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Dear animal lovers from all over the world, greetings from Serbia, Europe!

This is a story about a woman with a heart of gold.


Liliana lives with her husband and son in a small town in a small country of Serbia, Europe. A true lover of animals, she has been taking in strays for as long as she can remember. One, five, ten, twenty... The number kept increasing. She has opened up her heart and her home to stray and abandoned animals, young and old, sick and disabled, from all over the country. At this moment (November 2018) she is taking care of 51 dogs and 43 cats - close to one hundred animals, all on her own, in her own home and back yard!



With the help of her husband, she feeds and cleans after the animals every day until the early morning hours. Each animal has a name, each has been sterilized and vaccinated. Some of the animals are sick and need constant attention, some are disabled - blind or missing a limb. She pays for their food and medical expenses mostly out of her own pocket. Sometimes she receives donations from friends and local activists. When she can't afford dry and canned food, she cooks for her babies... Sometimes all she has to give them is bread! But she is determined to keep providing these animals with food and shelter. She knows she is all they have and she wants to make sure that they feel safe and loved.



She saves as much as she can, and makes every penny last as much as possible. Neither government agencies nor NGOs have offered to help. She has tried putting some of her animals up for adoption, with very little luck. Local donations are not enough anymore. So we thought... why not go global!

We would like to invite all the kind-hearted people out there to donate! $1, $5, $10 - every little bit will help.

Thank you all in advance! <3


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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