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ERASMO GONZALO D.V. LLANES M.D. Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Subspecialty in Otology Department of Otorhinolaryngology, UP-Philippine General Hospital Ward 10 ORL, UP Manila Faculty Medical Arts Building (UPM-FMAB) 2nd Floor VRP Medical Center, #163 EDSA Mandaluyong City Rm 211 Physician Center


4 June 2017

This is the case of:

GODFREY S. GESITE Age: 35 years old Gender: Male Date of Birth: October 1, 1982 Address: Burgos St., Brgy 3, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental 6130 Tel. No.: +639204705014

who was referred for

Chief complaint: profound hearing impairment

HPI: 9 months ago, he developed symptoms and signs of vestibulocochlear neuritis with severe vertigo, and progressive hearing loss, initially on the left ear then affecting the right ear with total deafness over 3 months in spite of medications. He was admitted with a consideration of an autoimmune disorder and tests reveal equivocal results. Latest hearing test showed profound hearing loss.

Review of Systems: Unremarkable Past Medical History: Unremarkable Family History: Unremarkable Personal Social History: Unremarkable

Physical Examination: Essentially normal systemic findings with no gross deformity. On ear examination, the external auditory canals are patent, non-perforated tympanic membrane

Diagnosis: Progressive hearing loss, bilateral

Diagnostic Work-up: Pure tone audiometry: Severe sensorineural hearing loss, bilateral (9/9/2016, Bacolod Diagnostic Center)

Severe to Profound sensorineural hearing loss (9/16/2016, Visayas Hearing Center) Profound hearing loss, both ears (10/04/2016, SUMC Foundation) Profound hearing loss, bilateral (3/10/2017, Bacolod Diagnostic Center) Profound hearing loss, bilateral (4/20/2007, Manila Hearing Aid Center – Cebu)

ABR Abnormal ABR study suggestive of profound hearing loss on both ears (4/20/2007, Manila Hearing Aid Center – Cebu)

ASSR Abnormal ASSR study suggestive of profound hearing loss on both ears (4/20/2007, Manila Hearing Aid Center – Cebu)

CT Scan: Normal (9/13/2016, South Bacolod General Hospital)

MRI: Nonspecific punctate lesions right semioval center and subcortical white matter right frontal lobe which may be related to foci of inflammation/gliosis or microinfarct/ischemia or lesions in a patient with migraine. Findings in both inner ears may relate to but not limited to an nflammatory process such as labyrinthitis. (11/22/2016, Chong Hua Hospital)

No significant interval change from the previous study (1/26/2017, Chong Hua Hospital)

Hearing Aid Trial: Aided thresholds revealed no response at all test frequencies on both ears (4/20/2007, Manila Hearing Aid Center – Cebu)

Recommendation: Cochlear implantation, of at least 1 side (Note: With current evidence, and if resources permit, cochlear implantation on both sides is preferred)

ERASMO GONZALO D.V. LLANES M.D. Attending Physician License No. 87808

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