. While laying down, I see her practicing to move her fingers and hands and pump some blood into her hand vessels. She mentioned that it still feels numb, but she is trying to move a little. And she is sleeping a lot of the time because her right eye keeps trying to close, and sleeping seems to be the easiest and best thing to do.

One of the co-managing doctors that are doing rounds mentioned that she's got a nerve or two that have officially died. There's no function anymore. We don't know what this means, exactly, or what part of her body is going to be affected because it's gone... but, again, we'll find out more from her actual doctor.

We are still very hopeful she will be discharged from the hospital this week. We have been charging the medicine she's been taking to the room but she did run out of the test strips to check her blood sugar. (She is having her blood tested at least 3x a day), but we'll be going out to buy that on our own.

Mama did have several visitors drop by yesterday. The visits seemed to have helped her feel loved and appreciated. It pepped up her mood, which was nice. We'll do a different update on those once we are out of her.

From the family, thank you all again for the support you've shown. We all appreciate it. We hate to have to ask for the support, but it definitely has humbled us down and opened our eyes to see how much love is around us. May God (or the Universe, or whatever you believe) bless you all...

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Update posted by Joanna Portillo On Feb 16, 2020

Another morning in the hospital today. After a morning visit from Mama's doctor, we have found out that the blockage in her brain is in the medulla, towards the center slightly on the right. The doctor has stated that Mama is actually lucky because most patients who have gone through a stroke can't really move as much as she can, nor can they swallow any food so she would have to be fed through a tube.

There was no mention of any issues found from yesterday's 2D Echo and Carotid Doppler tests. We forgot to confirm it with the doctor, but as he didn't mention anything, we are assuming there are no other issues found.

She / we are definitely lucky.

Mama's blood pressure has been good the past two days, and her sugar levels are finally stabilizing. The doctor has stopped some of the medication she's been on because he's confident she doesn't really need it anymore. However, she is required to be under observation for the next 2-3 days as she is being weened off of some of her medication. Should everything go well, there's a HUGE chance we can get out of the hospital by Wednesday. That will, at least, help us minimize the hospital costs that has been accumulating.

She explained to me this morning that when she tries to move around or get up on her own, it's like the right side of her body is pulling her to the side or downward. She is still unable to move around on her own. She still requires assistance to sit up or lay down. She hasn't really tried walking around, but we do have to assist her in putting on her socks, going to the bathroom or bathing. She can, at least, pull herself up more than she did the past week, which is nice. But she is still required to do the physical therapy once she is discharged. The expectation is 3-4 weeks of daily physical therapy before she can actually do things on her own.

We still are looking to our kindhearted friends and family for assistance, if there is any they can offer. No amount is too small as every little bit helps in this case. We have no estimation on what medicines will be prescribed to her for maintenance, but our aunt has offered to help assist the payment for the PT. By Easter, we expect Mama to be back to her normal self. *cross fingers it's sooner rather than later*

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Update posted by Joanna Portillo On Feb 15, 2020

Hello everyone.

Shaun, Mareyne (Ging2x) and I are here in the hospital today with our aunt Lydia, mama's younger sister. Her blood pressure is, thankfully, starting to lower down and slowly getting back to normal. Her sugar levels are still a bit fluctuated, but we're hoping by tomorrow it will at least get a bit stable so that we could determine the correct dosage she needs with her insulin.

Yesterday, we have confirmed that her MRI shows there is a slight blockage in Mama's brain towards the center. This explains the weakness on the right side of Mama's body. She has begun taking the medication needed to minimize this.

This morning, Mama did two laboratory scans: the 2D echocardiography to determine if there are any issues in the with her heart vessels, and the carotid doppler to see if the arteries around her neck are okay. At the moment, she is having a bit of trouble swallowing, and downing some of her medicine is a challenge.

The doctor looking over Mama has hopes that she'll be able to get out by the end of next week. *fingers crossed* The main aim is to really stabilize her blood sugar levels and figure out the insulin dosage she needs. We're also waiting for the results of today's tests to make sure that there are no additional issues.

We just wanted to keep you updated and also say thank you so much to everyone who have called, messaged and sent their well wishes and donations. We don't know how we can thank you guys, but we have informed mama just how well loved she is because of everyone's messages, positive thoughts and financial assistance. We feel the love and hope that you guys get back what you've given to us.

We will keep you updated.

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