Make A Difference In A Child’s Life: Uninterrupted Learning via MET

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Look! You go about your day without any worries about the roof over your head, clothes to wear, food to eat, and even drop your children off to school before you dash to work ... Later on you return to your children at home, check homework, have dinner together, tuck them in bed, and rest ... and the cycle continues!

BREAKING: This is not the case for over 300,000 children in a region most struck with acts of terrorism in Benue State, Nigeria. The scene is a complete opposite of your life. It's just kilometres and kilometres of destroyed homes. Notwithstanding, with farmlands are now converted to burial sites, the once vibrant State with a huge food basket in the region is no more. In addition to the above, over 300,000 school going students out of school are sprawled around 8 refugee camps in Benue State. To add salt to injury, there's no electricity, neither access to any Television to keep abreast with the on-goings in the world, nor classrooms or uniforms for the children.

On the 2nd of July, Austin Uzimi the founder of African Transporters initiative (ATI) purposed to visit the Valued African Children (VAC) of this terrorist-struck community to get the latest status. The facts he found are shocking. One of the refugee camps - Abagena - in Markurdi the capital city of Benue State, has 16,583 children and 12,041 adults who have no mattresses to sleep on, clothing, let alone books to read. There's no near sight to the end of the acts terrorism in the region. The meagre relieve these children and their caregivers receive is barely enough for them, not to mention any setting of a classroom.

After a careful assessment of the astonishing dilapidation of this region and the impact of terrorism on the day-to-day lives of these hopeful children and families in Benue State, Austin is confident that you and ATI can intervene with a program that allows professional interaction between these vulnerable children with assessors (Transporters). Your invaluable support will ensure the children in the camps receive literacy and numeracy skills; financial intelligence; and an entrepreneurial mindset from ATI via a Mobile Education Transformation (MET) program at a budget of $148,000 half yearly. This is made possible through mobile kits, phones, computers, tablets, and/or GSM.

Concurrently, the adults in the camp will be engaged in skill acquisition (micro- enterprise, e.g., bead making, tailoring, etc).

It's unfortunate that the life of one of the children - Leah Shabiru - is still in the hands of her captors, and ATI hopes for her safe return. You and I can, at least, engage the minds of the children still in all the 8 refugee camps with your donation by ensuring that their lives turn out better. ATI's digital curriculum and training expertise will reposition these children into giants and game changers; not 'unempowered' weaklings.

Join ATI now to make lives better by raising $148,000 for these 300,000 underserved and underprivileged children for uninterrupted learning through improved access of Mobile Education Transformation.

In return, ATI will provide you with real time updates of the resultant effect of your contribution through our newsletter and testimonials of the children.

Together, let's make the lives of these 300,000 children better.


Date: 4th of August 2018

Venue: TEDx Muthangari Nairobi

Theme: How Else To Change The World

Austin Uzim will be expounding on the MET Program under the Transporter Transformation Education (TTE) formula - the best solution of transforming The African Child (TAC) into a Giant In Africa (GIA)!

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