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I was always a small farmer from South Goa-India. My name is Naik Gaonkar Paresh. In the year 2015 I established a Polyhouse/Greenhouse which was Govt. aided under National Horticulture Mission. The crop was Dendrobium Orchid , the flowers were having great demand in Indian markets because they have 20-25 days shelf life. The quality of flowers used to be much more greater than that of Imported flowers from Thailand. Hence we had more demand that of Imported flowers within India.

For the first five years the project was running smoothly till end of year 2019. The Bank loan was rising so I opted to go for One Time Settlement (OTS) of Bank Loan in the year 2019. This struck me in two ways as it fell just before CORONA PANDEMIC so almost all my savings got invested in OTS of bank loan.

Third-ly, Just in mid 2020 (monsoon) after/with corona pandemic ,the Polyhouse structure and Specialised UV Polyfilm Plastic of the ceiling/roof is badly damaged due to record rainfall and storm in our area . I need urgent repair of the structure or else it will be too late ( as the damage is adversely effecting the crop, if the damage got worsen it will be irreversible ) or else I will have to abondon the project which I doesn’t want, to let happen. The repair is pretty costly and more Investment of money has gone beyond my range due to OTS of bank loan so also no market for yield due to Corona Pandemic.

The torn plastic has left the crop ( crop which is laid on beds and is soil less crop ) exposed to direct rainwater and sunlight. Both of these are harmful (deadly) for the crop as excess water creates Root Rot and direct sunlight gives sunburn to the plant and also quickly dries away water from the planting media ( coconut shell ).

This is an appeal to help in raising funds for fixing my dream project. I also intend to introduce some more innovative ideas which can help in increasing my yield and maintaining better health of crop in future which will also enhance quality of yield. I want to introduce

1)Evaporative cooling System which will help in maintaining humidity and temperature inside the Polyhouse.

2) Microprocessor based micro-irrigation system as a part of automation to reduce usage of water and fertilizers.

3)Water sediment filter and water softener

4)CCTV for surveillance inside and outside the polyhouse.

5) Solar fencing around the Project site etc.

And all this it is highly impossible for me to achieve without your kind support. I am obliged to present updates of each stage-wise work completed on YouTube channel greenhouse and polyhouse repair with recent ongoing work videos so please subscribe and press the bell icon for notifications of any such video updates. For any queries you can also reach me at [email protected] .

Please SHARE this fundraiser with your friends for better reach . This would be a great help as well.

Thanks for showing concern by reading . Thanks in anticipation.


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