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Since my mom, Siow, aged 62, has been diagnosed with 3rd stage esophageal cancer since November 2019, my mom and I have been visiting hospitals and doctors many times for multiple sessions of consultations and treatments.

People would have thrown a question to me that why treatments aren't done at government hospitals - lower costs. The purpose here is to rescue my mom who had been diagnosed at a later stage which needs a quicker attention of treatments. We did not take the risk to go to government hospitals which we had experience a long queue of waiting list. Furthermore, the current COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia might also have interfered the operations at government hospitals.

The whole treatments till to date has been costed about RM 200K++. And my mom doesn't have a medical insurance cover.

Herein I would like to run a campaign to relieve some financial burden to my family.

Apart from making donations through this website, you may also do so via my bank account as below:

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[UPDATE] Donations are now closed.

Many many thanks to your kind-hearted donations. Really appreciate it.

Important Note:
  • Not forcing anyone to donate, only if you are able to and wish to.
  • Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, I understand a lot of people could have lost their jobs, lost their income, and perhaps not much money left for routine life. I hope your donation shall not be forced by your kindness, as I will be feeling bad and truly sorry to donors and the society.

P/S: My father is already retired from work, my mom now diagnosed with cancer, my sister has been diagnosed with schizophrenia which requires long term medication, and I am the only hope for my family.

Here are our diaries:

September to October 2019

  • My mom started to have dysphagia indication that whenever she eats/drinks, she would vomit out a certain amount of foods. We began to worry and she has seen a clinic doctor for examination. The doctor said it might just be a gastric reflux problem, so some medications are given. Symptom still persists and worsen over time.


  • Seeing an gastroenterologist in Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC).
  • Done an gastroscopy and discovered a tumor at the lower esophagus. This is the root cause of dysphagia. A biopsy has been taken on the cells for examination of carcinoma.
  • Done a CT scan to check on the tumor.


  • Gastroscopy biopsy result shows squamous cell carcinoma of esophagus (ESCC).
  • CT scan report is out showing tumor size is about 4cm.


  • Went to see oncologist in SJMC and surgeon in Sunway Medical Centre for advice.
  • Surgeon in Sunway Medical Centre advised us to see an gastroenterologist in Sunway Medical Centre instead.

27/11/2019 till 29/11/2019

  • Due to not able to swallow foods smoothly, a minor surgery was done to insert an esophageal stent.


  • Followed up examination with gastroscopy doctor in Sunway Medical Centre. Coincidentally, it was found that there is blood in stool. Doctor advised to do a colonoscopy.


  • A PET-CT scan was done in Sunway Medical Centre to examine if cancer cells are spread to other parts of body. Result shows primary malignancy at lower esophagus with some nearby lymph nodes invaded.


  • A colonoscopy was done, and luckily only haemorrhoids are found. Some medications are given to relieve haemorrhoids.


  • Doctors were on year end leave for the past one week. Visited oncologist in SJMC again and ready for chemoradiotherapy. It was a day to perform radiotherapy planning. Doctor advised to do 23 times of radiotherapy and 5 times of chemotherapy.

23/12/2019 till 23/01/2020

  • Radiotherapy treatments at 41.4 Gy in SJMC for 23 times.

24/12/2019 till 17/01/2020

  • Chemotherapy treatments in SJMC for 4 times. Carboplatin 45mg and Paclitaxel 45mg weekly basis regimen.


  • Supposedly to do 5 times of chemotherapy, but after 4 times, my mom developed a tingling effect on hands, body and legs. She finally doesn't have the energy to walk and was once fallen down at home. She was sent to hospital to visit oncologist. She was admitted to SJMC hospital thereafter.


  • I was told by SJMC hospital that due to bacterial infection in my mom's body, she had developed a sepsis condition and been admitted to ICU. This was the side effect of having chemotherapy. I was worried in hospital and never had a good time for Chinese New Year celebration.

25/01/2020 till 30/01/2020

  • In ICU. Though my mom is awake but she had developed a confusion as to where she is, but at least she still be able to recognize me. She had malnutritions and had lower red and white blood cells count. Doctors have been injecting antibiotics, filgrastims, nutrition packs and blood transfusion to rescue her body.

30/01/2020 till 15/02/2020

  • Condition getting better and transfer to normal ward. Due to a long bedridden period, she doesn't have the energy to stand and walk. Physiotherapy sessions are performed everyday to get her body recovery.

15/02/2020 onwards

  • Due to slow body recovery, my mom requested me to send her to a rehabilitation centre to cut down hospital costs. In the rehab centre, she is provided physiotherapy sessions everyday and nursing care at every moment.


  • While my mom stayed in a rehab centre, she is followed up to visit oncologist in SJMC.


  • My mom suddenly had a dysphagia again, and couldn't eat well. This symptom has been persisted for several days.


  • Went to see oncologist in SJMC. Oncologist referred to see gastroscopy doctor in SJMC. Gastroscopy doctor advised to do a CT scan to locate the esophageal stent.


  • A CT scan was done to locate the stent.


