Fundraising for vulnerable girls at the shelter

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The Keep Girls Safe Project, rescues vulnerable girls, ages between 8-18 years old from the situation of sexual harassment, bride kidnap, forced marriage, and neglect. Our shelter locates in the north of Thailand, Chiangrai province. The project provides a safe environment shelter and education. Recently there are 18 girls who are under the project care. While staying at the shelter, the girls are provided with the necessary life skills to strengthen their physical and mental. As well as the community work, raising awareness by providing knowledge of Child Rights, Child Protection, and Human Trafficking through the workshop.

The situation right now is that we are receiving less funding which brings us to the difficult situation where we still have to raise and help these 18 poor girls. They cannot go back to their family because their house is not safe for them. One of our shelter girls told us that, if she goes back home, her parent will force her to married the old guy who lends her parents the money to do the farm. So home is not a safe place for her. Another example case is, her parents are in a prison so she has to stay with her aunty's family. Her aunty also has a child and cannot afford more kids in the house because it will make them into a financial crisis. She has no other relatives, so she is at risk of being neglect or if the aunty has her, she won't have a chance to go to school because they will need her to help out at the farm.

I'd like to ask for your contribution to help these underprivileged girls and our project. Our target is at 2,000USD. You may please transfer through the gogetfunding platform or make a direct contribution to

Bank Name: Kasikorn | Branch: Central Plaza Chiangrai

Bank Account Number: 004 3 24881 2

Account Name: Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA Thailand)

To see more of our work at

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or email me at [email protected]


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