Let us help Lighaya Abao fight Liver Cancer

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We take the initiative to raise funds for our dear friend Marvin Abao to cover hospital bills and cover expenses for his wife Lighaya Abao who was diagnosed with liver cancer. It is by God's grace and unfailing love that the caesarian operation went well to a premature bouncing baby boy at 29 weeks and weighs 1.2 kgs. The battle is won halfway but it's not yet over. Lets us continue to pray for the safety and protection and good health of Giuseppe Mari Iesu that the good Lord may send his holy angels to protect the baby from any complications and the mother, Lighaya, who is still dealing with the recovery from her cs operations and another battle against another enemy, Liver cancer.


You know the way, you know the time. Into your hands I trustingly place mine. Your way is different, born of perfect love.

As the day moves to the scheduled action on my wife's situation, I took my hands off the plan, laid my understanding, and let God do his design of action. You know how heavy my heart is but I rest it all, I surrender it all to God. I wrote this and post in Facebook so that everyone knows how God had been so deeply intervening in the scenario.

Clocks tick each second, and again all I can do is to prepare her spiritually, be anointed, had her confession, and took the communion. This is the only thing I know I can make her ready and dispose of her in the hands of the Lord. This is how hard to understand the statement "THY WILL BE DONE". As for me, the most I can do is to pray, pray and pray unceasingly and beg for prayers for her operation/cs. It is all in the hand of the Lord.

But look how God takes the plan. Since last Saturday when we rush her to the hospital, the pain slowly fades. It's not gone yet but not as much as last Saturday. The doctors keep monitoring her condition and found a little way out of the issue. Is it a light at the end of the tunnel? I don't know. All I know is that I had it in the care of the Lord now.

The scheduled date for the action is supposedly today, March 15, but whatever transpires the doctors to reset it a day further, march 16, is already beyond what I can imagine and understand. Maybe the Lord wants a deeper meaning of my life as it falls on my Natal day. All I have now is trust and hope. And all our prayers for her.

The doctors continuously study her condition as they consider this as a rare case scenario, a unique situation, where their consideration is not only on the patient having terminal liver cancer but a 7mos old baby who is also trying to survive amidst the limited space in the womb. Two teams of doctors will attend, the OB team and the Liver team. According to the doctors, they planned to perform CS to safeguard the baby. But the Liver team is there in the sides guarding the patient for any untoward incident that may happen. This is already beyond what I think of all I know is that the Lord is guiding every course of action by now. Then, liver surgery will take few days after the Cs to let GhaiGhai regain a little of her strength for another operation. this is a risky action, as cancer might be triggered to rupture.

I still beg for your prayers to help us. Continue to pray for her safety and healing, for the safety of the baby, for the guidance of the doctors who will perform the operation and the CS. Please pray for my wife and the baby.


FACEBOOK POST OF MARVIN (MARCH 16, 2021) from 7:00 am onwards. Mark this date as it is a schedule for her CS which was supposedly today March 15. For whatever reason, the Lord has in stored for my family and me, as I celebrate my 39th birthday. On this day, my wife will rely on your prayers as 15 high-caliber doctors of Chong Hua hospital will manage a rare kind of a case as they say, as she will be passing through a thin line between life and death.

All I have to beg is that PLEASE LIGHT A CANDLE FROM 7:00 am until 12:00 noon and beyond if willing to ask for God's guidance over the doctors to perform the operation, to ward away evil that might intervene in the operation/CS, for God's mercy and compassion, and for the intercession of all holy men and women who follow the Lord, for Mother Mary and st. Joseph's intercession and offer a prayer for her.

I beg all my friends, kaila, higala, paryente, kauban, katrabaho ug ang tanan nga mitabang, misupporta ug midapig sa among battle.


Friends and love ones have helped us so much along the way with prayers and financial support. The surgery is very expensive and all our savings are exhausted. We humbly ask for any kind of support. Our prayers continue. My prayers still continue for Marvin Abao's family.


Saved by God's grace.

Saved by God's grace.

Mar 23


Update posted by Lachmi Lugsanay at 12:41 pm

Trusting God's plan and design and saying "Letting go and letting God" is easier said than done. At times we have our own agenda which we wanted to pursue setting aside God's invitation to participate in his blueprint for us. But when you surrender totally to him, you lose yourself. . . . .

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raised of ₱100,000.00 goal
10% Funded
3 Donors

Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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