  • CT scan report is out and found dislodged stent in stomach. This is the cause of having dysphagia again. In CT scan report, there is also a suspicious thrombosis at the lower limbs.
  • Immediately brought my mom to do an ultrasound doppler in SJMC to confirm if there is a thrombosis. Luckily, result shows no evidence of thrombosis.

16/03/2020 till 19/03/2020

  • Go back to see gastroenterologist in Sunway Medical Centre as the stent was initially inserted by the doctor.
  • A gastroscopy was done to replace the dislodged esophageal stent. Stayed in hospital for 3 days.


  • A PET-CT scan was done again in Sunway Medical Centre to understand the cancer cells in my mom's body after chemoradiotherapy. Report shows there is a shrinkage of tumor on the site of primary malignancy, but still a few lymph nodes were noted.


  • Went to see gastro surgeon in Sunway Medical Centre for advice on surgery. Surgeon told that the entire lower part of esophagus need to be removed, and stomach to pull up to connect to the remaining part of esophagus. Some lymph nodes also will be removed for microscopy examination.


  • Followed up with gastroscopy doctor in Sunway Medical Centre after the esophageal stent replacement surgery.


  • My mom is admitted to Sunway Medical Centre hospital to prepare for esophageal surgery.
  • COVID-19 test is required upon hospital admission.


  • Esophageal surgery was done by gastro surgeon in Sunway Medical Centre. Surgery was successful, but require monitoring on the upcoming days for any complications that possibly could happen after surgery.

01/04/2020 till 10/04/2020

  • My mom is feeding by tube and not via mouth. She has been injected with pain killer (i.e. paracetamol) all day long to relieve her pain after her surgery. Everyday she is required to do chest physio to avoid lung infection while she also needs to do physiotherapy to gain back her body strength on both her legs.


  • The first day for my mom to eat via mouth. I have been visiting Sunway Medical Centre hospital twice per day to give support for her to eat. She managed to finish the whole plate of porridge for lunch, and a half plate of porridge for dinner under my support.


  • My mom is now discharged from Sunway Medical Centre hospital. But never come home, instead return to rehab centre again.
  • Again, COVID-19 test is required upon returning to rehab centre.
  • Hypertension and some anti-infection and pain killer medications are given.


  • Seeing cardiologist in Sunway Medical Centre to follow up with hypertension.
  • Still, hypertension remain. Added more medicines to treat hypertension. Hypertension never exist before and it's developed only after esophageal surgery.
  • Seeing surgeon to follow up condition. Frequent diarrhea and dumping syndrome after diet. Consider to stop all milk-based drinks which lactose might probably be the cause of dumping.

20/05/2020 till 22/05/2020

  • Seeing cardiologist in Sunway Medical Centre again to follow up with hypertension.
  • Blood tests taken. Low potassium. High cholesterol. More hypertension medicines added while blood pressure condition still not improved. Potassium Chloride tablets are also given.
  • It's been almost 2 months after surgery and my mom had felt no more pain.


  • Due to high costs spending on the past cancer treatments, my mom is referred to Institut Kanser Negara (IKN) for future follow-ups, consultations and possible treatments, if any.
  • Consultation with IKN oncologist.
  • Another PET-CT scan is to be scheduled within 6 weeks.


  • Seeing cardiologist in Sunway Medical Centre again to follow up with hypertension.
  • Blood test taken again. Still low potassium. Condition generally not improved even after Potassium Chloride tablets are consumed everyday.
  • Might be probably refer to endocrinologist for further examination.
  • My mom's condition generally does not well-improved. Still fatigue, weakness on limbs, uncomfortable stomach after diet, occasional vomiting during diet and dumping syndrome after diet.


  • Seeing cardiologist in Sunway Medical Centre again to follow up with hypertension.
  • Blood test taken again. Having 6 tablets of potassium chloride tablets per day only to keep up with the potassium level in her blood.
  • Refer to endocrinologist in Sunway Medical Centre for further examination.
  • Endocrinologist suggested oral rehydration salt (ORS) solution for maintaining electrolytes level in her blood.

16/06/2020 till 13/07/2020

  • Follow up with endocrinologist in Sunway Medical Centre for treating hypertension and electrolytes.
  • With ORS solution and hypertension medications consumed, hypertension is controlled and blood electrolytes are maintained.


  • PET-CT scan is scheduled and done at Nuclear Medicines Department of Hospital Putrajaya.
  • PET-CT scan result to be out about 2 weeks later.
  • Consultation with IKN oncologist is due in 2 weeks.


  • Follow up with both cardiologist and endocrinologist in Sunway Medical Centre on monitoring blood electrolytes and hypertension.
  • Generally hypertension is controlled and blood electrolytes are maintained well through hypertension medications and ORS solution.


  • Consultation with IKN oncologist.
  • PET-CT scan result shows there are multiple nodules in lungs, some lesions in liver and multiple lesions in spine. I was shocked to know the news and my mom esophageal cancer is recurrent and it's at stage 4. Metastasis to lungs, liver and bones.
  • Oncologist in IKN gives an option to continue to do palliative chemotherapy or not. Oncologist suggested to do palliative chemotherapy as a chance for cancer treatment. Chemotherapy used are Cisplatin 75mg and 5-FU 750mg 3-weekly basis regimen. I have been discussing with my mom should she to do chemotherapy eventhough she is weak and on a wheelchair. My mom agreed to give a chance for palliative chemotherapy again.

