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Executive Summary

.1 Background Information

MAKIVF FERTILITY and MATERNITY HOSPITAL is a licensed and government-approved fertility clinic located at Mbezi Beach Area, Kinondoni Municipal, and DarEs Salaam-Tanzania. We have been operating since 2016 as a FERTILITY CLINIC helping families and couples struggling with Fertility Problems.Our Services have been intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technology methods for couples.

MAK IVF Fertility Clinic has been operated by DrMuramziAmriKabanywanyi, a gynecologist/Obstetrician super-specialized in Sex and Reproductive Medicine. He has the experience of over 30years of serving both public and private hospitals.

Problem Statement.

After years of operation, it has been discovered that there are so many Fertility, Maternity, and Pediatric Problems in the community that needs Superspeciality medical treatments. Currently, we have been increasingly a huge number of clients who are attending our services in terms of infertility treatment, but after that they need maternal care, child health, and emergency services.Problems like High-risk pregnancy, Diabetes, Fetal health evaluation, CVS Amniocentesis, Nuchal Translucency, cancer screening contraceptive therapy hormonal /diabetes treatment, and a need for surgical intervention are rising in our clinic which pushes us to demand of expansion of our Services from a Clinic to Hospital.

Tanzania has a population of approximately 65Million, with Dar es Salaam being the biggest commercial city with a population of 7million but lacking Specialized Hospital dealing with Maternity, Pediatric , Emergency Room and Trauma.

In Tanzania currently maternal and child mortality infectious and non-communicable diseases are most issues faced by the health system. According to [WHO 2010] Tanzania health system is decentralized driven by national health policy to provide primary care and the majority are government-financed.Staff shortage, lack drugs and equipment dominate the Health Sector in Tanzania.

Most of the Private services are cash-based and less than fifty percent is by insurance company mainly to the formal sector as in 2019 32% of Tanzania had 8% National health insurance fund coverage, 23% were members of community health fund [CHF] and 1% were members of private health insurance companies

This means that there are no specialized hospitals with latest technology and expertise dealing with only Maternal care and Birth Centers,Pediatric Care and Nicu services and also a well-prepared and Equipped Emergency and Trauma Center.With a population of 7 million, Dar es Salaam City is congested and has only 25 hospitals which still lacks the latest Technology and Expertise to deal with complicated cases. Dar es Salaam also being a major city with 2 major Referral Government Hospitals (Muhimbili and Mloganzila) is a running to the destination of complicated medical cases from other nearby regions and the whole country. Apart from that Dar es Salaam City has a very heavy traffic jam making it difficult for mothers in labour to reach hospitals in time or patients with emergencies to reach the hospitals on time and it lacks Ambulatory Services. Even when they do, only a few private hospitals and public hospitals have equipped Emergency room or specialization among other services to deal with complicated medical cases. Very few patients that can afford are taken abroad mostly in India for futher medical treatments but others die in the country with no hope.

Due to the above challenges, MAK IVF Fertility Clinic saw the need to expand and build a Hospital. Already we have a Government permit to build a Super specialized a 60-bed state-of-the-art modern medical hospital in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The new MAK IVF Fertility and Maternity Hospital will offer patients the most innovative diagnostic and treatments with the most advanced technologies and high-level patients care available in the world. The medical center will provide a safe and compassionate resort environment to care for patients. Our patients will be among the first to benefit from these advanced treatments and technology since MAK IVF FERTILITY AND MATERNITY will be fully equipped with the most modern and advanced medical equipment, and through collaboration with other Expertise abroad via Telemedicine, MAK IVF Fertility, and Maternity Hospital will be the first of its kind in the surrounding region. The medical center will also be providing all the essential health services required for all ages. Beyond the medical field, our patients will enjoy first class-service, spacious furnished private rooms for each patient, suites, and impressive waiting areas and labor ward for women giving birth, digital entertainment, and satellite TV. We intend to provide the best environment to relax and heal for both our patients and children attending our hospital.

MAK IVF FERTILITY AND MATERNITY HOSPITAL Intends to offer the following services when completed.

-Maternity Services comprising the following

  • Birth Units includes standard wards, private rooms, deluxe, and suites to cater for all classes of patients.
  • Special and Private Rooms of Sick mothers and Children
  • Special Ambulatory Services between hospital and home/location of the patient
  • Specialized Antenatal and Prenatal services by Qualified Specialists and trained Nurses

- Diagnostic Unit

Able to provide the latest technology in diagnosis including-

  • Modern Xray
  • MRI
  • UltraSound
  • Modern Scanners
  • Computerized Tomography
  • Operating Microscope

-Pediatric Unit

  • Special Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Special pediatric wards with special attendance
  • Consultation clinic attended by Pediatric Super specialized consultants
  • Nutrition and Physiotherapy Sessions for Children Wellbeing

Fertility Clinic and Assisted Reproductive Technology

This offers highly specialized fertility diagnostic and treatment including

  • laparoscopy,
  • hysteroscopy,
  • canalization,
  • Artificial insemination,
  • Freezing and transfer of Embryos
  • Surrogate


This unit will work hand in hand with the Fertility and Andrology department to help Male with Fertility and Urology problems. We hope to expand this department and enhance Diabetes and Dialysis services to our patients as they are correlated.

Other Small Departments which will be included are Dental, ENT, and Eye Departments

Trauma and Emergency Unit

This unit will offer emergency services, 24/7 with a call center and telemedicine to aid all those who cannot attend the hospital on time.

Ambulatory service to cover the Dar es Salaam region. This will be the first hospital with 24/7 call center ambulatory services. Dar es Salaam city being the major commercial city in East Africa is characterized by high traffic and congestion, which makes patients fail to reach hospitals in time. Also, there are many occurrences of Accidents, but patients fail to reach hospitals in time due to a lack of Ambulatory Services to help victims on time.

We intend for the Emergency and Trauma Unit to be equipped with the highest technology and modern machines and expertise to help save the lives of patients as they reach there.

MAK IVF FERTILITY AND MATERNITY HOSPITAL will also ensure that its patients receive the friendliest and most attentive service. We recognize the importance of a sense of well-being in promoting recovery. We welcome visitors, who are an important part of the healing process, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Therefore, we will put at their disposal a nerby, coffee shop and cafeteria that opens from 8:00 am to 8:0 andl as a gift shop and an Automatic Teller Machine to facilitate their visit, with a valet parking service.




I am a Gynaecologist/Obstetrician ,superspecialized in Sex and Reproduction Medicine.I am based in Tanzania, running a MAK IVF and Fertility Clinic

I am a Gynaecologist/Obstetrician ,superspecialized in Sex and Reproduction Medicine.I am based in Tanzania, running a MAK IVF and Fertility Clinic



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