Help Baby Juan, a premature baby

Update posted by Edwin Jeff Concepcion On Jul 08, 2019

Baby Juan has already been given go signal by his pediatrician doctor to go home since he has been able to achieved 3 conditions:

1. Removed from the incubator and ventilator.

2. Breath on his own with no oxygen support.

3. Have sucking reflexes and able to gain weight.

This is very good news to us. We are now arranging his papers and other doctor bills. However, our outstanding balance is Php 2,169,298. As per the hospital, they need at least Php 1.5M and a land title as guarantee. This is a happy but a sad day for us as we are unable to settle his bills. This is very unfortunate for us.

Thank you for your utmost prayers and now seeking your help to gather funds for Baby Juan's hospital bills.

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Update posted by Edwin Jeff Concepcion On Jul 04, 2019

Today is Juan's 3rd monthsary.... in NICU... and he is doing well now..

We have not spoken to Baby Juan's pedia doctor for almost a month now but as per the nurses and resident doctors he is well now. Baby Juan has improved in his breathing habits and can now breathe without oxygen support. He looks very normal to us now.. :) thank you for all the prayers...

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Update posted by Edwin Jeff Concepcion On Jun 08, 2019

There is always good news!

Baby Juan's doctors tirelessly monitored him and all treatments applied were carried positively. Baby Juan is now out from the incubator and as well as the ventilator machine. His breathing is improving.

However, after his 2d echo test, there found to a small hole in his heart. Diagnosis this is due to Baby Juan being born premature. But the doctors still high hopes since he has been responding to all medications and treatment being applied to him. We haven't spoke to Baby Juan's pedia doctor but as per resident doctors Baby Juan needs to get heavier and healthier.. :)

This is God's hands working and we thank those people who have been with us since day 1 on this difficult times in our lives.

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Update posted by Edwin Jeff Concepcion On May 24, 2019

He is getting better day by day.

Today, hospital confirmed that there is now an available blood for his blood transfusion. However, it still needs to undergo some process. April, my wife also had her blood extracted as they need to cross-matched it with the blood (O- RH) they got from Red Cross. (Shout out to Elmer Benito who has helped us coordinate to get a blood donor. Thanks bro.

The doctors plan is to have baby Juan removed from the ventilation machine as he has been in CPAP for 2 days now and not seen any indication of desaturation. He can breath on his own and very good news to us.

Keep praying for Baby Juan!

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Update posted by Edwin Jeff Concepcion On May 23, 2019

Baby Juan is strong as ever. All complications due to his being premature such as severe anemia, pneumonia and sepsis are now history. Those are now treated due to the medications the doctors have given. Thanks be to God!

As he continues still to be in the incubator, he is gaining weight. In between, it has observed that his tummy is getting bigger but probably due to the tube inserted to him from the ventilation machine. His 'bowel movement' is normal so nothing to worry that much. He is now 900g.

Now he needs to have a blood transfusion again as his hemoglobin is in below normal (low). The hospital is coordinating with Red Cross as he needs to have blood type O-, which is very rare. Good thing Elmer a colleague knows someone from Red Cross and have helped us coordinate. Hope we get to have one so Baby Juan can get a blood transfusion asap.

All praise to God. Please continue to pray for our baby and send your financial help.

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Update posted by Edwin Jeff Concepcion On May 05, 2019

Baby Juan was positively responding to all his doctor's medication. His condition had improved day by day. His milk had been increased day by day as well. He is also gaining weight. He also can now breathe on his own. In this regard, pedia doctors remove him from the ventilator machine and increased more and more his feeding.

However, complications started to showed up. As per the resident doctors complications are inevitable due to Baby Juan's condition as a premature baby. His pneumonia has worsened and had developed sepsis. He then now back to the ventilator machine as his oxygen is getting worse and he is unable to breathe on his own again.

Today, May 5, 2019 is his one month. One month of fighting for his life. Thank you in advance for those people who has been on our backs and been helping us thru their prayers and financial aid.

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Update posted by Edwin Jeff Concepcion On Apr 12, 2019

Baby Juan is getting better each day. His pediatrician doctor has lower the setting of the mechanical ventilator on his heart rate from 45 to 40. Per the nurses, they monitored that baby Juan's heart rate is going up to 50 that means he can breath on his own.. :) Another good sign.. He is also being fed by my wife's milk 1ml every 4 hours now.

Thank you for those who have already sent their help.

We appreciate support and prayers for Baby Juan.

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Update posted by Edwin Jeff Concepcion On Apr 11, 2019

Baby Juan is now being fed by the nurses with my wife's milk, 1ml every 4 hours interval. It is also nice to know that he has been responding well with the setting of incubator's temperature and mechanical ventilator. Thank you for all those who have sent their help and been praying for us and baby Juan.

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