07/09/2020 till 12/09/2020

  • My mom is re-admitted to IKN Putrajaya hospital to perform the 1st cycle of palliative chemotherapy.
  • The chemotherapy is performed for 1 week as the 1st cycle.


  • My mom was coughing badly. Chest X-ray was done and found there was a pleural effusion in her lungs.
  • My mom requires 3 litre of oxygen for feeling more comfort in breathing.


  • A surgery was done on her lungs to treat her pleural effusion.
  • This has caused to stay in the hospital for another 1 week.


  • The ward said there was no treatment for my mom and prepare for discharge.
  • I noticed my mom and her condition that how can she be discharged since she is so weak and still require oxygen for breathing. Nonetheless, the hospital does not allowed my mom to be in the ward anymore since there is no more treatment, and so she is discharged and be sent back to nursing home for palliative care via an ambulance service. This was during afternoon time at around 2:00pm.
  • At evening time at around 6:00pm, a nurse in the nursing home which I home stayed called me via phone and told me that my mom has a low-grade fever at 38.1 Celsius degree. I immediately called back to IKN Putrajaya to seek for doctor's advice. She probably had stayed in the hospital for too long and caught an infection. At around 8:30pm, via an ambulance service, my mom is sent back to IKN Putrajaya hospital from the nursing home she stayed.
  • Upon arrival at IKN Putrajaya Emergency Department, my mom had a blood test and found her electrolytes contain very dangerously low level of potassium (at 2.1), sodium and chloride. The emergency department doctor told me that my mom needs to be re-admitted back to ward for electrolytes correction.


  • A chest X-ray was done on my mom's lungs and found my mom had a pneumonia.
  • Besides electrolytes correction, my mom also received antibiotics therapy for treating her pneumonia.
  • I have been in the ward for the whole day to serve and take care of my mom. I have been able to get into the ward as the ward doctor wanted to see on the day. Doctor told me that my mom cannot do any chemotherapy anymore as her body is too weak. My mom is so weak that she even couldn't get her body turned by herself and she had a serious bedsore at her back due to bedridden all the times. I have sought for nurses help to turn her body frequently so as to hope to improve her bedsore. I had to feed my mom for her meal, but she only be able to eat a little. Only 20% bowl of porridge and only half cup of water she consumed. At evening time, she vomited what she had eaten. I had no choice to leave the ward as it's at evening time and the security guard in the hospital chasing me out of the room.
  • I felt the sense of death.

24/09/2020 till 27/09/2020

  • I have been continuing followed up with hospital ward via phone conversations regarding my mom's condition.
  • My mom's condition generally does not improve. Still bedridden. Still serious bedsore. Still need to be spoon-feeded. Fatigue at all times. Lack of energy. Eating very little. Nurses to take care of her in the ward. I could not get into hospital as hospital does not allowed any visitors due to COVID-19.


  • At around 2:30pm, I got a phone call from hospital ward nurse to inform me that doctor wants to me immediately. I said if I could see the doctor at around 6:00pm as I was busy with my work. The ward nurse immediately passed her phone to ward doctor. Ward doctor told me that my mom's condition is deteriorating and declining very fast and she might have a few hours of lifetime. I immediately rushed to hospital to see my mom's condition.
  • At around 3:30pm, I reached IKN Putrajaya hospital and had a face-to-face conversation with ward doctor. Doctor told me that I need to be prepare if case of my mom is dead. My mom has signs of dying. She will not be doing any CPR for her heart rate recovery in case she had her heart failure.
  • After meeting with doctor, at around 4:00pm, I quickly go to my mom's bed. My mom is already in coma and non-responsive. Her blood pressure is very low and she still had a heartbeat rate of 30. And she had her oxygen requirement increased to 8 litres. I told my mom that her body cannot be rescued anymore and asked her to rest in peace. No more regrets. Thereafter I talked for a few sentences, my mom's heartbeat starting to decline to 10 and then finally 0.
  • I have been crying, but I told myself that I have to be strong to accept her fate. And I have been continuing having a conversation to my mom eventhough she had becoming non-responsive.
  • She is pronounced dead on Monday, 28/09/2020, at 1652 hrs, Malaysian time, at her age of 63 years and 1 month. She passed away peacefully without any suffering and pain.



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  • Speedy recovery to your mom

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Oct 11

Unfortunately my mom has passed away

Update posted by Wai Kent Lau at 03:48 pm

Thanks everyone who had contributed a little of their part for treating my mom's cancer way back in April 2020.Unfortunately, my mom had her esophageal cancer recurrence after a PET-CT scan was done on 18/08/2020 with her cancer spread to lungs, liver and bones (i.e. Stage 4). And she had. . . . .

See update

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  • Speedy recovery to your mom

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  • Stay strong & praying the best for your family

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  • Stay strong for your mom. I’m sure she will get well soon.

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  • Wishing your mother a speedy recovery

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  • Stay positive & strong, Kent! Wishing your mom a speedy recovery.

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