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Update posted by Yulia Nikolaevskaya On Jun 03, 2019

Hello! My name is Yulia Nikolaevskya. I am 40 years old. I am from Russia. I live in the city of Salavat. I am a single mother of two sons (16 and 8 years old). The father of the youngest son died when the child was only 2 weeks old. My youngest son’s name is Misha. He was born with a congenital deformity of the left ear, that means that he was born without one ear. There is absence not only of the auricle, but also the ear canal which does not allow the child to hear. In medicine his diagnosis is: left-sided atresia of the external auditory ear canal, left-sided microtia of the auricle, left-sided hearing loss of 3d level.

Misha experiences the world around him only with one ear, resulting in repeating questions again and again, very often he can’t understand where the sound comes from. He has trouble navigating on the street, he can’t get from which side the car is approaching. Loss of hearing also influences Misha’s speech development: he began to speak late, many sounds he still pronounces not clearly. In September 2018 my son went to school. Because of hearing problems he is behind in study. Since microtia is a visible physical deformity, psychological problems have appeared, such as low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and difficulties in communication with other people. Because of all this he becomes shy and afraid to communicate with other children.

In Russia there are no methods of restoring hearing to such patients, but in the American clinic GLOBAL HEARING INC. (California, USA) they do surgery to form an auditory ear canal. This clinic has a great experience in surgering children with such a diagnosis. During a single surgery the doctors of the clinic can form the auditory ear canal and eardrum and reconstruct the auricle. However, the cost of this surgery is $ 80,000, for me this amount is huge, and we dont have this money to pay the surgery. Moreover, any delay in taking steps to solve my son’s health problem leads to bigger hearing loss, especially if Misha has cold-related illnesses (a healthy ear has problems with hearing). Fortunately, inside the left ear Misha has all the auditory bones properly-formed, and the surgery in his case will have not only an external change (aesthetic), but it will also allow him to hear well. With all my heart I want my son to live a full life. Misha suffers psychologically from a physical disadvantage (other children tease him and constantly ask questions what and why Misha has with his ear) and the fact, that Misha does not hear well and always repeat his questions, strongly depresses him. My heart is breaking to see my son suffering, and finacialy not being able to help him to have the surgery.

I want to ask all kindhearted and concerned people to help in any possible way in fundraising the surgery for Misha, to help a miracle to become true – for him to hear the world! I strongly hope for your help. I am grateful in advance. Thank you!

Clinic invoice are attached.

Sincerely, Nikolaevskya Yulia Alexandrovna

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My name is Yulia Nikolaevskya. I am 40 years old. I want to ask all kindhearted and concerned people to help my son.


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