Help my brother Jose Erlito in battling his Autoimmune Encephalitis

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My name is Jusen Mae Rebagoda and I am raising this campaign for my youngest brother, Jose Erlito Rebagoda, 22 years old.

I am humbly asking in the goodness of your heart if you could please help us for my brother's financial and medical needs to continue his treatment and medication to overcome his autoimmune/viral encephalitis battle.

In August 20, 2023, my brother demonstrated symptoms of psychiatric illness such as depression, feeling of worthlessness, confused, he always said that the real Jose Erlito is dead and he's only a clone, that he is a character from the anime/games he watched and played. He had not been sleeping for 3 days prior to his demonstration of symptoms. Early morning of that day, August 20, my mom asked him if there's something that bothers him because he was not sleeping, he replied, 'The future'. So, we assumed that he's feeling pressured since he's graduating soon and will have his graduation on August 23, 2023. We encouraged and made him felt that he has so much worth to us and he should not be worried for his future because we are here to support him.

On August 21, 2023, the psychiatric symptoms progressed and he became agitated. That's when we decided to bring him to the nearest hospital with psychiatric ward and an emergency room with isolation. After all the interviews from the nurses and doctors, they decided to do some laboratory examination such as CBC, Xray and so on. The laboratory results showed that the he has high white blood cells count which means that he has an infection.

Then the next day, August 22, 2023, the doctors informed us that my brother's case is not actually related to any psychiatric disorder, that it is only one of the symptoms of an underlying neuro related infection. Which they then needed to perform a lot of examinations like EEG and Lumbar puncture.

August 23, 2023, this day should be one the most memorable and exciting day for my brother and to us his family as well, as this day was his most awaited College Graduation Ceremony. Sadly, he wasn't able to attend the graduation ceremony due to his medical condition. Me and my friend attended my brother's graduation ceremony to record his name being called as one of the graduates. What touched our hearts the most was when we saw his classmates and friends holding his printed graduation picture, and they took group pictures and videos while holding my brother's printed picture saying 'Get well soon, Jose.'. That day and moment was very heartbreaking but we are still thankful despite of what happened that he is still alive and doing his best to win his battle.

His first week in the hospital was his worst because his condition and symptoms got worse and even brought him to a critical condition. He had seizures, his oxygen level dropped. His heart rate, fever and blood pressure were soaring. He was then needed to be transferred to the ICU for close monitoring. He was required to take the IVIG medication that cost a huge amount which is around PHP 1,075,800 which he needed to take for 5 days.

Up to now, he is still on the ICU and in an unstable condition. Our temporary medical bill as of September 4, 2023 is PHP 1,666,112.85. The hospital requires us to settle at least 75% of the total hospital bill. They currently suspended my brother's medication because we are not able to settle the required amount.

I know that this is very long, but this is the hard reality our family is facing right now. I am pleading to anyone to please help my brother to continue his medication to win his battle.


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Jose Erlito Rebagoda
raised of $30,000.00 goal
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