Help Veso and Yassen represent Bulgaria at the 2020 Paragliding European Championships

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Yassen and Veso - we are the two members of the 2020 Bulgarian National Team, selected to represent the country at the European Championships in Nis, Serbia.

Even though Nis is only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Sofia, we're facing some serious challenges to get there. First and foremost, the coronavirus crisis has decimated our paragliding income; second, the Bulgarian state this season is not funding us even with the entry fee; and third, that same entry fee is especially high for the European Champs: 450 euro. All that is why we need your help in order take part.

This may be the only high-level comp we'll be able to afford this year, so rest assured that we are lazer-focused on it and we want to perform to the maximum of our abilities.

On Yassen's side - during the last World Cup that took place in Nis, he was leading the competition until the last day, when he was bumped to second place by one single point, so you can imagine his desire to reclaim his European Champion title precisely at that same location, so close to home, on Balkan ground.

On Veso's side - he's recently been complimenting his top-level acro career with top-level cross country, and after one warm-up World Cup and one World Championship, he feels he's on a steep ascent of performance for this Euro 2020.

Motivated and inspired, we are simply unable to give up on the competition - it means too much to us. While we understand the current situation is difficult for all of us, we decided to ask you, our fellow pilots, for support in these challenging times, as we know we share the same passion for this sport.

You may donate as much as you wish and can afford - we would appreciate any amount. However, for any donations over 30 euro we would be able to give you some rewards in return, which you can find in the menu to the right: physical photos, tandem flights, and online seminars. Please, have a look at the following options we propose in order to make you happy and thank you for your help!

(If you're getting an award, please include your email address in the comment box, so we can reach you. It's our first time crowd funding, so not sure if the platform will allow us to reach you otherwise:-) Thanks again!)


The organiser of the event has reassured us with their motivation that even in this difficult coronavirus situation it is possible to make it happen. We are all optimistic that the competition will take place in July or August, however a possibility that it may not still exists - there is no guarantee in a pandemic.

On June 1st The organiser will announce if the competition will take place during the original dates in July or if it will be postponed by one month. In case of a delay, on July 1st a final decision will be made if the competition will in fact take place in August or will be cancelled.

If the championship is confirmed for any of the two periods

If the championship is confirmed for any of the two periods, entry fees will have to paid immediately, hence we are starting the crowd funding campaign now in order to raise enough money on time.


In such a scenario we will not be refunding any of the raised money because of the rewards promised and/or given and the fee towards GoGetFunding. Instead, we would be using any leftover funds for future flying projects. The two seminars will take place regardless of the situation. Please, understand this is the best plan of action we could come up with. We hope you will enjoy the rewards we are offing you.

May we all have a successful flying season! Cheers from Bulgaria!


THE BUDGET we're aiming for:

- Entry fees: 450x2=900 euro

- Transportation, accomodation, and food: 450x2=900 euro

- Technical costs for the crowd funding rewards (transportation for the tandem flights, plus printing and shipping of the photos): 240 euro

GoGetFunding fee: 160 euro

TOTAL = 2200 euro


Let's chat in two online seminars during the competition, discussing the comp itself plus general high performance flying topics.

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Get any professional-grade photo we have taken or own. Select it yourself from our social media accounts or anywhere else online, and receive it printed on 45x30cm frameless PVC surface, ready to hang on your wall. Worldwide shipping included (Bulgarian Post, non-trackable). Please indicate with a note if you would like it signed.  For Veso's photos, select from (but not limited to):,, or anywhere else online. For Yassen's photos, select from (but not limited to):,

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Get a winch tandem flight at Separeva Banya, Bulgaria, including photo and video of the flight. Usually operated by Veso.

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Get a mountain tandem flight at Vitosha or Sopot, Bulgaria, including photo and video of the flight. Usually operated by Yassen.

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Total package, total love - includes all of the above plus one extra photo.

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  • gosho goshev
  • Donated on Jun 16, 2020
Aug 30

Euro 2020 finally postponed until 2022

Update posted by Yassen Savov at 08:52 am

Unfortunately, due to corona, the competition was finally postponed until 2022. This means that, if all goes well, we'll use the funding we got this year for next year's World Championships in France. Thank you again for all the support!

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Jun 01

Championships and funding delayed

Update posted by Yassen Savov at 09:11 am

Since the Euros have been delayed by a month, we are extending our funding campaign by 20 days, until June 20. Here is the full message from the organiser:-------"Dear Pilots and Officials, The holding of the 16th FAI European Paragliding Championship is postponed to August 23 - September 5, 2020. . . . .

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  • gosho goshev
  • Donated on Jun 16, 2020
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  • Donated on Jun 11, 2020
  • Good luck! Enjoy the competition!

  • Ilin Ilinov
  • Donated on Jun 08, 2020
  • Good luck you legends!

  • Christopher Opsahl
  • Donated on Jun 08, 2020
  • One voucher for a acro flight with veso

  • Ivan Pashkulev
  • Donated on Jun 03, 2020
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  • Donated on Jun 02, 2020
  • Успех

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  • Успех!

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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities