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Help Give These Children A Voice!

My name is Yael* and I am the mother of 3 beautiful, sweet children ages 8, 4, and 6 months. I have no choice but to share our story in the hope that you can help my two eldest children win a war that no child should have to fight alone - the fight against child abuse (including molestation, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse.)

N., my oldest, is eight years old. She is sweet, giggly, and smart as a whip. Her rebellious blonde curls remind me of Shirley Temple.

**Photo shows N. with bruising on her cheek and cut finger from it being purposely slammed in the door.**

Her brother, M., is just four years old. He’s a bit small for his age, but he makes up for it with endless energy.

We live in Jerusalem with my second husband, but our days and nights are filled with fear, abuse, threats, and severe criminal acts done to my 2 older children by my ex-husband - their father, and his equally abusive family . Both children speak of horrific abuse and neglect at the hands of their father.

Their father’s therapist, who’s been treating him since he was 11 years old, wrote a letter stating he is dDANGEROUS and unable to empathize or care for others. That he should NOT be around children - ANY children - AT ALL.

He was indicted for the attempted murder of me, his ex-wife, and in a plea agreement, was convicted of domestic violence and assault instead!

The courts still haven't given him a sentence, or if he will go to jail for his heinous acts of violence…yet despite all of this, he’s still free to terrorize my children and I, and still receives UNSUPERVISED visitations more than 50% of the time!!!. Parents who are convicted domestic abusers should only get supervised visitation with their children.

Children have a right to have their case heard in family court - regardless of how old they are! I have turned to the police reporting them countless times and the abuse continues! I have gone to social services (- after an almost 6-month wait to be interviewed!) and it still continues!

I have been battling my ex and his family in and out of court for the past five years! Going to private prestigious lawyers and spent over $110,000 in legal fees, but with no end in sight! I have taken my children to hospitals after these incidents, but it seems no proof is good enough to put an end to this torture!

***Photo shows M. with bruises that he came home with after a visit from his stay at his father's house.***

From the severe extent of our situation, I can not work because I am constantly searching for and meeting with various professionals to put a stop to this day and night. My husband can’t work full time because he needs to be able to be with the children while I am out fighting for my children. All of our savings and financial help from relatives has reached its limit and we have been living with horrible debt and no money left for food, rent and basic necessities!

Our own family doctor who has tried to advocate for us can't get through to any of the authorities either ..and the abuse continues The children have told other family members about the abuse.

The oldest has told school staff...still no help!!!

I've researched and gone to every organization imaginable that say they are willing to help, but in the end, we are still trapped in this living hell every day where my children are being physically beaten, sexually molested, their personal items destroyed just to break their spirits, and even fed food that they are allergic to, just so they will physically suffer. All done by their father and his family!

***N. came home from one visit with bite marks on her cheek. She said her father bit her ear too. ***

M., 4, IS FORCED TO SLEEP IN A BED WITH THREE OTHER PEOPLE; HIS FATHER, AND TWO OF HIS UNCLES! HE SAID, "THEY TOUCH ME WHERE I MAKE PEE AND POO. I TOLD THEM TO STOP. BUT THEY DON'T LISTEN! THEY LAUGHED! My children’s innocence, safety, and childhood is being destroyed and I am desperate to give them their freedom back, to move on and heal, and to live a healthy happy life as every child deserves!

N. with a welted bruise on her arm after another visit to her father's house

M. with massive bruising on his leg after being returned home from his father.

It’s time to change the laws to protect children. Stand with us and help save my children and put a stop to the child abuse, molestation, incest, and pedophilia!

I have exhausted every option and I have no choice but to turn to the public to put a stop to this outrageous criminal injustice and help me protect and save my children from the trauma and torture they are suffering from day in and day out. This is the most basic human right, to be safe and loved!

Please help by share on social media, and support the legal and financial fund for N. and M., so we can put an end to their suffering and so they can go to sleep at night knowing they will never have to go through this unspeakable torture EVER again!

*Name changed for safety and confidentiality purposes



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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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