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Update posted by Michael Montuya On Jul 31, 2018

Until now we cant resolve her lungs problem because the laboratory result done in the hospital is insufficient to know the final diagnosis. As of now she will continue to drink medicine for her lungs and if there should be a regression/progression on Fluid on her lungs she will undergo on CT scan for the Lungs.

Please help up to survive not only about financial needs but also to help us to pray for the fast recovery of the my wife.

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Update posted by Michael Montuya On Jul 22, 2018

shes under depression and trying to cope up everything. We keep on talking ang goingbto park, mall and other places to fight deoression.

My target now is to bring her to Davao City to meet her parents, brother and sisters who did not meet for almost 15 years. So help us to have more funds.

Thank you so much.

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Update posted by Michael Montuya On Jul 18, 2018

my wife was re admitted to the hospital due to Hypertension and severe depression. Taking tranquilizer and anti depression.

continous medication is needed for her lungs and kidney so please help me God.

Share your blessings with us. Thank you.

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Update posted by Michael Montuya On Jul 13, 2018

Instead of going back to National Kidney Transplant Institute i decided to bring my wife to the PSychiatrist because of her situation to find out the she got a depression and need to medicate her.

July 13, 2018 - it is the first day of taking up medicine to sleep her well but around 12:00AM the effect of the sleeping pills finished and again started cry and cry.

Please help me to survive this problem. Thank you so much

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