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Update posted by Khadijah Shamsul On Oct 23, 2017

Due to acute cold, the number of pneumonia has been increased in the mountainous camps including a few infant deaths. We need to cope the roots of this issue by giving warm clothes to the remote camps. If this issue is not seriously addressed, numerous case of pneumonia would appear soon as the cold weather of winter is rising as reported by the country director of Save The Children NGO, Marc Pierce.

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Update posted by Khadijah Shamsul On Oct 17, 2017

Hi all!

We are extending our fundraising campaign to 14th of November to accommodate for our new partner onboard.

We would like to welcome Azadi Association ( as one of our partner for this fundraising event.

Azadi is a Swiss-based organization that focuses on assisting Rohingyas in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Malaysia. And they have officially agreed to come on board as our partner for this fundraising.

If you know any NGO that would be interested to collaborate, or know anyone that wants to help, do message us at Migrant88.

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Update posted by Khadijah Shamsul On Sep 29, 2017

These are the latrines we would like to purchase.

Cost; 230$ /each

Latrines are very important in order to avoid disease outbreak.

To tackle this issue, providing vaccines and maintaining the sanitation of the camps are really essential. We would complete the work of the existing NGOs on the ground which are providing this aid as well. We will gather our resources together in order to relieve the situation for the Rohingya.

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Update posted by Khadijah Shamsul On Sep 27, 2017

We are happy to announce that YOU have raised 5025 USD so far across all platforms!

With this money we will be able to purchase:

  • 10 units of winter clothing and blankets


  • 20 latrines


  • 7 deep tube wells


  • 2 * 10 000 meters of tent plastic

With the analysis of our Bangladeshi volunteers on the ground, we will decide which items we will be purchased according to the gravity of the situation and the money we will be able to raise till the deadline.

However, we already know through ISCG(Inter Sector Coordination Group) source that latrines are drastically lacking for every camps along with drinkable water and shelter materials(like tent plastic).

<< Access to safe water and sanitation facilities is a key priority that must urgently be addressed. The new sites have no pre-existing facilities at all. Even in sites where facilities exist, these are under immense pressure with one latrine per 100 people on average noted in one site. New arrivals also urgently require WASH supplies including soap and buckets. The quality of groundwater in Unchiprang is poor, leaving water trucking as the only solution for the scale required. This is a particular issue for Teknaf. >> (ISCG source-

Migrant88 will try its best to provide some of these required items in order to relieve the situation in a small way.

Follow us on our Facebook event :

Or on our Website and Facebook page : /

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Update posted by Khadijah Shamsul On Sep 25, 2017

Migrant88 has worked several times with AlJazeera worldwide media. We also support and admire their work. We follow the work of this courageous journalist, Katie Arnold who spent time meeting the Rohingya in Cox's Bazaar. She believes that reporting the individual story of the Rohingya will have more impact on consciences...


Noor Kajol, 10, comes from Rakhine State, Myanmar, which she fled in recent weeks.

My name is Noor Kajol, and I am 10 years old. I was very happy in my old village because I was studying at the madrassa - I liked learning about the holy Quran, and I wanted to memorise all of it. I lived with my family; there were seven of us in total. The house was not very big, but I liked living there.

We had to flee our homes because the military started shooting us. I was inside the house with my father when they shot him through the window.

The bullet hit him in the head, he fell on the floor, and a lot of blood was coming out of his head.

I was really scared, and I was crying a lot. We ran away, leaving my father in the house. The military burned the house down, even though my father was still inside.

We had to run away to the forest and hide in the trees. We then walked for three days to get to Bangladesh. It was difficult for me because I was hungry and I missed my father a lot.

Other people helped us cross the border for free, which was very nice of them. We travelled in a boat with an engine, but I did not enjoy the boat ride because I still missed my father. He was a woodcutter, and everyone liked him. He was a good-natured man, and he loved me a lot.

I am very unhappy in Bangladesh because I miss my father so much. It is also very dirty here; there are no toilets or bathrooms.

I would like the world to help us get our own country back or offer us another country that we could live in.

[Arnold Katie, "Message to the world from Noor Kajul, a Rohingya" , AlJazeera, 15th September 2017, ]

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Update posted by Khadijah Shamsul On Sep 19, 2017

Our volunteers on the ground has reported that there is little to no access to clean water in the refugee site. Here is a short video by our volunteers to show the quality of water they have access to.

Quality of water accessible to the refugees in Teknaf

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