Helping Hands for a Cancer Warrior: Rene Diaz

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Dear friends and family,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Today, I reach out to you with a heavy heart and a plea for support.

My father, Rene Diaz, was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer, a devastating and life-changing moment for our entire family. As a beloved father, husband, and friend, Rene Diaz has always been a pillar of strength and positivity, lifting everyone around him with his unwavering love and support.

Despite his cancer diagnosis, Rene Diaz remains strong-willed and hopeful, vowing to fight this battle with every ounce of his strength. But this is a battle that he should not face alone. Together, we can make a difference in his fight against cancer and provide the essential support he needs during this challenging time.

This is not the 1st time he was diagnosed with cancer. Back 2013, he was first diagnosed with this disease. He did undergo treatment, battled with it and survived. He is indeed a Warrior! Doctor's advise is that we will have regular check-ups for him to monitor that status of his health. Now just this year 2023, as the pandemic is starting to ease-out, his health is started to take an unfavorable turn. Medical Team was able to detect that his cancer cells did start to get active again and he needs to undergo treatment ASAP. With Six (6) sessions of chemotherapy recommended an Stem Cell treatment afterwards.

Also, a major impact on our financial budget because FIRE broke loose to our home just last year and we were not able to save a thing from it. Everything was totally burned down to ashes.

That's why I've started this fundraising campaign, "Helping Hands with a Cancer Warrior", to ease the burden of medical expenses, travel costs, and any unforeseen expenses that come with this disease. Our family hasn't been able to recover from the pandemic, typhoon Odette and the FIRE that burned down our home.

With your generous contribution, we can ensure that my father receives the best treatment available, without worrying about the financial strain.

Your support, whether through a donation or by sharing this campaign with your network, will make a lasting impact on my father's journey to recovery. We're grateful for any assistance you can provide and want to thank you in advance for being part of this critical mission.

In this journey, we've learned that no one fights cancer alone. It takes a community to come together and help, support, and uplift those in need. Thank you for being part of our community and standing with Rene Diaz in this fight.

With heartfelt gratitude, Darren Ray Diaz - his son"


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Sep 05

2nd Session Cycle

Update posted by Darren Ray Diaz at 12:33 pm

Dad's 2nd Chemo Session

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Aug 22

1st Session Cycle

Update posted by Darren Ray Diaz at 11:25 am

Today is my Dad's 1st chemotherapy session.Each session would cost us around 100k PHP including fees & other medicines needed. Each cycle would need to be repeated every 28-days.A regular session would last for 7-8hours. But for today, doctor advised us to just give half the dosage and have the

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