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Hello everyone, I am an Egyptian Chemistry student in my second year and I am 21 years old. English ain't my first language so pardon me if there are any language barriers or mistakes. I have been living with my family since I was a child. My life was normal and a had quite a life and it was so far so good. The story began when I was 18. I was asked to find a job as my father left his job and got his pension but it wasn’t enough as I have 4 brothers and they’re all students ( Primary school) and need a lot of money to their classes. So I got to find a job but it was so hard because I am in Egypt and it’s not easy to find a job with a good salary here ( By good I mean a salary which can make you at least cover my brother’s needs ) Until I found A job in Food industries factory and I had to work 12 hours to make that good money I talked about so I had no other option but to take it so I did it and I worked at this factory during the summer but I couldn’t in school because simply there was no enough time for both so I had to stop but it was difficult for my brothers so I looked for another job and I got one in a drug store as a chemist but a had a very low salary as I am still an under graduated chemist and it was hard for us to live but anyways life continued. In my second year in college, I had to make more money for myself too because I needed to cover my college payments so I started to look for another job but I didn’t find any job so honestly, I started to hate life and by that time there was a big problem between my father and his siblings because of a problem related to our family house and they were all against him so life became more darker as we might leave the house because we don’t have money to hire a lawyer and deal with courts and trials you know.. I found that the only solution is MONEY and I have to make money fast so I started to think and said 1 dollar here = 15.5 pounds in Egypt so I have to make dollars and I knew Paypal So I got a bank card and linked it with Paypal so I can get donations

To get my life to normal again I have to make at least something like 120,000 pounds to open something like a supermarket and to get an apartment for my family (It will cost like 20000 Pounds = Just 1,261 dollars for the supermarket and it will cost 100,000 pounds = 6,309 dollars for the apartment ) So I need something like 7800 dollars so anyone can help me PLEASE do it even with 10 dollars. Maybe it means nothing to you but it will help me and my family.

(If just 700 people donated 10 dollars I will make it) Thanks for your time I appreciate it. Paypal Email: [email protected]

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Thank you all !


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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