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I am Maria Princess Rhea Quizon, wife of Freylan Calipdan. My husband was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) in 2011 and was advised to undergo heart surgery. However, due to lack of funds, he was not able to get the surgery that he needs. He was advised to seek help from the government and was told to proceed to the Philippine Heart Center as they cater to charity medical cases. Like other charity institutions, Freylan had to queue long lines and return every month to go through all the necessary procedures. There was no specific timeline as to when he can be operated as there’s a long list of people seeking charity help and most of the time, patients with emergency needs come first. While waiting for his slot at the PHC, my husband visits the Provincial Hospital to be injected with a dose of the antibiotic Penicillin G Benzathine every twenty-one (21) days.

Freylan was able to do these diligently until late 2018 when he stopped going for check-ups at the PHC as it was harder for us to sustain the expenses for both.While TPH is more accessible to us as it is located in Tarlac City, the trip to PHC costs more as it is located in Manila which is about 2-3 hours ride from our province.For every trip to PHC, we shell out Five Thousand Pesos (Php5,000.00) or about USD100.00 which includes medical and transportation expenses and every anti-biotic injection costs us Five Hundred Pesos (Php500.00) or USD10.00.

Despite missed-out PHC visits, my husband didn’t have any major attacks for the past years until December 26, 2020 when he complained of chest pains and breathing difficulties.We immediately took him to the Ramos General Hospital Emergency Room and he was admitted that same night.I felt so helpless seeing my husband in that condition.I thought he was going to die right before my eyes and I couldn’t let that happen.I and my child need him.Our family needs him.We have so many dreams together.We will get married, have a house of our own, take our child to her first day of school, her graduation and celebrate every important event in life as a family.He needs to survive.He needs to get that heart surgery as soon as possible.

Last January 08, 2020, we returned to the Philippine Heart Center to apply again for charity assistance.However, since we’ve missed out his check-ups for a couple of years now, we had to start all over again.It was back to procedure 1 again which is initial check-up.We were given an Outpatient Diagnostic Laboratory Request for 2D Echo with Doppler and slot for this is also scheduled.His schedule is slated on April 2021.

With my husband’s recent hospitalization, I just can’t stand by and wait for April 2021.I thought to try my luck on crowd funding so my husband can seek the medical services of a private heart specialist.I am an online seller and my husband is a tailor.With the very little savings that we have that’s originally intended for our child’s future and the money we earn together, I honestly know that we don’t have the financial capacity to pay for medical expenses from a private doctor.However, I also know in my heart that I will do everything to help my husband get better even if it means swallowing my pride to ask for help from family members, friends and even strangers.

I humbly seek your help for any amount you can spare us for my husband’s medical expenses.I have attached here my husband’s 2D echo result and medical certificate from 2018 and his Outpatient Diagnostic Laboratory Request dated January 08, 2021.

Thank you so much.

Maria Princess Rhea Quizon


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