Help Palestinian Voices to resume its work in besieged Gaza.

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Palestinian Voices (PV) is a Gaza-based group that communicates the truth about the Palestinian Cause to the outside world.

Who Are We?

We are Palestinian Voices from Gaza — a team of competent, motivated & committed people of all ages and genders, eager to deliver the Palestinian narrative. Our aim is to unify two million Palestinian voices into one; to reach out to the outside world and raise awareness about the Palestinian Cause — our cause, our struggles, pain, past, futures, and indeed our triumphs in the face of adversity

Our Message

We call out to other progressive voices around the globe and international organisations, groups and bodies striving equally for peace — a peace for all peoples.

Our Mission

Every Palestinian has their own story to tell, and their own way of telling it: whether through poetry, painting, or performance art — whichever medium they prefer, we will accommodate it.. and pass it on, because we want the whole world to hear it. We want to make new connections with those who support us in the struggle for our right to self-determination, our Right of Return, and importantly, our human rights — all of which have been stolen from us, along with our land, our homes, our heritage and our freedom to grow as a people. We work to hone the skills of other creative Palestinians; to free their buried talents. Together, we will remind our readers that Palestinians are human beings, waiting to amaze the world with their abilities — we are Palestinian Voices, and we are waiting to return.

Our Rules

All members of this organisation are vehemently opposed to all forms of prejudice and racism and any form of discrimination on the basis of ability, gender persuasion, religion, race or skin colour.

Why do we need the funds?

We had to stop what we were doing almost two years ago following an aggressive Israeli campaign against us, which resulted in the deletion of all our social media and website accounts. The only thing that survived was our YouTube channel:

Previously, we made songs and videos for Palestine, but we couldn't keep going due to a lack of income. As a result, we lost hope and thought we would never be able to succeed.

Today we are back and we are all hoping that we can! We can bring Palestinian Voices back and make our Voices reach out to the outside world through the important work we can do.

This is still possible if we can refund this group again.

we managed to make some money to find a new place for Palestinian Voices and do some basics to make a new start.

Basically, we need funds for the following things:

  • Monthly rent.
  • Electricity & Internet fees.
  • The songs & Videos.
  • Stationery supplies.
  • New Website.
  • Marketing.
  • Paying for our video editors, social media specialists & other employees.
  • English club & courses we provide to our people in Gaza.
  • (we will add updates)

    Our team believes that 2,500 dollars per month is a reasonable amount of money to bring Palestinian Voices back and start a work that will be really important to making our voices heard.

    Your contribution of any amount will be greatly appreciated and we are forever grateful for it.

We will keep you updated with every step we will be going through.

Kindest and Warmest Regards,

Palestinian Voices Team.


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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